bayesianasian  asked:


♖ Top 5 quality blogs I follow
cheub, deullusional, sokyul… omg and all the food blogs I follow asdfghjkl.
marsha(aaa LOL) I actually really like your blog too despite the fact the fact it doesn’t have kpop stuff… feel special. :3
oh, and mylovefor-t-ara because it’s his birthday and he got mad at me for not including him.

✔ Team Edward or Team Jacob
Team Edward, LOL. :)

✎ Description of my school
Too many asians and way too populated.

╰☆╮ Favourite expression
What does that even mean LOL

♘ My favourite clothing store
Hollister. :3

Class today...
  • Me: "Hey, guys, imma go do chem hw in the library..."
  • Ayesha: "Why? She never checks it anyways..."
  • Me: "Yeah, but Matt told me that she checked once.. and then gave a pop-quiz on it that errbody failed.. And plus, i've got a lot of chem hw to do."
  • Ritu: "Nah, Katie, I was in that class. She never ever ever checks hw! I'm positive."
  • Me: "Oh, mkaay then fuck chem hw!"
  • - IN CLASS -
  • My teacher: "Okay, let me check all of your hw."