TAH: Sparks Nevada Ringtones and Notifications (Musical Episode)


(Nerdist Intro)
(The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
(TAH) Intro 1
(TAH) Intro 2
(Sparks Theme) POW!
(Sparks) And I’m from Earth
(Croach) Bah Ropa
(Barkeep) I don’t want no trouble
(Saloon) Doors are open
(Saloon) Sigh
(Felton) HALP!


(Sparks) Theme Song
(Barkeep and Felton) Trouble In My Place
(Felton) Hey Marshall
(Techs and Sparks) I’m Gonna Kill You Someday
(Red and Jim) Written in the Stars
(Croach) Pour Me Another
(Sparks and Rebecca) Let’s Get Nowhere Fast
(All) Wedding Medley

30 Days of Thrilling Adventure Hour: Day 12

tl;dr: Favorite Sparks Nevada quote/exchange?

There are too many lines that have made me crack up in Sparks Nevada, but currently my favorite lines is:

Sparks: “Now who are y– oh, I don’t care.”

But my favorite exchange is:

Croach: “…And I am as close to human family as you will encounter.”
Sparks: “Yeah, uhh, Croach? We ain’t family.”
Croach: “…you saw my feet.”
Sparks: “Shut–nO.”

Awkward Sparks is the best Sparks. 

Also holy crap I managed to do art for this one, yes. 


Sparks Nevada - Marshall on Mars

part of Nerdist Industries podcast “Thrilling Adventure Hour” in the style of Old Time Radio

Great song for playing Fallout : New Vegas to.