Mars; Agitation, Aggression, Anger
  • Mars in Aries: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by control, restriction, judgement, injustice, lack of following own will, lack of sex, inadequate mental and physical stimulation
  • Mars in Taurus: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by lack of adequate rest/sleep, financial and employment pressures, over strenuous obligations, lack of creative expression
  • Mars in Gemini: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by lack of mental stimulation, boredom, lack of change, restriction, controlling relationships, frustration due to inadequate sleep or rest
  • Mars in Cancer: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by unstable family dynamics, moods of severity that have a long recovery period, lack of stability when looking into the future, internal anxieties
  • Mars in Leo: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by self contempt, lack of rewarding relationships, invalidating relationships, inadequate creative expression, lack of sex, heartbreak
  • Mars in Virgo: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by self consciousness and ricocheting defeatist thoughts, mental overload, disharmonious surroundings, lack of focus, lack of routine or employment/stability, lack of sex
  • Mars in Libra: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by inability to assert one's own needs so there is the development of irritation at others because others are seen to be selfish, injustice, unexpressed emotion
  • Mars in Scorpio: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by unconscious events, traumas and memories, feeling misunderstood or judged by people they trust, lack of alone time, restraining relationships, lack of meaningful sex, betrayal
  • Mars in Sagittarius: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by occlusion to freedom, being surveilled or scrutinised, dishonesty, lack of physical movement and fresh air, inadequate mental stimulation and boredom, control
  • Mars in Capricorn: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by unexpressed emotions and needs, feelings of inadequacy or that they have nothing to show for their work, lack of appreciation, the feeling of being stuck in a rut
  • Mars in Aquarius: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by imposed restrictions and lack of freedom, inadequate mental stimulation, generous feelings that are difficult to process suitably, controlling relationships
  • Mars in Pisces: Agitation/Aggression/Anger triggered by feelings of being taken advantage of, passive and unexpressed feelings of frustration toward others, lack of sleep, over socialisation, constantly repairing others who won't help themselves
  • -C.
What your birth chart will teach you
  • Sun: Why do I act and express myself the way I do
  • Moon: Why do I react and feel the way I do
  • Ascendent: Why do I see and meet the world the way I do
  • Mercury: Why do I think and communicate the way I do
  • Venus: Why do I express affection the way I do
  • Mars: Why do I express anger and passion the way I do
  • Jupiter: Where do I feel most confident and where do I push my luck
  • Saturn: Where do I feel most anxious and where do I need to realize authority
  • Uranus: Where do I rebel and innovate
  • Neptune: Where do I lose touch with reality and how do I escape it
  • Pluto: Where do I feel most powerless and how do I need to let go of ego to transform
  • Midheaven: What do I want to achieve and who do I want to become
  • Descendent: What do I project on other people
  • Immum Coeli: How has my upbringing affected my psychological roots

gwen: Surface of Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 22nd August 2007.

Image runs southwest from 71°S 56°E, just south of the Dorsa Brevia, to 80°S 34°E, just west of the Promethei Rupes; about 615 km. The dunes (dark blue) in the 4th image are inside Main Crater (Robert Main, astronomer, 1808-1878).

Composite of 3 visible light images for colour, and one monochrome image for detail. Colours are relative, not naturalistic.

Image credit: ESA. Composite: AgeOfDestruction.

Astro Notes pt 4🔵〰⚫️

•the energy in a composite chart is felt among both parties and each aspect is no longer dispensed in a planet person format but more in a sense of how it would act out in a natal chart. The variance here is that instead of it being a sole person that would feel those aspects it’s two people. This is why composite charts refer to a relationship that has been going on for years as the energies between two people would’ve had enough time to merge.

•Saturn in the 12th house people tend to desire isolation and may as they age prefer to live somewhere quiet and away from hustle and bustle of the real world. Somewhere where they can in a sense be free.

•Saturn in the 11th house people tend to fantasize the perfect “Friend group” but often times they get let down by what is right in front of them.

•mars in the 5th house is a more animalistic sex drive, Pluto in the 5th house is a more instinctual sex drive.

•depending on where your house rulers are placed the influence and traits attributed with the particular house or sign can be completely augmented or changed. Ex a empty sag in the 8th house with Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th house might be more Piscean in nature when it comes to intimacy and deep sex but also might have a more detached and electric energy about them.

•the 1st decan of a sign can be more self centered and immature-it takes them longer for their sign to progress into another sign.

The 2nd decan of a sign can be cooler in nature and can have a bit of a sensitive undertone to them-more easily emotionally aroused.

The third decan of a sign is a bit more on the observant side of things and as mature as they can be there is a slightly cold nature about them.

•you’re second house is more indicative of how you dress than your venus.

•your 2nd house is also your inner venus and your 7th house is your partnered venus while your natal venus is your projected venus-the house venus falls in is how it is expressed and where it is expressed.

•mars in the 8th house individuals have a strong brain to nerve connection which allows them to have very serpent like and easily seductive movements.

•people with a lot of planets in the fire houses tend to have a warmer body and be usually the types to have racing hearts. Those with houses in the water houses, especially the 8th tend to have colder bodies and ligaments. There heart beats are usually faint and hard to hear.

•Neptune in the 8th/12th and 6th can be harder to put under stimulants including anesthesia.

