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If you’re not crying it’s okay because I’m pretty sure I’m crying enough for all of us.

Did anyone catch the kind of parallel when Klaus was talking to Marcel and he said it was good to see him one last time? Because Stefan said that to Elena in 8x16. I’m pretty sure there was another kind of parallel that I forgot about.

All the siblings had to get away from each other and they all split up to different places. Elijah asked Marcel to compel him to forget the vow of Always & Forever and the pain that came with it. 

Haylijah was not saved.

Hope however, was saved.

Elijah went to France and is playing the piano. Klaus paid him a visit and it hurt so much because Elijah didn’t know who he was.

Rebekah went to New York and her and Marcel are back together heyyy.

Kol is in San Francisco and is getting a ring ready for Davina!!! Honestly, I kind of doubted that he would come and help his family because he betrayed them like two weeks ago but he came through!

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley Marshall went to Mystic Falls and that was the first step to breaking me. (What ultimately broke me was Klaus paying Elijah a visit). Ric was there and Hope is at the school that he and Caroline built. I was really hoping to see Care there but Alaric talking to Hayley was good:) It made me so happy to see what the both of them had made. The school is beautiful.

If I’m being honest, it really felt like the last episode ever and I’m glad it’s not. I have no idea what I’m going to do on Fridays now. (Probably re watch it on Netflix - let’s be real)

Love you all! Don’t forget to vote on the TCA!

Always and Forever <3

award for best abusive couple goes to...

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The Originals 4x13

Despite everything that has happened, this episode was SO AMAZING! I loved it, and I can’t wait to see The Mikaelsons reunite in season 5. I always wanted to say I loved Summer Fontana as Hope. She was brilliant and I’m excited to see what teenage Hope has in store. 


I really have to get this out of my chest because I’m so damn mad at this moment! I can’t believe they did this to us, c'mon!!!!! Julie Plec you’re a little bitch! Let’s start, first of all I’m agree with some people that this season was a little bored (I didn’t realize it until today) but yeah it’s true, the whole season was about the hollow in different bodies, that’s all, what happened with the werewolves!???? They were absent the whole season! Now getting back to today’s episode, I can’t believe they really break off the always and forever! It’s what distinguish The Mikaelson family!!!!!! Also why does Klaus always has to suffer? They separate him from Hope last season! Why again? The worst part is that Hayley took Hope to Caroline’s shitty school!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? SO KLAROLINE FANS CAN THEIR FUCKING HAPPY ENDING!!! HELL NO! I thing the writers know perfectly that Klayley is the couple with best development but they prefer to “listen” what Klaroline fans want or maybe they are so desperated to get a bigger audience and that’s why they did it, idk but I’m so pissed off because of that. At least they give Freelin, Kolvina and Marbekah a happy ending, it was the best thing to do. I was so damn furious with that Haylijah kiss like ssly Hope is in danger and Elijah is thinking in himself!? That’s why he doesn’t deserve Hayley, but tell me WHY DOES THE WRITERS CAN’T FINISH THAT RELATIONSHIP!? The good thing is that Marcel made Elijah forget everything and I really hope Haylijah is finally over for good and don’t become like other ships always breaking up and getting back time after time. Now, the important thing here is Klayley, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER IN GIVING THEM A PROPER GOODBYE!!!!!!! REALLY? AFTER ALL THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH!? Like I said they have the best development! And they just didn’t say goodbye to each other!!!!! It was the perfect time for them! They could have been happy in this episode, the best thing to do was Klaylope leaving New Orleans and living a happy life like a family but no, THEY DECIDED TO RUINED IT!!!! Now I get why The CW took so long on renewing the series after this finale a lot of fans are going to be disappointed and mad. I have one recommendation for S5 to the writers: MAKE KLAYLEY ENDGAME!

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