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Little Gilbert - Kai Parker Imagine

Originally posted by lets-imagine-tvd

Requested- no
Word Count- 1388
Pairing- Kai Parker x (AU) Elena’s little sister

Her cheeks were kissed pink from the winter air. Her jacket fluttered with the wind, her hands hastily wrapping it around her frame. Hands tucked away and hair bouncing around; Y/N Gilbert was on her way home from the Mystic Grill. The streets were lonely, few people adventuring to their destinations. It became eerier as she walked to the Salvatore’s house

As she neared the boarding house, she felt watched. Y/N felt eyes piercing her skin as she walked to the house. A scream was lodged in her throat as she was abruptly pulled into the dark forest. Hands clamped over her mouth, a voice soothingly recognisable made her slump. “Why so scared, Y/N? It’s only me” Kai Parker smiled, his pearly white teeth visible midst the darkness.

She rolled her eyes; a sigh passing her lips as she did so. She stood on the tops of her feet, her nose touching his. His hot breath warmed her up, he was a fire that consumed her. This fire could not be tamed. Eyelids flutter close as lips connect. Noses bump and harsh giggles are met. This was their normal routine. She couldn’t be seen with him. This was forbidden. Her older sister Elena will never allow it; she’d probably kill the both of them.

They pulled away, as the lack of oxygen burned their lungs. Her fingers found their way to his hair and she threaded them through it. “I should probably go before Elena thinks I’m dead,” a quiet chuckle left her mouth. He smiled at her and gave her one last kiss, this one more passionate than the last.

“I walk you to the door, don’t want anyone to pull you into the darkness” he winked. Hands clasped together, they made the small walk to the Salvatore house. She reached the door and her lips lingered on his cheek. She heard a mutter, then Kai disappeared. As he did so, the door busted open, revealing a worried Damon and Elena. Elena’s hands clasped around Y/N’s shoulders and pushed her inside.

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Call Me A Thief

You walked through the front doors of Midtown high, people were walking through the halls, distracted by their phones in their hands. Nervously, you started into the hallway, you were thrown from side to side, you resisted pushing the people back, only moving further into the hallway.

“Okay.. Mr. King’s, classroom 13. You looked at the rooms in the hallway, you had found 20-30 but there was no 13, you started to panic as you realized that the bell was to ring soon. You hadn’t even gone to your locker yet, but at this point, you had to get to class before anything else.

A person bumping into you soon caused you to fall on your sides, a wince coming from your mouth as you reached over to pick up your now dropped papers, “Hmm.. What’s a pretty girl like you doing on the floor?”

You looked up to see a young man with black hair, his eyes focused on you, he looked to be a person with a large group of followers. His friends stood by him as he looked you up and down, offering you a hand.

“I’m good, thank you.” You stood up, holding your papers in one hand but the young man grabbed your papers from your head, “uh.”

“Oh you got Mr. King for first hour?” You nodded, “that’s an AP class.” The boy stated the obvious, “yah, can I at least have your name if you insist on taking my things.”

“I’m Flash, Flash Thompson.” You smiled with a hint of sass, pulling your paper out of his hands, “Well Flash, rule number one of thievery, never give away your name.”

You walked away, leaving Flash and his friends in shock, you somehow made your way towards an office, finding another young man, he stood with a phone in his hand, only scrolling, “Hello, um, I was wondering if you could help me?”

The boy looked up from his phone, his deep brown eyes looking into yours as a smile started at the right side of his mouth. His brown hair was a tousled mess, a small curls starting at the edges of his hair, “oh, uh, yea, of course.”

His smile grew as he reached out his hand towards your schedule, you happily handed it towards him, once you did, you started to pick out little features about the teenager in front of you. He was taller than you, not by much, but enough to look down on you, he was really wide, meaning he had a lot of muscle hidden underneath his clothes.

“Oh you have Mr. King, that’s actually with me.” He handed your schedule back, looking at you with a smile and light eyes, “I can take you to your locker if you want.”

You nodded and stepped aside to let the boy take lead, you looked at his shirt, it was a dull blue with a white box on it, underneath the box spelled out the words, “Save Schrodinger’s cat.”

“I like your shirt.” You smiled at him, and the boy looked down, reading his shirt once more, even though he had already known what it said. “You are two lockers down from mine.”

You looked at your locker, it was large, the color was off, but still, you liked it, at least it was on the top. You entered your combination, “4-09-02”

You pulled up on the locker, but it wouldn’t open, it only made a shaking noise and didn’t budge. “Try it again?”

The strange boy stood at your side, you nodded, entering the combination once again, but again, when you pulled it up, there was nothing but the shaking noise. “Here let me try.”

