marshall carnage

Into Argus- Day 1

(Blood, gore, and violence warning)

The Field Marshal stood aboard the bridge of the Vindicaar along with Marshal Percy Dewdancer of The Stormwind Guard. The two units had been paired the frontal assault, while three other units specializing in intel, reconnaissance, and sabotage, flew into Argus on a captured Legion vessel. The first was led by Saroes and Demetrius, of Shadowstep Unit and Ravens Watch respectively, and the other by Dallio of Stormwind Intelligence. The three would be working behind the lines for most of the operation.

Arriving at their destination, the soldiers and select equipment began porting out of the Vindicaar onto the husk of an alien world. Immediately waiting for them were hundreds of legion forces, who quickly began to rush at the blended unit. Colonel Gereion and other explosives experts hefted up missile launchers and began firing into the attackers, which cut the legion’s initial force numbers down considerably. Integra and Percy then simultaneously gave an order to press the attack; their soldiers yelling and shouting as they jumped into the fray to begin melee combat while healers surveyed the field.

More demons and Eredar continued to come at the soldiers, which really didn’t come as a surprise. This is what they had prepared for, and this is what they were there to fight for. Felbats swooped in from the skies as a group of demonic scavengers rushed a soldier and began shredding him apart. Those nearest in proximity to the poor bastard tried to pry the dog-like creatures off of him, but it was too late. The demons had torn out his jugular, ripped his face entirely off, and had pried through his armor and completely gutted him. He could not be saved.

The ground began to shake as cracks appeared, tendrils of fel magic wisping out and latching on to whomever was closest. Those that were effected were rooted in place and most were taking damage from it, although a few rather unlucky ones had gotten more than a few tendrils and were being choked to death while their minds were wracked with pain from the fel.

A large Eredar slammed onto the slate ground as the felbats continued to flit over Azeroth’s defenders, ultimately ending up being able to lift up a druid by the name of Shikkari, fly a bit away, and toss her at the Eredar. The demon scoffed, picked up a foot, and slammed it down on Kari’s lower half. Screaming from pain and choking on her own blood, the Eredar leaned over and ripped her torso from her lower half, throwing it in front of Integra, who had been shouting out orders. The Field Marshal knelt down over her soldier, who was beyond healing, as Kari looked up at her with pleading eyes, barely able to utter the words, “End me”. With a slow nod, Inte took a hand and closed Kari’s eyes, and quickly severed the connection between Kari’s soul and what remained of her body. The Eredar laughed in the background as he peeled off the pancaked lower half of the druids body from his hoof. Neither the Oathsworn Vanguard nor The Stormwind Guard took kindly to this. A mass of the soldiers rushed the eredar, and with pure skill brought it to the ground. Not taking any joy in their victory, they continued cutting their way through the swath of demons, until the ground began to shake.

The last Eredar had been large, but this one was different; its gut was morbidly obese and it seemed to walk and stand with a hunch. More soldiers rushed it, including Maximillion, who had managed to climb up it and stab at the things neck. The Eredar didn’t take kindly to this and reached around, grabbing Max by the leg and bringing him to the front, holding him upside down by the leg as the foul demon began to squeeze harder and harder, ultimately breaking the leg, before tossing him aside and focusing on Raff, another of the Guard, whom he grabbed and threw to the felbats. One managed to rip a sizeable chunk out of Raff’s arm before the soldier fell back to the ground.

Marshal Percy was livid. Recklessly charging at the demon, Percy underestimated the creature as it simply swooped Percy up in his hand, lifted him into the air… and swallowed him whole. Everyone on the field was stunned, and Colonel Bennas made an immediate point of attempting to help the Marshal, which failed, and he ended up getting swallowed as well. “Soldiers! Flank around and be careful where you stab!”, Inte yelled, looking up and down the Eredar to determine what the best possible way was to save them. After a few minutes the situation was looking more dire for the Marshal and Colonel, until a flash was seen from the demon’s neck and upper chest. Percy exploded out of the demon’s esophagus, Bennas in tow. The two were covered in gore as the Eredar began gurgling, trying to hold its throat together before falling and bleeding out from the massive injury.

After the fall of the person-eating Eredar, some of the forces seemed to retreat a bit, giving the opportunity to heal more of the injured and for Integra to check in on the progress of the other two groups. Demetrius and Soroes had been able to assassinate multiple commanders already, shut down a portal that was summoning demons, and find multiple maps with quite useful information on them. Dallio and his unit had been able to find a high priority building and stay mostly undetected while they were able to destroy it, sabotaging a few legion missiles as well.

The Field Marshal surveyed the carnage of the field as the bodies of the fallen were being carried off to the shelter of the Vindicaar. She would have to preform all of their Last Rites later, as she did with Shikkari.

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To everyone that came to the first event, I thank you! More to come! <3