marsh lands

Military Tactics in the Elder Scrolls

The majority of the Altmer military is mages, generally in the form of battlemages and spellswords. It’s also likely they have a strong infantry, supported by enchantments, potions, and poisons. Destruction mages take care of enemies at range and are trained in melee to be competent spellswords. Very focused on tactical superiority rather than raw power. This is interesting because the Imperials would also have a focus on strategy and tactics, though evidently, the Dominion’s strategy won out over the imperials. Perhaps more credit is due to the tactics of the Bosmer and Khajiit forces but until we have more information on the actual war, it’s hard to say

Black Marsh is a harsh land to outsiders and the Argonians have grown to use that to their advantage. They know the terrain better than anyone and that is well-suited to their guerrilla tactics. They’re very fast and with the ability to breathe underwater, could remain undetected for long periods. Their knowledge of the land comes into play when making and using poisons against their enemies, often targeting supplies rather than engaging the enemy directly. Overall, don’t fuck with these guys.

The well-known knights of High Rock make up the majority of the Breton military. Knightly orders likely work well together as a unit and the units are together under the command of their lord. Their strong cavalry is supported by conjuration and restoration mages, keeping them alive and providing a small infantry force. It’s unlikely that the Bretons to go to war often except under direction from the Empire.

Like the Argonians, the Bosmer make good use of guerrilla warfare, especially in their homeland. They don’t have much of an infantry force, so their ranged forces sneak about in the forest, striking quickly and disappearing back into the trees. Their armor is light and designed to move with them to allow them to climb and dodge very well. Bosmer on the whole are well-known for their ability with a bow, and the Bosmer use that to strike suddenly at a range, often taking down enemies before they realize.

Most of the Dunmer army is supplied by House Redoran and reinforced with mercenaries. Therefore it can be concluded that Dunmer tactics focus on small forces using heavy armor, spears and long blades, with a healthy dose of destruction magic. Likely this would be not too unlike the landsknecht forces though on a significantly smaller scale, and with much less color.

Imperials have been shown to be essentially fantasy Rome. Their shields closely resemble the Roman scutum and would be used that way. Imperial tactics are highly organized and focused on defensive shield walls with blades and maces, and supported by spears and the main offense. It’s highly likely that the Imperials have a system of mandatory military service with compulsory training, and therefore everyone knows the basic tactics and how the Legion operates. It’s also possible that in Imperial towns in other provinces require similar training.

The Khajiit rely heavily on their agility and speed in combat. Their natural ability with hand to hand combat gives them an edge in a grapple and a short blade is an excellent weapon to use in a situation like that. They would use combat techniques not unlike Italian dagger fighting. They make great support fighters for other infantry forces.

They’re basically fantasy vikings so it’s likely that their tactics work similarly. Their weapons are essentially viking weapons which would make shield wall tactics very viable, especially with large, round shields, however that is only for hold and city guards. The interesting thing is the way their governing is set up, with a system of jarls, thanes, and housecarls. Such a system ensures that housecarls train to work well together and with their thane, but its unlikely that thanes of even the same hold train together often if at all, much less from different holds. This means that Nordic tactics would have a focus on small, experienced forces made up of strong individual fighters that work well together, supported by more organized city guards.

Orsimer train with weapons starting at a young age. They rely heavily on themselves in combat, with very little focus on tactics or teamwork. This means they are trained to keep themselves alive with shields and heavy armor since the attitude is that no one has your back but you. The end result is a group of disorganized, but fearsome warriors, each capable of taking on multiple opponents at a time.

For the Redguards, it is likely that the majority of their military force is formed of cavalry, since that historically was the main use for a scimitar, which are common weapons in Hammerfell. The curved shape of the sword allowed a rider to strike and continue to ride without getting his sword caught. This cavalry force would be supported by a fearsome infantry serving as an anvil to the cavalry’s hammer. The infantry would be outfitted in heavy armor with shields and blades while the cavalry would be comparatively lighter with medium armor and swords to allow for more mobility on horseback.

New Jersey Gothic *

• You go to Wawa and always see the same guy standing outside smoking a cigarette. It’s always either really busy or completely empty when you go in. Nothing feels real.

• Everybody knows the story of the Jersey Devil but nobody has actually “seen” it.

