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So about that sp cat au… 

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MOSQUITO: Everybody has had a change of heart, apparently, and now thinks your outfit is cool Human Kite.

MOSQUITO: I bet you’re loving this anonymous validation, huh?

HUMAN KITE: I don’t know. I think they’re just trying to fuck with me now.

HUMAN KITE: Why would they suddenly change their opinion like that?

TOOLSHED: Maybe they were just jealous of your fashion sense, dude.

HUMAN KITE: Mmh, I don’t know. I feel like there’s something more to this.

MOSQUITO: (bitch it not that deep)

MOSQUITO: They want you guys to pose now, though.



TOOLSHED: Dude we don’t have a decent picture of just us posing all cool and stuff.


TOOLSHED: The Coon always butts his way into our pictures.

TOOLSHED: We totally gotta take like, the most awesome pic of us we can so we can rub it in fatass’ face.

HUMAN KITE: Okay yeah totally.

MOSQUITO: I am ready for this Coon Erasure I’ll take the picture.

HUMAN KITE: Okay just make sure you take the picture while I’m jumping?

HUMAN KITE: So I’m flying, you know?

TOOLSHED: Yeah it’s gotta be super badass.


MOSQUITO: I’ll be sure to add cool lighting effects and junk.

TOOLSHED: Awesome.

MOSQUITO: 3, 2, 1, bzzt!

HUMAN KITE: Okay yeah this is pretty badass.

TOOLSHED: Yeah The Coon is gonna be so jealous.

HUMAN KITE: You’re pretty good at taking pictures, Mosquito.

MOSQUITO: Haha I’ve learned from the best.

TOOLSHED: The best?

MOSQUITO: Yeah Super Craig takes pictures sometimes but mostly of like dogs and stuff and they’re okay.

MOSQUITO: He didn’t teach me anything I just wanted to act like he did.


MOSQUITO: Anyways good job on suddenly being the coolest super heroes according to all of the asks your getting now, zzzt.

MOSQUITO: Clap clap clap clap.


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