Incredible stills from South African Western “Five Fingers for Marseilles

It’s premiering at tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) in 2017.

Watch the Teaser Trailer HERE.



So I made a full tarot card deck of these. Turned out great! Since the major arcana is based off of the popular French Marseilles style, I just used the sets minor arcana designs and applied the colour scheme. Then altered the page, knight, queen, and king ones to make it more fitting to the games sinful reimagining.

I’m selling these decks, and it’s free shipping worldwide. For some reason if I directly include the link my tags don’t work. ¬_¬

So to find these just type in artisticsmeasure etsy into google, and it should be the first result, also have a FB page for my art too! ^_^


Marseilles / Bordeaux reconstructions by Jean-Claude Golvin

  1. Gaul: Masillia (Marseille)
  2. Gaul: Masillia (Marseille), the port
  3. France: Medieval Marseille
  4. Gaul: Burdigala (Bordeaux)
  5. Gaul: Burdigala (Bordeaux), Quays of Deveze
  6. France: Bordeaux
  7. France: Bordeaux, the port
  8. France: Bordeaux, Quartier Canonial
  9. France: Medieval Bordeaux, Saint Éloi
  10. France: Medieval Bordeaux, market