• “It’s like tree city in South Jersey” someone laughs. You laugh too. As you do you notice the woods around your house seem to have inched even closer. Your smile becomes strained.

• You lie in bed at night, wide awake. With or without the window open you can hear the tree frogs screaming. Always screaming.

• You drive by the marsh lands and smell the bay mud. The scent of death. You pretend you don’t want to cry as you fake a smile. Smells like home.

• Shoebies flock to the shore. Traffic is backed up for miles. You can’t move. There’s no way out.

• “Let’s spend the weekend in Atlantic City,” they say. They never return. No one ever returns.

• You drive down the road, attempting to avoid pot holes. It’s no use. The entire road is one big pot hole from hell.

*south jersey gothic

“Cattails and Cloud Trails”

This is a cool spot near my house. It’s a low point in the hills which once grew trees (now they’re dead and loosing their branches) but more recently it’s turned into marsh land, and is now covered in cattails.
I made this time stack by combining 267 photos into one image

the provinces of tamriel simplified
  • cyrodiil: humans everywhere
  • hammerfell: giant sand pit
  • high rock: more humans but small and french
  • skyrim: ice hell with very angry humans
  • morrowind: bug and dinosaur hell with a side of ash
  • black marsh: lizard land
  • elsweyr: furries
  • valenwood: scary little cannibal elves that will murder you for touching a flower
  • summerset isle: big elves who will step on you
The Manor (Draco x Reader)

description: can you do a one-shot over where Draco dates a Ravenclaw and she visits him over break and his father gets really angry because she’s muggleborn and Voldemort appears and you can take it for there. request from CarryingTheBanner. Taken from my wattpad, cutesneeze

Genre: ?

Warnings: Torture

Authors note: I don’t know how I feel about this one. Tell me if you think I rushed it because I don’t know whether its good or not.

The first thing I notice about the manor is size. It’s huge and eerie and it’s surrounded by a dying marsh land. It sends shivers down my spine.

I knock once on the large door before a little elf answers.

“Hello,"I say confidently but my voice seems like whisper in the huge dark hall way.

"You must be Miss (y/l/n). Come this way."the elf says in a screechy voice.

I follow the house elf to a room I can only assume is the lounge. A large table at knee height sits in the middle of the room with a long sofa on each side. The fire crackles and sparks at the other end of the room. It almost looks like a nice peaceful family living room but it is also rather creepy. The widows are covered with long black curtains and the lamps seem to be doing very little to light up the room.

I say a quick thank you to the elf before I walk into the room where I see Draco sat on the sofa near the fire. I relax slightly.

"Draco,"I sigh in relief as he walks towards me. Kissing my cheek before taking my hand and allowing me to sit next to him on the sofa.

"Hello,(y/n),"He smiles sweetly. "My parents will be down in a second,”

I gulp as the anxiety bubbles in my stomach. I am aware that Draco’s father has an unjustifiable prejudice against muggleborn wizards and it’s making me queasy with worry.

Did Draco tell them I’m muggleborn?  Did he tell  them that I’m muggleborn and ravenclaw ?

I’m not pureblood or slytherin.

I’m his parents idea of filth.

He squeezes my hand reassuringly but my mind is running wild with possible consequences that might follow this meeting.

My thoughts are cut short by the arrival of two adults. They look similar to Draco. The man has long platinum hair that matches Draco’s. The woman wears a face of makeup but does not look fake, she is rather pretty.

“Hello, you must be (y/n). I am Draco’s mother but please call me Narcissa. Lovely to meet you,"She greets, her hand is out stretched for me to shake which I do polity.

"Mr Malfoy will do fine,” The man says, scowl etched  into his features. He does not lend me a hand to shake but instead look down on me with a disgusted glare.

He knows.

They sit on the opposite sofa from Draco and I.

“I hope you didn’t get lost on the way here,"Mrs Mal- Narcissa says and I shake my head, offering a smile.

"Not at all. Your house is amazing."I say truthfully.

"Thank you.” She smiles at me but I take a quick glance at Mr Malfoy who is frowning deeply at me.

“Tell me, (y/n), what does your family do?"He asks and I instantly tense, Draco as well.

"Um, my mother is a weather presenter and my father is a fitness trainer.” I confess and I see Mrs Malfoy’s smile waver. Mr Malfoy glares at me before his gaze turns swiftly to Draco.

