Animal Crossing Group Photos at AWA! I loved this group SO MUCH!

Marshal- Me! (LinkInSpirit/KiseKissesforKuroko)
Fauna- TenkaiStar
Beau- Piperonni
Bunnie- Havenaims
Ankah- Tori-ko
Chrissy- TheTigerWizard
Francine- Morhurst
Willow- Madzi
Stitches- Elly

Photo’s By : ShakItUp
Edited by: Piperonni and yours truly!

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Marshal is up for adoption

External image

okay here is the deal. marshal is in my cycle town and I know he is very popular. So if you want a chance to have him then Like and reblog this and a winner will be chosen at random through a number generator.  


please please do not enter to win him unless he is actually a dreamie of yours. We don’t want people entering just so that they can sell or trade him. We want people to have the chance to get their dream villager for free. We will be checking blogs and checking with the winner just to make sure.

A winner will be chosen when he is in boxes and you will have 24 hours to respond before a different winner is chosen

good luck x

-Admin Mimi

Winner has been chosen, Thank you everyone who participated ^^