marshall cavarat

Smuggler thoughts… Does anyone else wish they’d bring Marshall Cavarat back? She’s one of my favorite NPCs, and the fling with her is one of the reasons I keep trying to run a male smuggler PT.

My smuggler and Darmas’s latest get-together, he always knows just what to say to her…

Darmas: Meaning the whole Republic’s backing you when you finally take down Rogun. Not bad for somebody from the wrong side of the hyperlane.

Ace: If Rogun goes down, as far as anyone’s concerned, I did it single-handedly. With a spoon.

Darmas: Blindfolded and after four shots of Corellian whiskey. Of course.


Darmas: If anyone’s going to step into Rogun’s shoes, Captain, this is the time, and yours are the lovely feet.

Took Risha instead of Bowdaar since he has moments of not being entirely on board with the criminal life. And I think she finds my ongoing (and uncommitted) relationship with Darmas funny.

Speaking of which, I find this option on the Imperial treasure ship humorous since Ace prefers not to kill if she can help it, but isn’t necessarily doing this officer any favors. I’m pretty sure if he’s lucky, he’ll just be sent to Hoth for a few years…