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   Here’s a behind the scenes look at Marshall Troy’s welcoming party to Redux!  We had fun in the photo booth with our newest photographer and distinguished guests.  See more of Marshall’s work here.


(L-R): Scott Ruderman, Mckenzie Mollo, Renee Jung, Marshall Troy, and Anne Conover


We’re so glad our friends from JWT could make it, including Richard Cardinali and his wife, Lauren!



A Mother’s Search for Her Son—The Catharine Garvin Collection

On May 21, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln wrote a note to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton on the back of an envelope.  It said, “There is reason to believe this Cornelius Garvin is an idiot, and that he is kept in the 52nd N.Y. concealed & denied to avoid an exposure of guilty parties.  Will the Secretary of War please have the thing probed.   A. Lincoln”

Lincoln’s note is one of dozens of passes, letters, and other documents collected by Catharine Garvin of Troy, New York, as she searched for her missing teenage son, Cornelius.  

Catharine Garvin’s search began in September 1863 when she learned that her son, Cornelius, a resident of the Rensselaer County Almshouse, had been sold as a substitute into the Union army by the home’s superintendent. Eighteen-year-old Cornelius was mentally disabled in some way and had been declared an incurable “idiot” by the Marshall Infirmary, located in Troy, New York.  Catharine had then placed him in the county almshouse because she could not care for him at home. When she went to visit him on September 7, 1863, the superintendent informed her that Cornelius was in the army and showed her the money he had received as payment for the boy.  Catharine wrote later, “It was very cruel to sell my idiot son.”

Over a period of several years, Catharine’s search would take her from her home in Troy to camps of the 52nd New York Infantry Regiment, headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, Rikers Island, the White House, and hospitals and prisons in Washington, D.C., Fredericksburg, Virginia, and New York City.  This pass from April 1864, with its loyalty oath signed by Catharine, allowed her to visit Camp Distribution, where Union army recruits gathered before being sent to their units. 

Catharine soon turned to local and state officials for help.  This April 4, 1864, letter from Troy mayor James Thorn introduced her to Governor Horatio Seymour as “a lady who has a history and a mission” and requested that Seymour assist her in her search.

On April 26, 1864, New York Congressman Fernando Wood, a Democrat and no friend of the Lincoln Administration, wrote this letter to Lincoln noting “any aid you can give will be truly charitable.”

Within a month, Catharine had the note from Lincoln in hand as well.  By June, she had received word that Cornelius had likely been killed at the Battle of the Wilderness, and she had this letter written on her behalf to the New York Congressional delegation asking that those responsible for selling her son be brought to justice.  At the same time, she continued searching for information on her son’s fate.

As a result of Catharine’s persistence, the War Department opened an official investigation into the case under the direction of Col. La Fayette Baker. Catharine received a copy of Baker’s findings as sent to Mayor Thorn on June 3, 1865.

She also received a copy of the final report issued by the War Department, Bureau of Military Justice, dated June 12, 1865.

On June 27, 1865, with the help of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, Catharine related her story directly to Secretary of War Stanton, again requesting that justice be done.  This letter is signed by Catharine.

Despite her years of searching and the War Department’s investigation, Catharine never found Cornelius or learned his fate with certainty.  She ultimately accepted the likelihood he was dead, as the investigation had concluded.  She applied for and received a survivor’s pension from the U.S. government.

Catharine Garvin died in Ireland around 1896.  Sixty documents telling the story of her search for Cornelius survive and make up the Catharine Garvin Collection, now held by the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection at the Allen County Public Library.

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