marshall jcm800


Stratocaster by Alessio Grassi
Via Flickr:
Foto fatta durante il backstage del video di “Perfetto” dei Mustang. Location: Ex Lanificio di Stia (Ar) E’ uscito il video!

Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) 1998 Rig

“My rig has gradually shape-shifted over the years and only 3 of these 9 pedals are in my current 2013 set-up, but the same basic ‘borderline division’ of pedals remains: The first half or so breaking off and traveling straight to the Marshall stack whilst the last half – often some of the ‘crazier’ sounds – continuing all the way to the end of the line to the Vox AC30 combo.” – Adam Franklin

Been on a Swervedriver kick lately due to the new single being out. So i thought I would share Adam’s rig. Simple at first glance but a lot of his pedals are divided going to each amp separately. Very effective setup, if you wanted that sound, this is the way its done.