You moved aside to let the boy go to your locker, he looked towards you, “combination?”

“4-09-02” The boy entered it into the locker, but he went the opposite direction, causing it to open, you smiled and looked at him. “Why is mine different?”

“There are two faulty lockers in this school, sadly, you got one of the two.” You only nodded and put your backpack into the locker, pulling out only a folder and a notebook, “What’s your name, new girl?”

“Y/N Y/L/N, and yours, the strange welcome committee boy?” You closed your locker, hearing a small slam, the halls started to clear and the boy noticed, “Peter Parker, Flash is the real welcome committee, he just sucks at his job.”

Peter started to walk, moving forwards, you followed at his side, “The only thing he seems to be good at, is judging people and flirting.”

“so first day at the new school of Midtown?” Peter let out a little laugh from your comment, you knew this school wasn’t going to be much, but at least you made a friend.

“Am I that obvious?” He nodded and smiled, adjusting the notebook in his hand, “Well, you don’t exactly scream out Queens’ native.”

Peter stopped in front of a classroom, you saw the number, soon finding out it was room 13. You walked in first, taking a seat in the back of the classroom, Peter following closely behind, taking the seat next to you.

The room was full of rowdy students, each one of them laughing and giggling at the ones next to them. You even saw Flash sitting there, making a paper airplane out of what seemed to be a page from the AP Chem book, you shook your head, confused for a minute.

“So, what brings you to Queens?” Peter asked from your side, you turned to see him once more, “Hey! It’s Penis Parker!!”

Flash called out to Peter from the front of the room, jumping off of the desk table he was plastered on. All of his friends laughed at his comment, he gave them a fist bump as he made his way towards the back of the room. The whole room went silent as they watched Flash walk towards Peter, you only looked away, trying to avoid as much conflict as you could.

“Penis, it seems like you’ve made new friends with the new girl. Is she as friendly as your neighborhood spiderman?” Flash cooed towards Peter, moving closer, trying to intimidate him, you looked at Peter, he only sat in silence, biting his lip.

You thought silently to yourself, ‘come on defend yourself Peter…’

“Tell me, new girl, why did you let Penis here help you, but not me?” Flash set one of his hands on your desk and the other on Peter’s, Peter looked up, his eyes set on you. You could see the pain in his eyes, he didn’t want to get you involved in this situation.

“Tell me, Flas-” Peter cut you off, standing before you could, “don’t, he isn’t worth the time.” You sat back down, biting your tongue, Flash was going to reply, but before he could, Mr. King walked into the room.

He was a darker man, his hair shorter, he wore a tight tuxedo, with a bright orange tie, “I don’t care what you are about to say Mr. Thompson, take a seat, in a flash.”

The students around him chuckled in delight at the comment that was made by the teacher, Peter took his seat and pulled open his notebook. “It appears we have a new student.”

Everyone turned to face you, you only smirked and waved your hand, “you came from chicago it appears.”

“Yah, the city of deep dish and urine.” The class chuckled at your comment, you waited for the teacher to say one more thing, but he walked over to his desk, pulling out a bright blue book. “Here pass this back.”

He handed the book to a young girl in the front row, she appeared to have dark curly locks that were pulled back into a ponytail, not a sign of makeup was on her face, yet she was beautiful. She passed the book back to the neck person, and so forth, until it reached you. You took it happily, “so how many people brought their books today?”

You looked around on the desks of the students, seeing if there were any books placed on the desks, but there was only one, and it turned out to be yours. “Great. Just like all my AP students to do.”

The class let out another giggle, and he sat in his desk, so what do you guys think? Homework or we watch the Magic School Bus on netflix?”

“Magic School Bus.”

Months had passed since your first day at Midtown High, after that, you became really close friends with Peter and Ned. You had especially grown close to Peter, he was your best friend, but he still hadn’t known of your past, the rest why you are in Queens instead of Chicago.

You ever so craved to tell Peter about who you were, or even what your past was, but yet, there was something holding you back. You didn’t want to scare the only person you ever truly liked away, you had seen something in him that you seemed to lust after. But as another saying going, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and all your background was is vinegar.

Peter was definitely getting curious, asking more in depth questions by the day, but somehow you managed to avoid them. Today had been a different day, you finally got an invitation to one of Ned and Peter’s Star Wars marathon, and you were so excited.

You prepared yourself, putting on a darth vader shirt and a pair of sweatpants to go see Peter and Ned, you drove yourself over there, knocking on Peter’s door as you heard him call out, “come in!”

You pushed the door open and walked into a dark apartment, “uh, Pete why are all the lights off?”