•Capricorn rising usually maintain lean bodies! And even when weight is gained it goes away usually very easy. Even when in the Taurus decan.

•Taurus rising can have aggressive movements and seem a bit easily irritable once you get to know them-due to having Aries on their 12th house cups.

•5th house is how you date, the mood you have to be in to make a baby, and your immediate turn ons. “The first date” so to speak.

•the 8th house is how you are after years of being with someone. How you really have sex. How you act when something scares you. And your secret self. How you deal with money in relation to others and your feelings towards occult matters and death while also in a minor way giving you some insight on how you may pass.

•the 12th house is who you are when you’re by yourself. This is the sleepy you. The intoxicated you! The you you’re not always aware of. This is the you that unconsciously comes out that people always tell you about. Your fantasies and the things you dream about. This is also your secret kinks and hidden sexual nature. This is your instinctual sex style that comes out with out you knowing.

•the 4th house is your fam bam! This is your family get togethers! This is a little more about how your mommy was. This is getting grounded. And the rules you were raised with. This is your ingrained traits and genes. This is your manners or lack of. This is what makes you feel safe. This is what you need in a relationship. This is what you cry about on a deep deep level. Lovers that have any planets here especially moon/mercury/venus hit you deep.

•Saturn/mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto are often a focal focus in many fashion designers and models of many.

•strong Neptune and 10th house focus are usually in heavy focus in the charts of actors and film makers as well as strong water dominance.

•strong venus/Lilith/Eros and 2nd-12th House focus is noticed in the charts of singers! As well as Uranus especially aspect to mercury.(for the changes in vocal tones) this rings true for rappers as well who tend to have strong Gemini or 3rd house influence!

•usually having aspects that you have nataly show up in your synastry will show that it’s a relationship that will effect you deeply as you see them and their actions in yourself and feel deeply understood and connected to them.

•synastry with water signs are receptive and tend to go both ways even in overlays because of the nature of water to reflect.

•synastry with fire signs is more “I” based and can be one sided due to the fact that it’s more about how each person is individually being affected.

•synastry with earth signs can be more energy based and can feel like a pendulum affect! It can often times switch between who feels it more based on how the energy is flowing.

•synastry with air signs is more about the atmosphere. Usually its felt mentally before emotionally and because of this there is an imbalance of one person thinking about it and the other feeling it.

•saturn square Pluto people are extremely intense and hate any idea of being controlled-usually they despise politics and hate enforcement of any kind especially by the law.

•Moon in Aquarius due to being ruled by Saturn usually are bubbly and talkative and often times odd one moment then they’re serious and observant, more on the quiet side of things from out of nowhere.

•Aries moons are extremely honest. They’re not the types to beat around the bush and if they are this usually is only done if it’s someone they care for and feel a need to be more cautious about approaching because of this.

•Aries venus and Scorpio Venus are turned on by rough housing and provoked arguments. They love seeing you fein for them-that desire is like sex for them without actually having it. This is because of the confrontational energy presented in both mars and Pluto.

•Moon in Virgo never feel completely comfortable in social situations and always keep a huge chunk of themselves in a black box so to speak as they tend to not like to over share.

•many water signs from now till the end of 2018 along with Leo/Taurus/Aquarius/Aries/Gemini are going to be undergoing some big changes and may even be entirely different people following-due to Jupiter in Scorpio. Your feathers will indeed be ruffled.

☺️ tried to make part 4 longer since it took so long to show up aha!

Solar System: 10 Things to Know This Week

State of the Solar System: 10 quick updates from around our galactic neighborhood.

1. Powered by the Sun

Fifty-nine years ago, Vanguard 1 launched to demonstrate a new spacecraft technology – solar power. We’ve been going farther and for longer ever since.

+More on Vanguard 1

2. Mapping Mercury

A big week in history for exploration of the innermost planet. On March 16, 1975, our Mariner 10 made its third and final flyby of Mercury. One day and 36 years later, MESSENGER became the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury. Next up: ESA’s BepiColumbo, undergoing testing now, is set to launch for Mercury in 2018.

+Missions to Mercury

3. Return to Venus

U.S. and Russian scientists are discussing a planned revival of the successful Venera program that revealed much about Venus in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Meanwhile, Japan’s Akatsuki orbiter continues to study our sister planet.

+More on Venera-D

4. Rocket Power

Back on Earth 91 years ago (March 16, 1926), inventor and dreamer Robet Goddard changed the world forever with the first test of a liquid-fueled rocket. We’ve been going farther and faster ever since.

+More on Goddard

5. Moon Watch

Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been sending a steady stream of high-resolution images back to Earth for more than seven years.

+More on LRO

6. Busy Mars

There are currently five orbiters (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey, MAVEN, ESA’s Mars Express and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission) and two rovers (Curiosity and Opportunity) exploring Mars, making it second only to Earth in the number of robotic spacecraft studying its secrets.

+Meet the Mars Fleet

7. Vote for Jupiter

Polls close today (March 20) so vote not to point a real spacecraft camera at Jupiter during the mission’s 5th perijove pass.

+Vote now

8. Science to the Last Second

In a little less than six months, our Cassini orbiter will plunge into Saturn as a spectacular finale to its 19-year mission – but not before it embarks on a completely new mission into unexplored space between Saturn and its mighty rings.

