Lost Light 3 - Whirl and Friends

- Whirl’s ongoing character growth continues to be one of my favorite things about this book. Back when Whirl was first introduced I couldn’t have even made a post called “Whirl and Friends” without it being sarcastic, because he didn’t have any friends besides a collection of scavenged corpses. That’s changed.

In this issue, Whirl cares about his own life, and he cares about the lives of those around him.

He isn’t afraid to show weakness. He admits to Swerve that he lied, and that he’s not as “unvincible” as he claims to be. He’s willing to ask both Cyclonus and Tailgate for help, and without even trying to disguise that fact or hide it behind some kind of bluster, something that I think would’ve been entirely out of the question for him earlier in the series. 

Whirl even regrets pushing the button, and says so. That’s a lot, coming from him.

- It seems like after Whirl contacted Cyclonus through such desperate means in order to save Tailgate’s life, Cyclonus gave him his number. That’s really something, coming from Cyclonus!

And Cyclonus comes rushing to help Whirl despite whatever else happened, and despite the shape he’s in. And where’s Tailgate? What the heck happened in between LL issue 2 and now? 

- Killmaster’s wand worked on Swerve and Ten for some reason, but where did they go? I really doubt that they’re dead or gone forever… Maybe the wand isn’t working properly for the same reason that the geobomb didn’t?


Aqours x Muse Valentines Icons! (P.2)

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