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Little Things I Like About HIMYM

- None of the gang have two living parents who are together, but:
a) Barney was raised by a single mother
b) At the start of her life, Lily was raised by a stay-at-home dad
c) Ted’s mother happily remarried

- Barney canonically loves rabbits (he has bonded with two separate rabbits in S6E05 and S8E13)

- Lily is openly interested in women and none of them (not even Marshall) object

- James and Tom worked through their issues and raised two amazing, adopted kids

- Lily kept her last name when she married Marshall

- The Captain got a happy ending with Becky aka Boats Boats Boats (and he also resolved the pineapple mystery in a deleted scene)

- Ranjit is the only recurring character to appear in every season, and he got a happy ending

- Every member of the gang met Tracy (the mother) before Ted

- Tracy was allowed time to grieve and nobody told her she had to start dating if she didn’t want to

- Basically I love everything about Tracy

- All of the recurring jokes