+More on Cassini’s Grand Finale

9. By George?

Happy belated birthday to Uranus, discovered on March 13, 1781 by William Herschel. The English astronomer wanted to name his discovery – the first planet discovered in recorded history – “Georgium Sidus” after England’s King George III. But he was overruled, and astronomer stuck with traditional mythological names – creating an opportunity for 263 years of student jokes at the expense of the ice giant planet’s name.

+More on Uranus

10. Go Farther

The round trip light time from Voyager 1 to Earth is more than 38 hours. Voyager 1 is almost 13 billion miles from our home planet.

+More on Voyager

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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The Expressions of Planets in the birth chart
you can apply the condition of your own sign and house to these 

Sun - Self
Positive expressions: Honourable, Creative, Authentic 
Negative expressions: Egocentric, Dominating, Forceful 

Moon - Emotional Self 

Positive expressions: Sensitive, Gentle, Responsive 
Negative expressions: Melodramatic, Irrational, Dependant 

Mercury - Thinking Self 

Positive expressions: Rational, Connective, Perceptive 
Negative expressions: Nervous, Over Stimulated, Deceitful 

Venus - Beautiful Self

Positive expressions: Creative, Appreciative, Thoughtful 
Negative expressions: Indulgent, Lazy, Entitled 

Mars - Armed Self 

Positive expressions: Energising, Uplifting, Passionate 
Negative expressions: Antagonistic, Senseless, Controlling 

Jupiter - Philosophical Self 

Positive expressions: Speculative, Optimistic, Spiritual 
Negative expressions: Gluttonous, Over Confident, Excessive 

Saturn - Exceptional Self

Positive expressions: Resilient, Wise, Developing 
Negative expressions: Critical, Fearful, Repressed 

Uranus - Maverick Self

Positive expressions: Free Thinking, Intuitive, Inspired 
Negative expressions: Reckless, Unstable, Isolated 

Neptune - Psychic Self

Positive expressions: Receptive, Creative, Imaginative 
Negative expressions: Escapist, Delusional, Fooling 

Pluto - Sacred Self

Positive expressions: Will, Regeneration, Intuition 
Negative expressions: Relentless, Obscure, Frightening 



sheba: surface of mars, photographed by mars express, 17th march 2007.

details of terra sabaea, north west of the hellas basin; between 23 and 33°s around 50°e. the image at centre (dark blue) is inside schaeberle crater.

monochrome image coloured with a composite of visible light images; the colour balance is not naturalistic.

image credit: esa. composite: ageofdestruction.

Karmic Meanings of Retrograde Planets in the Natal Chart

I found this on and I just wanted to share it with you because it is great information

When a  planet is retrograde, its energies are turned inward and becomes more  subjective. The energy is slower  manifesting in the external world, partly because the individual with  retrograde planets tends to think more deeply about the energies involved.  Many geniuses and leaders have retrograde   planets.

         According to Martin Schulman, in his Karmic  Astrology:  Retrogrades &  Reincarnation, Vol. II, retrograde planets tend to break the time  barrier.  The individual brings memories  of prior lifetimes into the present incarnation.  There  may be feelings of a “blending of lifetimes” characterized by the person  attempting to resolve issues that still appear to be unfinished.  The memories can be so vivid that the person   does not recognize them as “memories.” In Schulman’s words:  “He is living in a dulled phase of another  time zone whose irresistible magnetism seems even more important than his  current life.”  The individual keeps  re-living the experiences that relate to the particular retrograde planet.  

        Retrogrades operate through multiple  dimensions at the same time.   Thus, the  person may “be either behind or ahead of himself in this life while still  another part of self is not yet in this life at all.  In addition to this lack of synchronization  with chronological time, which in itself would be enough to upset most  individuals, he also experiences on still another plane, a rather unique  orientation in space.”  (Schulman)

         Schulman’s definition of a “Retrograde individual” refers to  having either:  1) 3 or more retrogrades  in the natal chart, 2) any one of the personal planets Retrograde, or 3) even  one single Retrograde planet near the Ascendant or Midheaven (the 10th house cusp is called the Midheaven).

        Again quoting Schulman:  “The Retrograde planet, with its powerful   karmic lessons being brought forward in this life tends to emphasize the matter  or form side of life, throwing man into the more primitive parts of himself  where his struggle for survival amidst the conditions and people around him  becomes predominant over the fulfillment of his Soul.  This becomes even more heightened in the case  of the inner [personal] Retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) through which  man deals with the very same intimate, personal, and private parts of himself  which he has been struggling with since his beginning in time.”  

         It  is comforting and encouraging to know “that soul and spirit are above the laws  of karma” and all difficulties can be resolved.   Much spiritual growth can take place through the overcoming of the   difficulties involved with Retrograde planets.


The SUN and MOON  do not go retrograde.

MERCURY RETROGRADE – turns the mind inward, giving a  tendency to repeatedly go back over prior events and lessons.  The thought process is based in the   subconscious rather than the conscious mind.   This means the learning process  is more Right Brain than Left Brain; you absorb the essence rather than the  details.  For this reason, you are likely  to score lower on standardized and/or facts-oriented tests than those students  not having MERCURY RETROGRADE.  

