marsh king



1997 Bunny vs 2006 Snowball

1998 Rats vs 2001 Lemmiwinks

Comparing South Park style, then and now.

As we can tell with Lemmiwinks, the modern style waited just around the corner, however his movements were somewhat stiff compared to later episodes he appears in.

I don’t even know how to express how cool I think this is.

losers club as things on tumblr

Bill: selfies that get 10000 notes 90% from people they don’t know
Eddie: crytyping (“im sos orry i didint meean t,o,..,,.,”)
Richie: triggered jokes and calling people cucks ironically
Stan: cleancore blogs that engage in discourse on the side
Ben: that shitty disney recipe blog
Mike: history blogs specific to time periods
Beverly: trauma recovery blogs run by mother figures who turn out to be like 14