marshall lee's mum


Glob, haven’t seen this photo in years! The man on the left is Marshall’s father and my husband. Found this stored in a box under Marshall’s old bed. Hehe, Marshall never was one to keep a straight face in photos when he was young. :)

((Character design for Marshall lee’s dad belongs to ask-the-vampire-king))

((Haha, Ok, I’ll stop now. ^^;. Just trying to get use to drawing her since I hope to be answer more questions with drawings in the future. It’s been ages since I’ve used my iPad to draw anything and I’m nowhere near as good at using it as I am with a pencil and paper (since I hate drawing with my finger…). But I want to try and get more use to sketching and colouring on it because digital stuff looks more well done than pencil… well, in my opinion anyway. :) ))

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Marshall's singing? Also what do you think about him turning the family axe into a bass?

Well I’ll admit he’s got talent but I still don’t think it’s a good career choice for him when he can have control of ALL the nightosphere. Also, about the family lute bass thing, even though it was a shock at first I’m more or less over the whole situation now. Besides, no one has used that thing anyway since Marshall’s dad was around so it’s kind of good he’s putting it to some use…

alex-abadeer  asked:

What exactly is the duty of vampire royalty? :D

Honestly I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to vampire royalty myself. Being a demon, I was never really associated with that sort of business of the Nightosphere. Even when Marshall’s farther was around I never saw much of what his positioning actually was in the Vampire kingdom.