         PARENTS,  BE ALERT – The child with MERCURY RETROGRADE is likely to be made to feel  and told that he/she is less intelligent than he/she really is.  This  child’s learning process is different, not less intelligent.

        The MERCURY RETROGRADE individual is  capable of tapping into the collective unconscious and of perceiving knowledge  from prior times.   This process is  unconscious.  Because you know more than  you can consciously communicate, frustration may set in.  You may become preoccupied with the form of  your ideas, creating barriers to the essence of your knowledge.

         Creative  outlets that require non-verbal communication, such as music and painting, are  an excellent means of expression for MERCURY RETROGRADE.  Many of our musical geniuses have MERCURY  RETROGRADE.  History is also a natural  outlet.

         MERCURY  RETROGRADE KARMA:  Relationships – with a tendency to  react to others “as if” they symbolize persons from the past.

VENUS RETROGRADE – indicates difficulty in  expressing freely your love and affection for others.  You may feel that you lack emotional  fulfillment and tend to interpret life’s events through the lens of “how much  am I loved or deprived of love?”   Emotionally based relationships can be difficult because you tend to  internalize and thereby exaggerate hurts.

         VENUS  RETROGRADE KARMA:  Relationships – reveals that your soul  carries memories of past life painful relationships and a great  misunderstanding about the nature of love.   The prior life intense emotional pain may result in a present tendency   to cut yourself off from fully experiencing the richness of love—out of fear of  being hurt once more.  You will tend to  react to the present as if it is the past, thereby pre-programming your present  love relationships.  You tend to block yourself  from happiness by trying too hard to achieve it.

         PARENTS:  Encourage your VENUS RETROGRADE child to engage in all activities that add beauty,  art, and love to his/her daily life.  VENUS  is the planet of beauty; teach your child to think and create in terms that  focus on enhancing life’s situations.   Loving an animal may be helpful; just make sure the child is also   learning to love people freely and within the present context.

MARS RETROGRADE – shifts the outward thrust of energy  characteristic of MARS and directs it inward.   You will tend to expend a lot of energy reliving internally your past  experiences.  Because you are constantly  to the past, you may inflict past life roles upon the persons in your present   life’s environment.  There is a strong tendency to place priority upon  fulfilling your spiritual desires, resulting in neglect of the physical body’s  needs.   An intentional focus on holistic  growth is needed.  Sexual experiences  can be less fulfilling because your energy is turned inward.  However, sex that is deeply rooted in love   between two partners and that strives for a mutual spiritual orgasm can be a  much more natural expression for MARS RETROGRADE.  

         MARS  RETROGRADE KARMA – indicates your actions  tend to be an effort to recreate situations from your prior lifetimes. You may expend energy in attempting to find people  in the present who can symbolize those who fulfilled you in the past.  You may try to act out all that you could not  express in prior lifetimes.  You may   over-react when your efforts fail to produce your desired results.  This over-reaction can result in “coming on”  too strongly, only to have people pull back.


Rules the Eternal  Self, the Planet of Wisdom

Jupiter is a source of enthusiasm, optimism, and the urge to seize the  opportunities offered to you in life.

JUPITER RETROGRADE turns its energy of expansion  inward, so that much inner growth takes place, often through spiritually  oriented studies.  JUPITER RETROGRADE tends to procrastinate and to plan, then  re-plan, to the point of failing to get anywhere with the thoroughly planned  project.  JUPITER RETROGRADE offers the opportunity for a highly spiritual  incarnation. You must seek your own Truth; for, the mundane and status quo is  likely to leave you feeling discontent.    You are a free-spirit and  cannot follow happily in the footsteps of others.  Great wisdom and prophetic ability can be  present, especially as you attain spiritual maturity.  JUPITER RETROGRADE can bring many déjà-vu   experiences; you can feel at home anywhere on the planet. 


The planet of self-discipline,  SATURN’s goal for you is perfection.

SATURN helps us  bear our karma and successfully pass our tests.  Until we willingly accept  self-discipline, we experience SATURN as feelings of limitation, deprivation,  delay, and disappointment.  SATURN’s  true desire is to grant us wisdom and compassion.

SATURN RETROGRADE is your signal that you are re-doing a lifetime.  This incarnation is your 2nd chance; thus, you will feel the burden of dealing with two lifetimes at  once.  You can, therefore, experience  inner doubts about your self-worth and your ability to overcome  difficulties.  The good news is that your  soul knows you have achieved the spiritual maturity required to re-do  successfully a lifetime.  You have in  prior lifetimes advanced through great personal struggles and sacrifices.  Now, as you learn to flow with SATURN’s  discipline, you will be rewarded with enormous wisdom.  SATURN is comfortable in RETROGRADE motion, and  as you flow with it, you develop the capacity to tap into all of your past life  wisdom and talents.  SATURN RETROGRADE is a sign of an old Soul who has advanced far on the  spiritual path.  Now, you have incarnated to perfect what you have learned. 

         SATURN  RETROGRADE KARMAthe re-doing of a  lifetime, with the extra weight that entails.  SATURN RETROGRADE will be serious about  getting it right this time.