“Surprise!!” The lights flickered on as you stood in shock, Peter stood next to an old friend of yours, Joanna. You didn’t have time to react, you only looked around and saw multiple of your old friends from chicago standing there.

There was a mix of people, horde’s from the new school, and plenty of people from your old school. Peter walked up to you, a smile spread onto his face, but all your face stated was disturbance. “I wanted to surprise you, you’ve seen a bit down lately and I wanted to make you feel better.”

You smiled at Peter’s actions, but looked towards Joanna, she seemed to be enjoying this. You kissed Peter’s cheek, “I’m gonna catch up with a few friends.” Peter’s smile grew even bigger, “don’t forget we still have a marathon to get to.”

“Of course.” You moved away from Peter, walking towards Joanna, she only stood there, her arms crossed, eyes centered on you. “Hi, honey.”

Joanna pulled you into a hug, acting like you were her best friend, she whispered into your ear, “people are watching.” You bit your lip and wrapped your arms around her, “Let’s go up to the roof and talk”

Joanna pulled you out of Peter’s apartment and started to go up to the roof, once you knew you were in the clear, that there were no wandering ears and no eyes on you.

You looked at Joanna, she was staring at the city over the roof, “I need you to do one last thing for me, thief.”

“You know I am done with that Joanna!” She turned towards you, her hands on her hips, “You don’t get to walk out on me!”

A scoff came from deep inside you, Joanna was trying to turn this on you, “You put me behind bars Joanna! There is a permanent mark on my record due to you!”

Joanna moved closer to you, her brown hair in her face as the wind started to blow, “and if you don’t help me, I’ll make sure you stay behind bars for good.”

You only stood there in blank silence, you waited for her to fill in the gaps, “You don’t do as I say and I rat out who actually hurt that old man.”

Joanna was right in your face, she had a smile on her face, “so what do you say? I wouldn’t want to screw up what you have here.”

A minute passed and Joanna carried on to talk, “Peter, the boy, he seems to really like you, wouldn’t want him to find out your past.”

“One last time.” You only shook your head, looking Joanna in the eyes, “perfect. Change your shirt inside out and meet me in the car in 6.”

Joanna practically skipped down the stairs, her hair bouncing at her sides, you only stood there on the roof, your mind blank. You hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but I guess the saying is true, you can’t run from your past or your problems.

In an instant, you pulled the shirt over your head, putting it on inside out and running down the stairs, getting into your car. Joanna sat in the passenger seat, “here,” she handed you a mask with chewbacca on it, “really star wars?”

Joanna nodded in delight, “how much do you need this time.” She pulled up a document on her phone, “500 dollars.” You hit your head on the back of the seat, “you have to be kidding me Joanna!”

“I owe James 400 for the weed I didn’t pay for, and I need the 100 for rent.” You shook your head, “we have to be careful, there is a superhero around this part, he stops robbery.”

Joanna let a noise escape her, a silent pshh, “we’re always careful.”

You started the car up, looking up at the building once more, you hoped Peter didn’t expect anything. The car pulled out and you started your way towards any small gas stations or sub stations, you noticed a small gas station, you stopped across the street, pulling on the mask, you looked to Joanna, she had a Storm Trooper mask and a gun in her right hand.

“No. No. No gun.” She only shook her head, “you used to be okay with this Y/N. Where is the girl I once knew?” You turned your head towards her, “she is dead.”

You got out of the car, looking at Joanna ask she gestured towards the gas station, you both walked inside, a bag in your right hand, it would be used to stuff with money. Joanna pointed a gun towards the cashier’s head, the young woman panicked, letting off a screech, “please don’t, i’ll give you anything you want.”

Joanna deepened her voice, “put the money in the bag.”

You opened the bag, the woman shoving money in the bag quickly, you didn’t say a word, but you were hoping spider man would come swooping in at any moment now, but after all the cash was in the bag, he didn’t come.

“Hey! Hey! Focus! We don’t have much time! Let’s go.” Joanna grabbed your arm, pulling you out into the cold weather, she pulled you to the car in which you climbed in quickly, driving off and taking an alleyway before the young woman could call the cops.

“Okay, where to next?” Joanna pulled off her mask, she started to count the money, “shit only 120.”

“We need to go across town, a strain of robberies in a row will certainly attract spiderman.” Joanna nodded, you didn’t want to do this, but the fate of your friendship between you and Peter all mattered in Joanna’s hands.

You kept thinking to yourself, why didn’t you just tell him before, why didn’t you tell him when you first started to get close to him. “Hey, stop here.”

Joanna looked to a busy deli that was across the street, “that’s the one we hit next.” You soon realized it was Peter’s favorite place to go after school, you shook your head, “no not there.”

