marshall lee guitar


Marshall Lee from Adventure Time

Start the year off with a bad boy~ So I didn’t wear this anywhere, but I’m about to take the wig for him and make it all spikey (for Hiei) so I thought that I may as well take a few pictures before I mess up his wig.

I really like the way the make up came out on this and it looks really smooth for the most part.

Hopefully I can get pictures of Marceline soon! Since I actually did cosplay her to an event but didn’t get any shots.


the various pieces of my Marshall Lee Axe Bass Guitar. Gotta let the glue set on the axe part, painted the skull white and have to find dark red paint to paint the nexk and sharpened part of the axe. One all the glue is set and all the pieces are together, then I’ll be adding the pieces like the tuning pegs, strings, etc. 

oh, and yes people, this is one of the things you can get if you win the competition, i also do commisions, just hit me up!