URANUS RETROGRADE – creates difficulty in being  aware of and expressing your inner individuality.   There can be a rediscovery of ideas from  previous lifetimes.  URANUS RETROGRADE  gives you a compelling sense of responsibility toward personal growth because  you sense that human progress as a whole is enhanced as well.  You  are a forerunner of the future, very tapped into the richness of life.  You must be original; you must explore the  new; you must share your ideas with others.   You are a free spirit and  cannot be bound by seeking to have others understand what you are about.  Your path may be long and crooked, but you  can know extreme happiness while traveling it.

         URANUS  RETROGRADE KARMA – relates to karmic  family and societal difficulties. In  your efforts to both relate to others and to reform, your unconscious mind can  be transformed.  URANUS RETROGRADE can  play havoc with relationships because of your changeability, which can make you   appear hypocritical.  Your mental and  emotional bodies may struggle with each other, as you know you need to do one  thing while feeling that you need to do another.  URANUS RETROGRADE would have you lift your  consciousness above the emotional/mental bodies and focus on the intuitive  body.

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE – gives the desire to unveil mysteries and to expose religious shams.   You will have an intuitive awareness of  your subconscious mind, but may have difficulty making conscious  attunement.  NEPTUNE RETROGRADE attunes  much easier to the subconscious/unconscious when the focus is diverted by the  use of a tool, such as astrology, or while the conscious mind is occupied with  the task at hand.  It is, therefore, important to listen to and heed insights  that appear to come to you from “out of the blue.”

         NEPTUNE  RETROGRADE indicates the urge to view the material world in terms of its  significance to the Soul and its growth.   Thus, NEPTUNE RETROGRADE offers you the opportunity to achieve a very  advanced stage of spiritual evolution during this incarnation.  NEPTUNE RETROGRADE requires that you live in   the material world while remaining separate from it.  To  others, you will seem to lack the common sense that motivates the behavior of  others.  Instead, you vibrate to a  higher music, possessing a direct attunement with your Soul.  You are much more in touch with the cosmos  than the material world and know far more than you can express in words.

         NEPTUNE  RETROGRADE KARMA – You are living through a karma of learning how to distinguish between the dreams that will  bring true fulfillment and those that simply appear to do so.  This learning process can mean that you  attempt living one dream after the other.   Because NEPTUNE RETROGRADE, functioning on the personality-centered  level, can be confusing, you may tend not to trust your intuition—even though  you are highly intuitive

PLUTO RETROGRADEturns its transformative energy even more deeply into the   superconsciousness, bringing about an inner illumination long before you are  able to give it expression in the outer world.  PLUTO RETROGRADE indicates a carry-over of psychic powers from  previous lifetimes. These powers are  to be used in constructive ways only.   You will feel the struggle humanity is going through within yourself—humanity’s struggle is your struggle. You are aware of and feel responsible for  lifting your conscious awareness so that the consciousness of humanity can be  thereby lifted.

         PLUTO  RETROGRADE KARMA – A karmic debt is  owned to humanity stemming from the age indicated by the sign in which PLUTO is  located.  This debt is to be paid  through selfless service to humanity.  Tremendous spiritual growth is possible;  you have the opportunity to rise above the karma of the human race and step off  the wheel of rebirth.  PLUTO RETROGRADE  joins NEPTUNE RETROGRADE in asking that you live in the world, while remaining   separate from it.

I did not write this but you can message me if you have any questions :)

Astrology and Hogwarts Houses (Just for Fun!)

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

According to J.K. Rowling, the Houses and elements correspond as such:
Fire: Gryffindor
Earth: Hufflepuff
Air: Ravenclaw
Water: Slytherin

Basically, what you do is you figure out which sign is in each placement. For instance, I am a Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Gryffindor’s corresponding element is Fire. This means, based on the question, that I AM a Gryffindor. My Rising is Aquarius, an Air sign, which corresponds to Ravenclaw – i.e. I look like a Ravenclaw.

Just for fun! How true did it turn out to be?

I AM (Sun) a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I FEEL (Moon) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I TALK (Mercury) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I LOVE (Venus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I EXPRESS (Mars) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I GROW (Jupiter) like a Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
I FEAR (Saturn) like a Slytherin (Pisces)
I CHANGE (Uranus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I DREAM (Neptune) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I TRANSFORM (Pluto) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I LOOK (Rising) like a Ravenclaw (Aquarius)
I ACHIEVE (Midheaven) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)

I approach FINANCES (House II Sign) like a Gryffindor (Aries)
I approach COMMUNICATION (House III Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Taurus)
I approach HOME LIFE (House IV Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Gemini)
I approach CREATIVITY (House V Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach HEALTH (House VI Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach RELATIONSHIPS (House VII Sign) like a Gryffindor (Leo)
I approach UNCERTAINTY (House VIII Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Libra)
I approach TRAVEL (House IV Sign) like a Slytherin (Scorpio)
I approach FRIENDSHIPS (House XI Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I approach COMPLETION (House XII Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)

aries, masculine expression of mars - daylight, charges recklessly into the world
scorpio, feminine expression of mars - undertakes battles internally, waging self destructive wars, nocturnal 

taurus, feminine expression of venus - self satisfies, personal pleasures 
libra, masculine expression of venus - relationship oriented, shared experience

gemini, masculine expression of mercury - quantity of mind 
virgo, feminine expression of mercury - quality of mind

sagittarius, masculine expression of jupiter - searches for the spiritual temple 
pisces, feminine expression of jupiter - becomes the spiritual temple 

capricorn, feminine expression of saturn - emotion, sadness, nocturnal, personal responsibilities  
aquarius, masculine expression of saturn - flexible, social responsibilities


