u know that gif of that woman flipping the table and someone made it a joke about aries, when I saw that I was like “irl she’s probably cancer mars” and she IS , well I just saw a compilation of Megan McKenna being angry and I knew she had cancer mars (which is also true) so basically what you need to know is 1. I’m super smart and 2. We need to spread the truth about the reality of cancer mars

I saw the vid in Facebook but I found the vid for u:


my newest vid!

logan & veronica x i found

enjoy x

anonymous asked:

Really?😨 The mama posted it herself for the world to see. She didn't sneaky filmed her. Safe to say you can repost it. It's not something embarrassing for sophia. You post mar vids on here surely you can do the same for soph with a baby? How in the what would you not want that video on your blog? OK..

I can post what I please. This is not a blog about Mikia’s baby and if she wants to share all about him on her instagram she is more than free too that is her choice, my choice is to not have it on my blog. You’ve obviously seen the video because you’re talking about it so I don’t get why this is an issue, I didn’t want to post it so I haven’t - end of story. 


Veronica Mars goes Frozen [HUMOR]

crack vid

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