marshal winter

Black people occupy a space, even mundane spaces, in the most fascinating ways. Style is such an integral part of what black people do that just walking is not a simple thing. You’ve got to walk with style. You’ve got to talk with a certain rhythm; you’ve got to do things with some flair. And so in the paintings I try to enact that same tendency toward the theatrical that seems to be so integral a part of the black cultural body.
—  Kerry James Marshall, BOMB Magazine 62, Winter 1998
band of brothers as the vmas
  • sobel: the host no one asked for
  • winters: the king whose performance slays everyone, who also calls out the host for that time they tried to get them court marshaled
  • Nixon: joins winters on stage during performance
  • Webster: Makes a successful comeback after the last patrol and starts crying after receiving a standing ovation
  • Speirs: 20 minute speech on why he's annoyed at everything before declaring he's running for Lieutenant Colonel after the war
  • Lipton: The proud wife of Speirs. (Is also a Kardashian)
  • Roe: Jared Leto's indifference towards everything
  • Liebgott: The Weeknd's annoyed face
  • Dike: Zayn Malik's rumoured appearance that never actually happens