Mercury + Mars

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Sagittarius Mercury+ Aries Mars: Extroverted given mind to other planets, short-tempered, easily moves on, rushes ahead, is a flaming sword.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Taurus Mars: Stubborn and short-fused! A tough combo, lively and reliable in approach, and has an adventurous mentality.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Gemini Mars: Doesn’t care what you think, they will tell you what’s on their mind. Pushy yet easygoing. Smart and quick.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Cancer Mars: Open-minded yet still chained by emotional biases, friendly but easily annoyed, corrects others *gently*.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Leo Mars: Generous and cheerful energy but easily gets disappointed or frustrated.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Virgo Mars: A very critical and blunt person but also on a mission for truth and giving in these areas of life.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Libra Mars: Blunt vs. tact internal conflict, peaceful energies are fed into hopeful, positive communication.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Scorpio Mars: Intensity expressed in scattered burst, deals with other’s problems so they don’t have to deal with theirs.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Sagittarius Mars: A wildcard, competitive energy + some arrogance in their short-temper, but ultimately is warm, honest, and carefree in communication. 

Sagittarius Mercury+ Capricorn Mars: Serious ideas are expressed in a more relaxed way, tries to not let the small stuff get to them.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Aquarius Mars: First to start a protest or rebellion, wants a cause to fight for, open-minded and unusual in areas of intimacy, conflict, communication, and decisions.

Sagittarius Mercury+ Pisces Mars: Soft energy feeding into a wild and zealous mental activity. Fights get messy, communication is surprising.

Depending on what Houses these planets are in could make a big difference, keep that in mind.

It Will be Fine (Langst ask Part 2)

-The one where Lance ignores his injury to help Shiro!

Hunk picks up Lance bridal style and kicks the door with his foot to get it to open. Allura and Coran are already in the med bay, prepping another pod. Hunk curses as Lance shifts uncomfortably in his arms, his face is twisted with pain.

“Hey buddy, don’t worry, you’re going to be fine.” Hunk really wishes that he was telling the truth. Lance is burning up, and he doesn’t know how easily this can be fixed.

Hunk begins to run through the halls, wincing every time Lance whimpers in pain. His arms are straining under the weight of his friend. Adrenaline courses through his body, mingling with concern and panic. He speeds up drastically as the door to the medical wing comes into view.

Coran meets Hunk at the door and grabs Lance from his arms. Allura is waiting at the examination table with a suit ready.

“Hunk,” Coran's face is focused as he strips Lance of his clothes, “Did Lance mention anything about being injured last night?”

Hunk walks up to the table to help, his face is the picture of confusion. “No, I don’t think so?”

“Then where in the world did he get this?” Coran pulls off the last of the clothes and gently lifts up one of Lance’s arms. Hunk leans in for a better look and gasps in horror.

Lance’s entire arm is swollen and purple. A large, jagged cut runs the length of it, oozing pus and blood. The entire wound is partially crusted over. It smells rancid. Hunk has to step back before he pukes.

He grabs Lance’s legs and begins to help Allura put him into the cry-suit. “I have no idea how he got this! Though, he was late back to the hangar last night. He might have taken so long to get back because he was having trouble flying.”

Allura starts to zip the back of the suit, her eyes are filled with concern. “But why would he not ask for help? We were all in the med bay last night anyw- oh.”

Hunk raises his eyes to look at her, her face is marred by and anguished expression. “What? Why wouldn’t he ask for help?”

“It’s because of Shiro. We were all so focused on Shiro, and everyone was so exhausted. Lance probably wrote his injury off as unimportant next to Shiro’s.”

They both look down at Lance with matching looks of concern.

Coran steps between them and reaches down to lift Lance into the pod. “Now isn’t the time to talk about this. We shall have to wait until Lance is out of the pod.”

Hunk notes a slight tug of Coran’s lip as he shuts the pod. “Coran,” his voice is hesitant as he asks, “How long will Lance be in the pod?”

Coran looks at Hunk with a mixture of pity and concern. “I’m not sure. Lance could have contracted a serious virus from the wound. Due to his late treatment, there could also be damage to his internal organs and brain. Lance could be in the pod for a day. He could be in there for a month.”

Hunk stumbles onto one of the nearby stools.

“Oh Lance…”

-Hey! I really hope you liked it! Please let me know what you think, and if you want a part 3! :) 

Bruises - Part 1

Draco x Reader

Word count: 801

Request: @candy-scott-sweety 

Hi ! Can I please ask a request where Draco had a crush on a reader who didn’t even notice. Because she has an abusive relationship with her parents. They are terrible, she don’t trust anyone and feels so lonely. One night, Draco follows her to the edge of a lake and catch her crying. Then he decides to react. I guess i just need fluff and comfort. 

ages about fifth or sixth year!

Warnings: abusive parents, sad reader.

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Like always, you felt sad, but today, something made it worse. You were woken up at your house in London to find that your father standing at your door. He looked rough: he had a cigarette in on hand and a bottle of alcohol in another. He shot the bud of the cigarette on your floor, stamping on it, leaving a mucky grey residue. It was only 9:00am and yet he was found with his bad habits yet again. You began to wonder if you would ever get your father back. 

