I found a COOL CAMEO in "Wander Over Yonder"!!

Have any of you guys seen the Intro To the New Disney Channel Series, “Wander Over Yonder”? 

Well, I found a “Blink n’ Miss” Cameo for a character in the Intro that a Disney Fan would recognize!

See this guy in the intro?

It turns out that THIS GUY was actually featured in another Disney animation show:  “Mars and Beyond” which was a documentary about Aliens and Outer Space that aired in 1957!!

Don’t believe me?  Here he is:

This little guy was featured in a part of the documentary that speculated what an alien from Mars in a novel by H.G. Wells would look like. 

It’s great that Disney is making these subtle nods to their previous work, to show that they’re not forgotten. ^_^  Way to go Disney!  Way to go Craig McCraken.  Keep up the good work!



Mars And Beyond, 1957.