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lauraelizabeth77  asked:

Hi there! I'm a huge fan of your fics, but this is a story ask as I noticed you answer those too... At what point do you think Loaghaire's daughter Marsali begins to like Claire and conversely when do you think Claire starts to think of Marsali as family? I've never pinpointed it in the books. Thank you 😊

anon asked: What do you think it was that made Masali go from disliking Claire to calling her mother Claire in Voyager? It didn’t seem like it took her all that long to flip a 180.

Aww thanks, @lauraelizabeth77!

I don’t think there’s a specific moment - rather, it’s a process over the course of the second half of Voyager.

Why do Marsali and Claire get closer?

1. Once Marsali gets to really know Claire, she sees that Claire isn’t the terrible witch that Laoghaire had made her out to be. And likewise, Claire gets to know Marsali for her own sake - and sees her as more than just Laoghaire’s daughter (nevermind that she clearly sees Marsali as a surrogate daughter, since Claire believes she’ll never see Brianna ever again)

2. Marsali needs a mother - to attend her wedding, to provide love and sex advice, to provide emotional support. Claire is there, and provides that love and advice and support in spades. And enjoys doing so

3. The unique nature of the experiences they share together during Voyager - sailing on the high seas, the separation at sea, piracy, etc. - naturally bring them closer together

4. Claire is a badass and fabulous role model - likely the first strong, independent woman Marsali has ever seen. She *must* find Claire inspirational that way, and likely aspires to be just a bit like her

5. Fergus adores Claire. Marsali loves Fergus, and trusts him. And therefore, grows to love Claire as much as her husband does