marshall shredmaster


Finally got all my pedals together in one room! This makes my preference for stuff from the 80s and 90s painfully clear.

Ampeg scrambler reissue
NYC reissue big mufff
Sovtek black big muff
Ibanez pds1 programmable distortion
Marshall shredmaster
The Rat - 90s vintage reissue
Rat 2
DOD yjm308
MXR d+ early Dunlop reissue
MXR d+ late 70s block logo
Dan Armstrong blue clipper
Ross distortion

MXR stereo tremolo
Moog mf trem
EHX small clone
DOD phasor 490
DOD fx70 stereo flanger

DOD fx40b
MXR six band eq
DOD 280 - early 80s
MXR dynacomp - hand wired custom shop

Digitech PDS1002
Boss dd-2
Ibanez de7
EHX holy grail
DOD FX90 - rehoused
Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude
EHX 16 second digital delay reissue

And then there’s all my builds…
Superfuzz clone
WEM pep box clone
Bluesbreaker inspired OD
“Normal distortion” high gain distortion prototype
Ibanez cyberdrive clone
A distortion pedal
IC big muff inspired distortion
A fuzz pedal
Scrambler inspired fuzz
Cornish inspired big muff
Another fuzz pedal
Another distortion pedal
Yet another fuzz pedal
Dual loop switcher
Expression pedal preset switch

Ok that’s it.



A friend of mine said to me today that I use too many pedals, I found it strange that he said this in the form of criticism. I do own, and have owned quite a few pedals in my time as a guitarist, but I don’t use them as cover for lack of creativity. I use them so I can fully realise the ideas and sounds that come into my head every now and then. And to be fair, in recent times (say the last three months or so) my pedal board has shrunk from 9 or 10 pedals to being a tuner pedal, a distortion, an EQ and a delay. I am not even going for the less is more approach, this is just what I happen to find the most useful at this moment in time. 

Current favourite thing:
Single slapback delay before something really dirty like the shredmaster. Bends, trem bar, and the like sound crazy and dissonant with the dirt mashing the delays in with the dry signal. The true bypassed fx90 actually adds a decent mid range boost to the dry signal that sounds great before some dirt too.

In other news I’m really loving the shredmaster again especially with humbuckers.