marsh fly

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Coremacera marginata

…is a species of Marsh Fly (Sciomyzidae) which is known to occur throughout Europe and parts of the “Near East” like other members of the family Sciomyzidae, the larvae of Coremacera marginata will seek out and prey on several genera of terrestrial snails. Adults feed mainly on nectar and dew. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Diptera-Sciomyzidae-Coremacera-C. marginata

Image: Hectonichus


Art af Kærflue (Coremacera marginata)

Kærfluerne er kendetegnet ved den specielle udformning af hoved og antenner.
Denne art bliver op mod 10 mm., og den er særligt kendetegnet ved det tydelige plet-mønster og den mørke rand på vingerne.
Den voksne kærflue lever af nektar, men larven er parasit i forskellige sneglearter. Iflg. literaturen går der typisk to snegle til i løbet af larvens udviklingsproces.

This is a species af marsh fly or snail-killing fly. This family of flies is characterized by the special shapes of head and antennae.
This prticular species is recognised by the speckled brown wings with their dark border.
The adult fly feeds on nectar while the larva parasitizes on various terrestial snails. The larva feeds off two, sometimes three, snails before pupating.

Euthycera chaerophylli

…is a species of Marsh Fly (Sciomyzidae) which is distributed throughout most of Europe and many parts of the Near East. Like other members of the family Sciomyzidae, Euthycera chaerophylli larvae will seek out and develop inside the body cavities of snails, killing them when they emerge. Adults on the other hand, are less violent and feed mainly on nectar. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Diptera-Sciomyzidae-Euthycera-E. chaerophylli

Image: Hectonichus