MTL Publicly Affectionate

1. Aries Moon / Leo Venus / Leo Mars
2. Leo Moon / Aries Venus / Sagittarius Mars
3. Sagittarius Moon / Libra Venus / Aries Mars
4. Libra Moon / Gemini Venus / Libra Mars
5. Gemini Moon / Sagittarius Venus / Aquarius Mars
6. Cancer Moon / Aquarius Venus / Gemini Mars
7. Pisces Moon / Taurus Venus / Cancer Mars
8. Taurus Moon / Pisces Venus / Scorpio Mars
9. Scorpio Moon / Cancer Venus / Taurus Mars
10. Aquarius Moon / Scorpio Venus / Pisces Mars
11. Virgo Moon / Virgo Venus / Capricorn Mars
12. Capricorn Moon / Capricorn Venus / Virgo Mars

(Requested. Note, these are not placement combinations.)

“After the wild success of his debut album, Bruno was tapped to create the lead single and title track for the new Twilight saga film, Breaking Dawn. The track was a dark tale of losing love and it was important to Bruno that the art reflect the slow process of losing someone.

Still carrying over the silhouette branding from his first album I had the image of him in the chair with the bottle and umbrella right away. After multiple explorations with paint we finally landed on a colorful trippy piece. “Like a horror movie” was Bruno’s direction for the type, which really brought it all together.

I had In-N-Out Burger for the first time in my life at Bruno’s house in LA as he approved this. It was a good day.”

Thy Love, My Love

You doubt and you’re desperate, you wear both your cross and your hammer.
Such beautiful dreams of violence, in them your tongue is made of silver.
But we don’t fight like Animals - we fight like Men.
No, we don’t fight like Men - we fight like Gods.

Fanmix (’tis not a happy one) - Listen Here

Track Listing:

1. Delirious - Susanne Sundfør
2. Stranger in a Strange Land - 30 Seconds to Mars
3. Fight Like Gods - Chelsea Wolfe
4. Ancients - Gary Numan
5. Into the Past - Nero
6. When Doves Cry - Alex Clare
7. Wrath of God - Crystal Castles
8. Beautiful Darkside - The Classic Crime
9. Lafaye - School of Seven Bells
10. Haunted - Gary Numan
11. In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix) - Zola Jesus
12. Lies - Trifonic
13. Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns
14. Human - The Cinematics
15. Plague - Crystal Castles
16. Pray Your Gods - Toad The Wet Sprocket
17. Wasting My Young Years - London Grammar
18. Heroine - Dwntwn
19. Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier
20. Save Me - Moxi
21. If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
22. Battle of Brothers - Trevor Morris (Ending)