“How dare you!"he barks at his son and a pang of guilt hits me. "How dare you bring a mudblood  into my  house!”

Draco cringes away from his father’s words.

“Lucius, plea-"Mrs Malfoy begins but stops when her husband points a finger at her to shush her.

"I brought you up better than this!” He spits, he suddenly rolls up his sleeve to reveal his forearm. It is inked with familiar mark. The familiar image of snake and skull. The dark mark.

“Don’t, Lucius ."Mrs Malfoy tries and fails.

No, Narcissa! He needs to learn what happens when he associates with dirty blood.“he growls at Draco who hasn’t spoken a word. I’m trembling as Mr Malfoy raises his hand over the mark and mutters a spell. Nothing happens to the mark but the power of the spell can be felt and it makes me shiver.

Draco’s stunned expression changes to one of determination.

"I won’t let them touch her!” He warns and his father scoffs.

“My boy, you will have no choice.”

The fire suddenly turns green then disappears and many wizards dressed in black file in, one by one, all with a devilish grin on their face. Draco grabs my now shaking hand and stands up, pulling me with him. He stands , facing the assumed death eaters with a glare that shows defiance and courage.

“Hello, Cissy.” A woman with wild black hair cackles, facing Mrs Malfoy who looks down.

Then suddenly the fires flames turn black. A tall man with a dark hood steps out.

“Lucius, I hope you have a reason to summon me,” The man says. His voice is sinister and I realise who he is. Voldemort.

“My son needs to learn a lesson on blood type."He says respectably to Voldemort.

Voldemort removes his hood revealing his hideous features or should I say lack of. His nose is missing from his face and he is completely bald. It feels like he is staring deep into my mind with a dark scowl.

"Who is this?"He asks, his black eyes  bore into mine.

"She’s a mudblood!” Mr Malfoy spits. I’m suddenly being jolted to wards him , being dragged by the wrist.

“Why is she here? ” The woman with the wild black hair hisses. She wanders over to me, inspecting me like a broom stick in a shop window. She suddenly spits in my face and I cringe away from her.

“Get away from her!"Draco hisses and the woman cackles.

"Is Cissy’s Draco in love?"She grins. I see something silver in her hand. A dagger which is suddenly pressed against my neck. I can’t hold back the whimper that escapes my lips.

I see Draco make a lunge towards me but a death eater holds him back and he struggles against their grasp.

"Bellatrix, give the girl to me.” Voldemort says and the woman, now known as Bellatrix lets out a sigh of disappointment before she shoves me onto the floor next to Voldemort.

He looks down at me with an evil glare. He points his wand at me and says a spell but I didn’t hear it because an excruciating pain floods my body and makes me cry out.

It’s like my blood was set on fire. The pain pulses around my body and I’m crying. I let out a strangled scream before my surroundings disappear and I black out.

When my eyes open the world seems blurry. My body aches when  I try to sit up and someone pushes me down.

“Don’t sit up yet!” They say and I recognise the voice instantly.


“Yeah it’s me.” he says, helping me up.

My eye sight clears and I see I am sat in a small bedroom.

“Where are we?"I choke out.

"Believe it not, we are actually at the headquarters of Dumbledore’s secret society."He says, he sounds shocked by this as well. "When I finally got you out of there, I found my self with professor Snape, who then led me here. The Weaselys and Potter are here too,"He explains after seeing my confused expression.

"Thank you for protecting me,"I say and then the guilt hits me, "I’m sorry that I’ve separated you from your family.”

“It’s all good, I’m sorry I didn’t get you out before my aunt did that.” he says and I’m confused before I realise the Bellatrix woman was his aunt. I’m confused again because his aunt didn’t actually hurt me, just frightened me.

Then I see what he is referring to. On my arm I see the faint words cut into my skin.


I feel the tears dripping from my eyes.

Draco wraps his strong arms around me and I can feel his tears on my shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n)!"He sobs and I place head on his shoulder.

"There was nothing you could do,"I say softly, rubbing his back. Tears still rolling down my cheeks.

"I should have tried to stop my dad from summoning him!"He cries and I shake my head.

