Night Vale/Thrilling Adventure Hour/Podcast fan meetup, Dragoncon 2015

Hello, Tumblr! Some of you may remember me from last year at around this time, when I hosted a very similar meetup back in 2014.

Are you attending Dragoncon this year? Do you like Welcome to Night Vale, the Thrilling Adventure Hour, We Got This, or any other popular (or not) podcasts that you’d like to share/discuss with others from Tumblr? Are you looking to learn more about any of these fandoms? Well, here’s a meetup for your interests! 

Why? Last year I hosted/created this meetup mainly because Hal Lublin (the voice of Steve Carlsberg (WTNV) and many Thrilling Adventure Hour characters and narrators) asked if there were any Night Vale meetups and I could not find one at the time, so I made one. Anyway, that went great (see below for more information) and I wanted to continue the tradition, since both Hal Lublin AND Mark Gagliardi (John Peters (you know, the farmer?) and various Thrilling Adventure Hour characters, including Croach the Tracker) will be at the con this year.

When? Sunday, September 6th at noon/12 p.m. I’ll stay for an hour, but it’ll probably taper off after (if not before) that. (I tried to pick a time that didn’t overlap with any podcasting panels.)

WhereFloor 5 of the Hilton, where there is a meetup nook. (If that area is already occupied when we arrive, the meetup MAY move to Floor 19 (same hotel/type of spot, just take the elevator higher).)

Who? An audience of your nerdy podcast peers. To set the record straight/in case it was not entirely clear, Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi will not be at this meetup (unless they pop in to crash it but I do not expect this to happen). Check below for a link to panels that they WILL be at!

What? We’ll probably just take pictures (last year’s photoshoot went well), chat, make jokes about wheat (and its by-products), and make some new geek friends. Standard meetup activities.

If you cannot attend the meetup (or just aren’t interested but love Mark and Hal), please refer to this post of panels to find them at! I highly recommend the Gonzo panels, personally, but I’ll be going to more than one of these for sure!

For more updates, please follow this blog! I’ll reblog this post occasionally, along with any changes that may come up. If you want to know about last year’s meetup, I tried to reblog all of the posted photos to this blog, so just look back in the pages here. I’m radakias, so tag me as such if you want me to see anything. Also, please don’t be afraid to send any questions/activity suggestions for the meetup!

(Sorry this is so long; I’m not going to post in the tags again this year (I’ll just reblog my own post sometimes), so this’ll be all that you see from me if you don’t follow this blog.)

The Villains Of Sparks Nevada | A Thrilling Adventure Hour Fanmix

I had way too much fun with this and if you read the annotations on 8tracks the mix reads as a series of duels against different outlaws where you are Sparks Nevada and you are given different allies for each duel. 

   Everybody Wants To Rule The World/Bioshock//Radioactive/Imagine Dragons//The Humans Are Dead//Flight Of The Conchords//Robo Boogie/MC Eddie//Todd, The T1000/Jonathan Coulton//One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21/The Flaming Lips//Boris The Spider/The Who//Foreign Object/The Mountain Goats//The Spy Who Survived/Miracle Of Sound//Bad To The Bone/George Thorogood//I Shot The Sheriff/Bob Marley//I Fought The Law/The Clash//I Got Stripes/Johnny Cash

I’m…From Earth, but I right the outlaw wrongs on Mars.

30 Days of Thrilling Adventure Hour: Day 12

tl;dr: Favorite Sparks Nevada quote/exchange?

There are too many lines that have made me crack up in Sparks Nevada, but currently my favorite lines is:

Sparks: “Now who are y– oh, I don’t care.”

But my favorite exchange is:

Croach: “…And I am as close to human family as you will encounter.”
Sparks: “Yeah, uhh, Croach? We ain’t family.”
Croach: “…you saw my feet.”
Sparks: “Shut–nO.”

Awkward Sparks is the best Sparks. 

Also holy crap I managed to do art for this one, yes. 

TAH: Sparks Nevada Ringtones and Notifications (Musical Episode)


(Nerdist Intro)
(The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
(TAH) Intro 1
(TAH) Intro 2
(Sparks Theme) POW!
(Sparks) And I’m from Earth
(Croach) Bah Ropa
(Barkeep) I don’t want no trouble
(Saloon) Doors are open
(Saloon) Sigh
(Felton) HALP!


(Sparks) Theme Song
(Barkeep and Felton) Trouble In My Place
(Felton) Hey Marshall
(Techs and Sparks) I’m Gonna Kill You Someday
(Red and Jim) Written in the Stars
(Croach) Pour Me Another
(Sparks and Rebecca) Let’s Get Nowhere Fast
(All) Wedding Medley