marsh king

Richie x something that just happened

Teacher: *reading from workbook*  I thrust in my head. Oh, you would have laughed to see how cunningly I thrust it in !

Richie: *chokes on laugh* *tries playing it cool* *voice cracks* I’m okay


I’m unsure if this is the legit adult casting or not; I haven’t heard any official word from Warner Brothers or New Line Cinemas regarding the matter yet. But, nevertheless, there are some quality actor choices here and the posters (likely fan made) look amazing!

i see your “don uris is an evil religious homophobe” headcanons and raise you this:

“don and andrea uris love their only son with all their souls and worry about his depressed ass on the daily so when they see how happy SOMEONE makes him (bill, mike, richie, w/e) they are just overjoyed to see their boy starting to LIVE again and they are invested in his boyfriends life in a healthy and supportive manner because after years of self harm and self loathing they are just happy to see their son safe and loving his life for once”.

thanks for your time.