marshall wants to give the d

Felyne is the cutest kitty and I love him so much but I feel like Drago would be more suited to my town theme because he’s a cute lil dragon baby.. and my bf said he’d maybe give me Drago from his town because he actually wants Felyne haha. I like getting villagers from him because they mention him from time to time “I wonder how everyone is doing in my old town Stinky!” 

but then Felyne is incredibly adorable and so is his house exterior. I have 3 smugs but how tf am I supposed to kick out either Julian, Marshal, or Wolf Link?!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh it also means I don’t even have an uchi villager, even though I bought Fuschia’s card. If anyone could direct me to a picture of Fuschia’s house exterior I’d appreciate it!

Laranthir of the Wilds for new Pact Marshal 2k16

OK, I know it hurts us all that ANet killed (most) all of our favourite character! It’s shit and I still don’t want to accept that our Treenerd is dead.

BUT, what if Laranthir became his successor? I’d be all for it. Dude’s got organisation and good at directing an army (see Dragon Stand boss fight for example). I just hope the Pact remains and another Sylvari gets to be Marshal. I don’t want our character in that position.

So if you want to take our precious nerd from us at least give us the smol bean! (I know Laranthir isn’t very small but)