“Oh what? Does Y/N have a new favorite deli? I mean if it is your favorite, I’d love to check it out” Joanna hopped out of the car before you could say anything, you pulled your mask down, following behind her.

You both walked into the door, she aimed the gun upwards, firing a shot into the air, it echoed in the crowded store. People hit the floor in a panic, you were shocked at the action Joanna just committed.

“Everyone to the back of the store, anyone who tries to run or move will be hurt.” Joanna pointed the gun towards the people in the store, there were maybe 10 people in there, the man behind the counter quickly put his hands on his head, “how much money is in the register, old man!”

“320!” He screamed lightly, you only stood in shock, “well collect the money in the register!”

You looked to Joanna, shaking your head, “No..” Joanna turned towards you, but this time the gun was towards you, “do it, or the next one will go into you.”

In fear, you filled the bag with the money, panicking as she held the gun towards the citizens. You whispered, turning towards Joanna, “dont you harm another person.”

“Keep playing this way, and soon you’ll be the one stepping in harm’s way.” Joanna turned to walk out of the Deli when you saw him, spider man, you felt a sigh of relief wash over you. When Joanna opened the door, Spider man flew into the side of the door, Joanna stood in shock, looking at the man in the red suit.

Joanna grabbed the closest person to her, which happened to be you, the gun was now at your head. Spider Man reacted, only making a sarcastic comment, “Woah, I never thought I’d get a chance to fight a storm trooper!”

Joanna let out a scoff, realizing the man under the mask might be more of a child than anything else. “How about you let your partner go, she doesn’t look like she wants to be here.”

She reached for the mash on your face, pulling it off as she kept the gun to your head, Spider Man’s whole demeanor changed, “fine, then let’s turn her into one of the many hostages around here.”

“How about you drop the gun and go easily?” You had recognized that voice, but you couldn’t put a face to it, not just yet. Joanna was next to remove her mask, Spiderman only seemed shocked at who the person was.

Spider man tried to make a move shooting a web at Joanna, but instead it triggered a reaction in her, causing her to fall and the gun go off quickly. You felt an immense pain in the bottom of your ankle, you looked down, luckily it was only a sprained ankle.

Pain shot through your side as you landed on your hip, you looked up to see Joanna’s hand webbed to the door. You saw Spider Man still standing there, but he rushed to you in an instance, falling at your side and picking you up quickly.

Your vision became obscure, your face pressed against Spider Man’s chest, you were then let down, laid down on a bed. When you looked back up, you saw the Spider Man pacing back and forth, you soon recognized your own room, “P-peter take off the mask.”

He stopped moving, looking towards you, he removed the mask, looking at you in fear and anger. “Wanna explain something, Y/N?”

You moved your ankle on the bed, feeling the pain fire through you, “Y/N, stay focused.”

The pain in your leg was distracting you from everything, “Joanna was a bad part of my past, she forced me to do things, black mailing me in the process.” Peter kept pacing, sweat visibly showing on his brow, he had so much concern written on his face.

“Y/N, why did you move to Queens?” Peter looked at you, with a look of pain on his face, you felt like you ripped his heart out of his chest. “A heist gone wrong caused me to be put in jail. I was only in there for around 2 weeks, but it was enough to go onto my record.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” You looked down at your hands, “I didn’t want you to think there was something extremely wrong with me. I didn’t want you to learn to trust me, then I end up breaking it by telling you the truth..”

Tears welled up in your eyes, you had wanted to tell him about who you truly were for awhile, “I wanted to thank you so much when you had brought a few of my chicago friends to Queens, but once I saw Joanna, I knew it would go downhill from there.”

Peter sat at the end of the bed, “what did she threaten you with.”

You could tell Peter had anger fueling within him, you leaned forwards, “it doesn’t matter now.” Peter looked down at your ankle, it was starting to swell and turn a light purple. “She hurt you.”

“It’s okay. I don’t feel it.”

“You could’ve really gotten hurt Y/N. I wouldn’t be able to live with that.” Peter moved closer to you, his eyes locked on yours, you started to lean forwards, Peter’s lips inches from yours.

You knew Peter wasn’t one to pull the first move, he would be to nervous, afraid he could hurt you, “You’re such a little nerd.”

You grabbed ahold of his spider suit, pulling him into you as his soft lips touched yours, his hand traveled up to the side of your cheek, your hand moved to his hair, running your fingers through it. His hand moved to your side, his hand tracing the side of your hips, each time he touched you, your heart pounded through your chest, lusting for the touch of your long time crush.

Peter pulled apart, looking you in the eyes once more, you weren’t one to ruin the moment, but you looked at the spider suit, “get this off so we can have some real fun.”

