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your favorite examples of maximalism in architecture?

Marseille hotel Au Vieux Panier Tilt

According to Patrick Templeton: over the past decade the term maximalism has been tossed around in architectural discourses as little more than a sensational tagline. Many of the authors and scholars do little but use the word as a catchy label, leaving the impression that maximalism connotes nothing more than a superficial visual complexity. It is a pervasive oversight and misuse that has spread widely; used not only among architects and scholars, but by bloggers and journalists to describe apparent complex and eclectic styles.

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Collins Avenue, Miami Beach (No. 1)

Collins Avenue, partly co-signed State Road A1A, runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach, Florida, one block west. Collins Avenue was named for John S. Collins a developer who in 1913 completed the first bridge, Collins Bridge, connecting Miami Beach to the mainland across Biscayne Bay.

Collins Avenue is home to many historic Art Deco hotels, and several nightclubs to the north.

North of 41st Street this boulevard lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Creek, lined by palm trees, and famous hotels from the 1950s and 1960s such as the Eden Rocand the Morris Lapidus-designed Fontainebleau Hotel, built in the curvy, flamboyant Neo-baroque fashion that defined the 1950s ‘Miami Beach’ resort hotel style.



Okay, I’m finally back on Tumblr. In these last few weeks I had a lot of things to do, but now I’m back here. March was a very important month for me. I had the fortune to meet my favorite band twice (In Marseille and in Milan) and I was finally able to realize my dream after eight years of waiting.

These are the photos of my M&G with Tokio Hotel in Milan. (17/03). This was the best day of my life. The guys are so sweet, kind and cute with the fans. So adorable! I also had a little funny moment with the guys, maybe I’ll post the pictures later, haha. If you have any question about the concert, the M&G, the guys or whatever, you can ask! :)

Later I’ll post the pic of my M&G with Tokio Hotel in Marseille (09/03)

Fishermen row a boat in Chaohu Lake, China, surrounded by algae as if in a painting

The trees were cut out to look surreal, in perfectly straight lines.

It looks like he walks on water, but these actually are giant salt flats in Bolivia.

This is an abstract tarp put over a building while under construction.

It looks like a giant piece of paper is rolling down the hill, but it actually is an art installation in New Zealand.

Half of a Marseille hotel room has been swamped in decoration by French graffiti artist Tilt, while the other half stays purely white.

This boat may look like flying, but it is just its reflection in very clear water.

The grass sphere outside Paris City Hall is actually flat.

Apocalyptic as it may look, this sinkhole appeared in Guatemala City in 2010. It is 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.

This is the very weird aftermath of a 2010 toxic waste spill in Western Hungary.