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Phoebe Tonkin photographed by Alexandra Nataf for Matteau Swim SS17


Top 5 klayley moments by @there-are-wolves-in-my-head

#1 So I’ll start with their scene in 1x02. I looooove it so much because I think it’s one of the first times they actually talk honestly with each other. “I’m beginning to think we’re a lot alike… you and I.” Likeeeee… kill meee?? and the shoulder touch with the “Little wolf”… I think it was the moment when I realized how perfect they were for each other.

Dogs- Tyler Seguin

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As soon as I got this prompt I loved it! It’s friggin adorable! And totally Tyler!! Anyway so here’s a Tyler imagine featuring Marshall and Cash! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hi! I love your imagines! Can u please do a Tyler Seguin imagine about how he notices y/n paying a lot of attention to the dogs and preferring to spend time with them and feed and do everything for them so Tyler gets jealous and puts the dogs outside and y/n notices that he’s jealous because of the dogs and finds it funny? Thank you!


              You heard Marshall and Cash on the other side of the door as soon as you rang the doorbell.

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Tyler Seguin- Don’t miss the game

Request:  Hiiii :) I know that you’re super super busy and I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time!! But your imagines are so amazing and always make me so happy so I was wondering if you could maybe add another request to the queue? I was hoping you could do one with Tyler Seguin where he’s at a game and somehow finds out that the reader went into labor and he has to rush to the hospital? Thank you so much!! Your imagines are incredible and I love them and you so much 💟

Author’s note: Ah! Just imagine daddy Tyler. It crushes my heart in a good way.


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Michelle Marshall’s “MC1R” Series Highlights the Stunning Diversity of Red Heads

Though the stereotypical red-haired person is white and of Irish descent, this narrative is far from inclusive. In hopes of expanding perceptions of red heads, London-based photographer Michelle Marshall set out to photograph Afro-Caribbean people with red hair for her series “MC1R.”

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  • Me seeing Kol and Davina being intimate: oh my GOD.
  • Me seeing Klaus and Hayley separating from their relationships: oh MY GOD.
  • Me seeing Klaus, Hayley, and Hope all together as one in a car leaving: OH MY GOD.

The second-floor Japanese restaurant was small and dimly lit, we speculated the tip jar by the “Wait to be seated” sign got you service faster. Caitlin picked up a menu from the table and sat down, and I offered one to Marshall. He shook his head, rubbing his dark blonde beard, “Nah, man. I want to drink while I’m looking at the menu.”

He looked to his left at the window and I thought about how similar he looked to his father. Similar jawline, both had wide eyes when amused, same glazed eyes when confused.

The minute the server at the front estimated turned to ten of them, and then the other server came out, showed us to the table. Marshall waited for him to come back again like a puppy, but the server only put down water glasses before saying he would be back.

The whiskers on Marshall’s face frowned with him, “I wanted to order while having a nice… Sapporo.” He sighed and Caitlin smiled while looking at him. Her blue eyes reflected in the light, auburn hair that could have been something else, gaze that said she still loved the little things about him. They had their rows and he could be overly brash, but they were in love.

“I’m glad we did this. Just one month until I’m moving.” His eyes opened wide, “Where are you moving to?” I tugged softly at the brown pull curtain on the left, “South of St. Pete.” He nodded, “Nice, man.” Then he chuckled, and shared a look with Caitlin, “We’re moving too.”

It was my turn for eyebrows to go up, “Oh?” He shrugged, “Yeah. Parents are putting up the house for sale next month, and you know people are always looking here, so it’ll be less than the thirty days.” I nodded, “Yeah. That’s not the most ideal, but I’m excited for both of you. You’ll get to move out somewhere.” Caitlin gave a small smile, “Yeah, it is exciting. But, you know, we were only paying electricity, compared to rent.”

Right hand rubbed over unshaven stubble, “Well, I know there’s cheap out by campus, but I know you probably don’t want to live there.” Marshall made a dismissive noise, “No, no.” She shrugged, “Yeah, I don’t know where. But it’s happening.” I smiled, “Well, you’ll find a place. Made it through Colorado, you’ll pull this off.”

When the drinks and the sushi finally arrived, Marshall had four large rolls that filled him up, gave a headache too. Caitlin ate the salmon gingerly and I saved my last two pieces of shrimp until they were done. Eating was always easier than drinking for me, Marshall would ask for a to-go cup so he could finish the rum cocktail.

Pedestrians tried to weave in and out of the main avenue where there were no walkways, but I made clear where I was driving and avoided those who didn’t get the message. “I’d have said where you could park, but you know where you’re going.”

The parking garage gate sensed the card and opened towards the car before I drove it in. Caitlin leaned forward from the backseat, “Is this a free garage?” I shook my head, “No, it’s the firm’s garage.”

The car went down the dip before turning towards the elevation, “Should I park here or access level?” Marshall shook his head, “Let’s go up to the roof, man. Caitlin’ll appreciate it.”

It was like clearing the runway when the car came out from under the last roof on the sixth level, rounded the corner and parked at the highest parking spot. Marshall nodded, “Nice, man. Leave that Marietta on too.” It was actually Hightide Hotel’s “She Dreams of Melting Rocks” by then, but I only nodded and left the car doors open as we got up.

They had all been in downtown high-rises before, but even if it wasn’t the tallest building, the garage had a vantage point from the very middle of the city. Caitlin looked around and smiled, walked to the edge with Marshall, facing a forest and the hospital beyond, the rest of the farther buildings going off to the left. I looked away as they kissed, felt grateful for the city and good memories, and knew there would be a new place for Ann and I that no one else could find.