"I am at fault, I didn’t have the strength to fight back.” I tell him and I cup his cheeks in my hands and pull his face up to level with mine. “It just means we need to get stronger. I’ll never lose hope with you’re next to me.” I peck his cheeks softly as reassurance that I’ll be fine.

“I love you."He says and I muster a smile.

"I love you too, Draco."I pull him in for a proper kiss.

The kiss makes me forget  about the words on my wrist and the pain in my body for a minute and I just melt into Draco’s lips knowing we can get through this together.


Inktober 5! I rolled a lawful evil half-orc barbarian, grumbled that I’d just had one, rerolled the class and got…barbarian. Guess it’s fate. Liloia lives in the same swamp as Solch from yesterday and is probably the only person who can reliably interact with him. Today’s Inktober prompt was Long but I’d honestly forgotten that when I drew her on stilts, I was just excited to reference the Landes marsh stiltwalkers. Because of my resulting research into the Gascony region she also ended up with a sheepskin coat and a Gascon-language name (it means daisy, aw). She can move very deftly on those stilts!

This year for Inktober I’m rolling randomized D&D characters! I hope to one day DM a campaign with my friends, so I’m gathering some NPCs. Please, uh, don’t use them for your own games? original characters do not steel plz

the signs as natural settings
  • Aries: a flat meadow filled with wild flowers. the sun is setting, enveloping everything in her golden light, sky larks circle above and any slight movement in the grass releases a cloud of white moths. the scent of meadow sweet is strong
  • Taurus: a dense natural forest in late spring, thick moss and ferns carpet the ground. mushrooms sprout in clumps from the rich soil, a small river flows nearby. the sun has just risen and dew drops adorn every leaf
  • Gemini: rolling hills covered with cowslip and red clover. a light breeze creates waves in the grass, the sky is open and vast, full of millions of twinkling stars. a snipe bird calls from over head, the moon is full and radiant
  • Cancer: a sea cave, its walls battered and shaped by the oceans waves. sea anemones and star fish cling to the rocks, awaiting the next high tide. the ocean wind whistles past its mouth
  • Leo: a pine forest during a meteor shower. the sky is cold and clear, frost covers the ground. an icy wind sways the trees and the air smells like metal
  • Virgo: an ancient hill set against a purple sky. hawthorn trees and grazing sheep speckle its sides. on its summit are five large standing stones, smoothed by the elements. the air feels electric
  • Libra: a calm lakeside with a shore of rich clay. its mid summer and the sun has just set, the air is humid. bird tracks dot the soft muddy shore, the splash of a fish resurfacing echos in the distance. a thin layer of mist floats above the water
  • Scorpio: a water fall,swollen from the mornings heavy downpour white sheets of foam crash onto worn rocks. the sun is high in the sky, its rays leaking between the cracks in the hazel and beech canopy. the banks are lined with blue bells
  • Sagittarius: a red dessert, its deep violet sky streaked by white lightning. heavy sheets of rain churn the sand, awakening hibernating dessert toads. in the morning chunks of lightning glass can be seen
  • Capricorn: a mountainside cave, stalactites hangs from the roof, its winding caverns lit by glowworms. the air is warm and stagnant. in its deeper chambers prehistoric fossils await discovery
  • Aquarius: a tall windy mountain scattered with slabs of rock. animal tracks wind through the heather and moss, like veins. Its dusk, the moon is just rising, the sky is dusty grey
  • Pisces: a desolate swampy marsh land immersed in thick fog. a waxing moon highlights sliver birch trees, animal bones rest beneath shallow murky pools. nothing has moved for years

Wish you were still sleeping? A crescent moon rises over snowy marshes and the last rays of an orange-pink sunset at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Located along the coast of Delaware, Bombay Hook protects one of the largest remaining expanses of tidal salt marsh in the mid-Atlantic region. Photo courtesy of Tim Williams.


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Soldan helped humans?….doing what?… all these thoughts ran through the beasts mind as he walked through the marsh lands on her home. In his state he remembers very little everything, especially of why those humans were there in the first place.

Speaking to himself in a series of low rumbles and grunts as a form of language from his species, however it did not help the fact that amphibious creature he had befriended was now questionable as to what she was doing that day. Completely unaware that she intended to help him in the beginning. However her scent was strong on his path, so perhaps she was closer that he actually wanted in this point of time.