marsh lake


Golden-crowned Kinglet

In the winter Golden-crowned Kinglets are scattered across most of the United States. Seriously. This rather serious looking little monarch is found from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Yet it’s still a truly rare treat to see one, since the kinglets are small and spend a great deal of time amongst tree branches. The above Kinglet was photographed at Magee Marsh along Lake Erie in Ohio. 

All finished!

The Argonian known as Kurei / Sharpens-His-Tongue / Cog-Rein / Working Rain. Set years after the Oblivion Crisis, Kurei having nothing left after the Imperial City was sacked by Mehrunes Dagon’s invading army, He goes out to restart his book store by collecting books across Tamriel.

But it seems someone has been following him and his journey to the town of Faregyl. But who would care about a silver tongued Argonian and him wanting to start another book store???

Armor designed by the great guys over at TesRenewal

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge – the first wildlife refuge in Indiana created 50 years ago this week – protects habitat for more than 280 species of birds like sandhill cranes. The refuge was also instrumental to the comeback of the state’s endangered North American river otter, serving as the first release site to bring populations back to healthy numbers. This amazing landscape of lakes, marshes and creeks is a quick trip from major metropolitan areas in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Photo by Susan Harner, USFWS.