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scorpio expresses the feminine qualities of mars, scorpio is the introverted, internalized, dewy, damp expression of mars, as opposed to aries who projects this. the fire in scorpio belongs to mars. this is why people who don’t know very much about astrology immediately assume scorpio to be a fire sign - because we’ve all felt that heat

apsis: mars, photographed by mars express, 11th june 2014.

around albor tholus. i think the image swaths narrow in the middle because the camera scans the surface of the planet continuously as it moves around the planet in an elliptical orbit, and was furthest away in the middle of the image time.

5 images in sequence, colourized with 3 visible light images.

image credit: esa. animation: ageofdestruction.

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Hii can you do one where Betty is in denial about her feelings so Veronica and jughead fake date to get her to show her true feelings?

This ones cute! I’m gonna kind of spin it where both Betty and jughead don’t realize the others feelings.

“Are you sure this is such a good idea?” Jughead winced, rubbing the back of his neck as Veronica gripped his free hand with hers, dragging him into pops.

Kevin was walking beside the pair, rolling his eyes.
“Of course it is Jughead, you want Betty to be happy don’t you?” Kevin smirked raising a brow in question.

Jughead lifted his head sharply and nodded
“Obviously I do.” He growled “but do we really think Archie is the guy for her? His track record isn’t that great with Betty. I mean I know you guys say she’s like in love with him or whatever.” He trailed off mumbling, his eyes darkening at the thought before he continued “..but come on, Archie’s my best friend but Betty deserves better, she deserves someone who’s going to be all about her. Someone who notices when she’s not eating because of her anxiety, or when she flicks her fingers because she’s excited, or even when..” Jughead was smiling now, thinking about the beautiful blonde, Veronica cut him off.

“Well Betty told me she was interested in someone, she wouldn’t tell me who, but she mentioned he would never feel the same way so she couldn’t tell him.” Veronica cut a glance over to Kevin who was smirking at Jughead “we can only assume that’s Archie based off of history, so once she sees us as together, ya know an unexpected couple, she’ll be filled with courage and finally tell him. It’s fool proof.” Veronica nodded proudly.

Jughead sighed
“I don’t get how pretending we’re a couple is going to affect her at all, but whatever. If it helps bets I’ll give it a try.”

Veronica smiled, pulling him through the doors.
“That’s the spirit.”

Kevin snorted, immediately spotting the red head and the blonde. He pulled veronica towards him and whispered for only her to hear

“Operation bughead is a go. Carry on soldier.”

Veronica flipped her long black hair and wrapped herself around Jughead as he stiffened, Veronica knew this was uncomfortable for him, he only ever let Betty get that close. She felt bad for half a second before she noticed the way her beautiful best friend was staring at them from the booth in the corner.

Oh this was gonna be fun.

Veronica practically squealed.

“Betty! Archiekins! We had no idea you were going to be here! We just wanted to stop by for a milkshake, Jughead just took me on the absolute best date. Right Juggiekins?” She put on her very best puppy dog eyes staring at the dark haired boy.

He just shrugged and nodded
“Yeah, it was great.”

The boy needed to take some acting lessons, she rolled her eyes sliding in across from the pair sitting practically on top of Jughead.

Archie seemed to be choking on his fries as he asked
“You two are dating? Like together? Together together?”

Veronica nodded happily
“It’s new, but yes. We’re a couple.”

Betty seemed close to tears, as she smiled shakily at the pair
“Congratulations you guys.”

Jughead eyed the way her fingernails dug into her palms, ducking his head to meet her eyes he frowned, Betty responded by pulling her sleeves over her hands and smiling sadly.

Woah, she was hiding from him. She never hid from him. What was going on?

Veronica felt awful, her heart hurting at causing her best friend pain, but it had to be done or nothing would change.

“Anyway” she continued “what are you two up too?”

Archie looked pissed and just shrugged his shoulder, nodding at the paper in front of them
“Homework” he grumbled, getting up he began walking over to the counter. “I’m getting a soda, Anyone want anything?”

Betty shook her head, going back to her own work. Veronica nodded

“I’ll take a cherry coke, and jughead he’ll have what he always has, a burger and a Pepsi.” She rolled her eyes

“A coke. ” Betty whispered from her side of the booth. Archie looked over to her and raised a brow “what?”

She looked up locking eyes on Veronica
“He likes coke, he hates Pepsi. It tastes flat, and don’t forget he doesn’t like ketchup, pops always puts it on the burgers, you have to clarify. You’re his girlfriend shouldn’t you know that?” Betty bit out, resting her pen on the table and pushing her shoulders back.

Veronica raised a brow, laying her hands flat on the table and smiling, here we go.
“I know plenty about Jughead, Betty. He’s my boyfriend.”

Betty tightened her pony tail

“Oh yeah? Well do you know he hates to sit on the outside of the booth? Kind of like your forcing him too right now. Or how about the fact that he never once has eaten a piece of broccoli. Do you help sew his beanie back together when it gets holes? Since you’re his girlfriend you obviously pack an extra sandwich for lunch because you know how hungry he gets. Did you know that he’s probably the best person in this entire world?” Her lips were trembling and she stood abruptly “Im sorry, I have to go. Excuse me.” She bolted out of the booth, wrapping her arms around herself as she sprinted out the door.

