Brigadier General Marsena R. Patrick sitting on an outside patio sometime in early summer, in Culpeper, Virginia, in 1861. He is accompanied by his staff, one of which, the man second from the left, John Vernou Bouvier, was the great-grandfather of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Bouvier was severely wounded at the Battle of Second Manasses, when a ball was shot through his chest, went through  his lung, and exited out through a shoulder blade, rendering his lung useless for the rest of his life.


Não posso negar, a Marsena já tem lugar na minha lista de prediletos! u.u

Curte aí a sua versão da música Me Ama/ How He Loves Us


Arde outra vez - Marsena (cover)

simplesmente: DEMAIS!!   =O