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Re-Accepting Fanfic Requests!

So, I have been in a writing mood lately and would love to spill my shipping emotions and heartbreak out in work. I would love to see my inbox fill up with requests! :)

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etc. I’ll basically write anything as long as I don’t NOTP it. Also, if anyone has any Rallison fanfiction, please send links my way! Thank you. :)

**I am attached to Rallison at the moment, so I would deeply enjoy any and all requests for that pair. Actually the main pair I am opening this up for.

Anyway, yes, REQUESTS ARE OPEN! (:

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First of all, thank you for reading my work, it means a lot! Your comments are what inspire me to keep writing, so I’d love if you guys would inbox me any comments or critiques you have about my work. Also, if you have any requests, I’d be more than happy to receive them. I do pretty much any couple, unless it’s a ship that just disgusts me, then I may pretend I “lost” your message somewhere in the pile… 

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EDIT: Also, please keep in mind that I am currently working on a multi-ship fanfic, so please bear with me as I try to balance the fanfic with all your requests. Thank you! 

anonymous asked:

if you absolutely had to choose over marsea and menough for all star season who would you choose and why?

First of all, whoever you are, I currently hate you for asking this question (just kidding, I probably love you, but ugh..). This may be a bit long, but here we go.

     Choosing one over the other for the all-stars season would be like choosing which I favor; it's impossible. I’ve started shipping them at different times and for different reasons, so they’re pretty much tied as my favorite, or at least I think they are.  

     Ever since Chelsea/Mark got third place, I always thought they deserved another chance because, in my honest opinion, they absolutely deserved that mirror ball trophy. Chelsea is one of the best dancers I’ve seen on there and her chemistry with Mark is incredible. So, yes, I always wanted an all-stars season and I always wanted them to be on it. One of the reasons I think they should be on it is because I loved the way Chelsea and Mark brought fun to the ballroom. I still watch each of their dances, to this day, with the same smile I had when I first watched them a year ago. The other reason I’d love for them to come back is because.. I miss marsea. Unlike Maria and Derek who tweet about each other/hang out literally ever week, there haven’t been many marsea moments since season 12 ended even though I’m sure they still keep in contact. I’d love to watch them reconnect, see them tweet each other all the time again, and be back in marsea heaven.

     The reasons I want menough back, however, are completely different. Maria deserves to be back because, not only is she a terrific dancer, but she has probably the most passion a DWTS contestant has ever had. She loves dancing and she loves being with Derek. She and Derek obviously still keep in contact - hanging out literally every week (except the week they went on their trips), and tweeting about each other every week without fail. My shipping mind, unlike for marsea who I just want to see reconnect, believes that the all-stars season may be all they need for them to be together. All the tension and chemistry shown in season 14 will only be more intense in season 15, if that’s even possible. Plus, Maria and Derek were fighters throughout their season, battling the numerous injuries every week, and for them to be eliminated the week they topped the leaderboard just doesn’t make any sense to me. That was completely undeserved and they should’ve made the finals. They should’ve done the freestyle. Also, who is there better to be partenered with Derek than Maria? Not only has it been evident to me that they have the most chemistry ever on the show (or in all of television as a whole), but almost the entire DWTS audience, the staff, the judges, and the hosts think so as well. When there is chemistry like that, two people shouldn’t be apart. In fact, it’s been shown that even Maria’s fourteen year relationship can’t break her apart from Derek.

Now, back to the question: Between marsea and menough, who would I rather have back for the all-stars season? Well, in terms of the dances and who I want to see win in the end, I’d say marsea. But in terms of who I want back because they’re overall deserving of it and I honestly think would be insensible for them not to be brought back, it’d be menough. It depends on your overall take on what I’ve said. :)