“Betty!” Veronica called.

Jughead was out of the booth in seconds flat, following the blonde quickly. His phone long forgotten.

He caught up to the gorgeous, crying blonde about half way down Main Street.

“Betty!” He called nearly bumping into her, grabbing her wrist with his hand and spinning her around, taking in her watery eyes and red nose he felt his heart ache.

“What’s the matter bets? What happened?” He whispered

She looked into his eyes with a shaky breath
“I’m happy for you Juggie. I’m happy you’re happy. I just… I don’t know. I can’t… what does she have that I don’t?” She knew she sounded pathetic but she was too far gone.

He looked absolutely confused.
“What? Who? Veronica? Betty I…”

She cut him off
“I know I’m damaged, and I know I’m just a whole bunch of baggage but I can be good for you. I know you Jughead, more than she does, and okay I’m not as stunning or exotic as she is, but maybe if I wore tighter..”

It was his turn to cut her off , pressing his lips to hers and flexing his fingers on her waist.

Perfect. Jughead hated that word, but this moment with her lips on his, her hands pressed into his chest, her soft honey blonde hair tickling his cheeks, it was perfect.

Pulling away to smile at the dazed girl next door, he tucked her hands in his and nuzzled his nose into hers.

“Veronica and me were pretending, she wanted you to see that anything could happen so you would gain enough courage to ask Archie out.”

She pulled away a confused expression marring her face
“Archie? Why would I want Archie. That’s history.”

He tugged her back into him

“I don’t want Veronica, I don’t want anyone. I want you. I want you and now that I have you, I’m not giving you up. You’re everything to me.”

She smiled waterey eyed, as she pressed a soft kiss on his lips

“I’m not losing you either Jughead.”

He smiled, intertwining their fingers as they walked back to pops

“Come on l, I think we owe Veronica a milkshake.”

A Split Personality - Unaspected Planets 

It is said that only an evolved soul can wield the potency of an unaspected planet. Aspects in the natal chart allow for either a release valve (harmonic aspects) for the planet’s energies, or a tense exchange or conflict between energies (hard aspects). When planets aspect each other, their forces combine, flow and or fight with each other for better or for worse. Planets that make no aspect sit by themselves - alone, untouched, bare, raw. Because there is no relief for the sign and planet’s energies, it radiates the purest, most powerful expression humanly available. Unaspected planets can symbolise great success in a natal chart. 

The way these unaspected planets express themselves can be unpredictable and uncontrollable. Remember that each of the planets represent positions of consciousness we take during certain moments of life to appropriately respond to the situation. For example, when we are threatened, we take on the position of Mars (defence) in the birth chart and activate its signs expression. Mars in Leo for instance may become overly dramatic (Leo) during disagreement (Mars). 

Say that Mars is unaspected, like in the chart above. When the person takes on the energies of Mars (rage, aggression, combat) the state of consciousness literally jumps into a completely different and solitary position. There is nothing connecting this state of consciousness to anything else. This may be a person who commits terrifying acts of rage that seem completely out of character, and even experience some degree of amnesia. 


Your Sexuality Is Expressed...
  • Mars in Aries/1st: Openly, ardently and assertively
  • Mars in Taurus/2nd: Slowly, sensually and materialistically
  • Mars in Gemini/3rd: Verbally, intellectually, charmingly
  • Mars in Cancer/4th: Emotionally, maternally, submissively
  • Mars in Leo/5th: Forwardly, ostentatiously, playfully
  • Mars in Virgo/6th: Seductively, innocently, meticulously
  • Mars in Libra/7th: Compliantly, romantically, captivatingly
  • Mars in Scorpio/8th: Intensely, profoundly, sexually
  • Mars in Sagittarius/9th: Expansively, knowingly, rowdily
  • Mars in Capricorn/10th: Publicly, importantly, temptingly
  • Mars in Aquarius/11th: Unconventionally, uniquely, erratically
  • Mars in Pisces/12th: Subconsciously, passively, unknowingly
  • Aries/Mars in the 8th: With drive, with enterprise, with intensity
  • Taurus/Venus in the 8th: With aphrodisiacs, with intimacy, with physicality
  • Gemini/Mercury in the 8th: With communication, with wit, with curiosity
  • Cancer/Moon in the 8th: With nurture, with emotional connections, with inconsistency
  • Leo/Sun in the 8th: With warmth, with flamboyancy, with temptation
  • Virgo/Mercury in the 8th: With caution, with modesty, with precision
  • Libra/Venus in the 8th: With romanticism, with flirtation, with beauty
  • Scorpio/Pluto in the 8th: With allure, with passion, with entice
  • Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 8th: With idealism, with integrity, with benevolency
  • Capricorn/Saturn in the 8th: With inhibition, with hesitation/resistance, with importance
  • Aquarius/Uranus in the 8th: With originality, with divergency, with distinction
  • Pisces/Neptune in the 8th: With naivety, with deep connections, with sacrifice
  • *If you have a sign that is ruled by more than one planet (ex: Aquarius in the 8th [Ruled by Saturn and Uranus] then check both.