I had the great pleasure of drawing this guest piece for Jia and Cune’s lovely ACNL artbook!! It was my first time submitting trad to an artbook, I’m glad it was well received!!/// Their book info is here and it is still available to buy!! Get them while they’re hot!! There are stickers and bookmarks (from yours truly) that come with the preorder!!

PS. I love Smug villagers. I have Shep, Marshal, Julian, Jacques, and Kidd!

This video of a U.S. marshal smashing a woman’s camera is bad. Local news made it worse.

Another day, another awful police video. This time, the footage, filmed in residential South Gate, California, and posted to YouTube Sunday, shows a U.S. marshal attacking a woman for the crime of quietly filming him from several feet away.

Though the video was bad enough on its own merit, worse still was the first major report on the incident from the mainstream media.