Peter stood up, pressing the center, the suit loosening and falling off of him, he turned around, expecting you to be staring in admiration. Insead, he found you putting in Rogue One from Star Wars, he stood there awkwardly.

“What are you doing?” Peter questioned lightly, “We’re watching Star Wars.”

Instead of complaining, Peter found a spare pair of his sweatpants laying on the floor, he pulled them on, leaving him shirtless. He crawled into bed next to you, “once this is over, can i try on the spidey suit?”

Parted - Kai Parker Imagine

Requested- no
Word Count- 961
Pairing- Kai Parker x Reader

“I’m sorry Y/N but we had to”

Those words didn’t stop ringing. She was cold, her fingertips burnt over in a freeze. She had become still, not daring to move in case she lost control. Her stomach twisted and turned and wouldn’t calm itself; how could it? He was alone again and it was her fault. She shouldn’t have allowed him to fall through her grasp, she should’ve had a tighter grip. For what she once had is now gone.

“Had to? How could you leave him there, Bonnie?”

She screamed, her voice not daring to break. Her eyes were wide with anger, yet sadness lingered beneath the tough exterior. Her body shook as anger took a death grip on her. Her breathing ragged; lungs screaming for one good amount of oxygen. All that was on her mind was him.

“Kai is not a good person Y/N. How can’t you see that”

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Countdown to Season 11

 10.06 - The Green-Eyed Monster

You are going to find the solution. You’re the miracle girl, right? I used to be. Still are.

”I hate Klaroline”

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”I ship Steroline”

”I ship Klamille”

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”I ship Klayley”

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”Camille is better than Caroline”

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”Only Camille sees the good in Klaus”

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”Hayley is a queen”

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”The baby plot is good”

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”Julie is a talented writer”

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”Bonkai sucks.”

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”Kai deserved to die.”

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”I ship Haylijah”

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”Katherine deserved to die”

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”Klaroline is dead”

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”Steroline is endgame”

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”Klamille is endgame”

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Okay so here is the masterlist some people have been asking about 😉

Please send in requests, I will do any for you. I also do ships!! Don’t be afraid to just hit me up and talk also, I don’t bite!! 😏

                     - PART VI

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 085
*gif by lightwoodxalec

After Bonnie and Damon figured out Kai and Y/N had gone out of the Prison World on their own , they headed for the one place they were sure Y/N would go. Her childhood home.
Damon rang the bell , waiting for Y/N’s brother to show up. He opened the door and stood there confused.
“Is she back ?” John asked annoyed. “I am not going to give her back her magic so you can use it as a bargaining chip to gain favour with that original freak. How do you know he will still want her ? It’s been ages.. ”
Bonnie and Damon glanced confused at each other.
“They got out. On their own. I guess we underestimated them both…” Damon said finally , leaning against the door frame. “And he will , trust me. Klaus loves his witches and Y/N is one of the most powerful ones ever. Once he learns she has her magic back , he’ll do anything to get her.”
“So she hasn’t come here at all ? You are her brother, I saw her face when I told her you were ‘concerned’ about her.” said Bonnie pushing her way into the house. “Are you hiding her in here ?”
John scoffed trying hard not to laugh.
“No. She doesn’t have the nerve to show up here. Y/N is no longer my problem. She is yours.” he grabbed Bonnie’s hand pulling her out of the living room and towards the door.
“Where is your car ?” Damon asked looking around. “I don’t see it anywhere … ”
“It was stolen a few weeks ago. Must’ve let the keys in the ignition.” John said a little confused as to why he was being asked that question.
Damon chuckled , taking a step towards the door.
“You can’t come in , remember ?”
“Right , that pesky extra boundary you put on to keep me , Caroline and every other vampire out.  OH well , it’s not going to stop me from trying to strangle you for the idiot you are.” Damon said rushing inside , wrapping his hands around John’s neck and pinning him to the wall. “Well , I guess our friends have been here after all…”  Damon said letting John go.  "You are an even bigger idiot than I thought.“
“Y/N has her magic back.” Bonnie stated. “Which means they can be anywhere … ”
“Can’t you do a locator spell?”
John’s eyes widened and he ran upstairs , pulling out their family’s grimoar from under his bed , flipping pages as fast as he could. If his sister really has been here and has her magic back , then she’d need one particular spell. He kept flipping pages ,stopping only when he found there was a page missing. He looked up meeting Bonnie and Damon’s eyes , they had followed him upstairs.
“A locator spell won’t work.” John said , closing the grimoar. “Y/N took the page with the spell blocking tracking spells , permanently.”  

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