Recently, I went by the original site of the school where Peter Stuart Ney, mister aka possibly Marshal Michel Ney of France and one of Napoleon’s closest buddies, taught at in the early 1800s, there is a school building on the site now, but it’s from the 1920s, I’m not sure where the Ervin home is, or if the original Ney era building is still on the homes property, but I will try to find out!

And, yes, I know that Peter Stuart Ney most probably wasn’t really Marshal Ney, but the story and it’s connection to my area of South Carolina fascinates me, so I like to hope he was the real Ney, and until there is a DNA test, yall can’t stop me, lol

This is an engraving of Marshal Michel Ney that was doodled on by Peter Stuart Ney, who was believed to be Michel Ney, he drew his updated portrait in the upper left and scribbled some words on the bottom, he also added “Ney by him self” to the top right, this engraving is now in the collection of Davidson College of North Carolina, Peter Stuart Ney also designed the college’s seal which is still used today