mars will never put up with this


✞-taking long walks with no words shared between them

✞- watching movies together and making dumb comments about the cinematography

✞-trying to learn to code and hack but never getting past HTML and CSS bc sadness

✞-getting takeout a lot because you’re both lazy and paranoid

✞-your relationship being based on happiness and not physical attributes

✞-hanging out with darlene for six months before putting the puzzle together

✞-“but, he’s so- and you’re so-” “i know doll. i’m just as confused as you.”

✞-washing his hoodie because he never fucking does

✞-being supportive when you learn of his addiction and trying to help him quit

✞-going on dumb mainstream dates in ny

✞-only attending the cinema to make fun of it

✞-laying in bed together while blasting mars argo

✞-trying your best to comfort him when he’s crying

✞-him saying cynical jokes that make you crack up for the rest of the night

✞-“what’s the difference between a dead hooker and a corvette?” “uh, i don’t know?” “i don’t have a corvette in my garage”

✞-talking about weird subway stories together

✞-getting confused whenever he tries to have sex with you because it’s always spontaneous

✞-getting in fights over bullshit that you both don’t care about

✞-cuddling together when it’s raining

✞-talking smack about mr robot when you learn about him

✞-“who the fuck hacks on sundays? what a loser, and besides, even if you did, there’d be no point because dead guy over there probably would fuck it up later on while jerking off to the newest apple product.”

✞-elliot taping all of your electronics which makes you confused as fuck

✞-buying each other funny gifts to express your love

✞-being a power couple though

Thoughts on Mars in Virgo

I have often come across descriptions of this placement bordering on the asexual side of things, at worst, either/or not being very sexual itself. Truth be told, mars in virgo loathes direct confrontation, as its battles are carried on the intellectual plane. Its aggression shows through carefully placed words, as opposed to an open battlefield. Yes, they are complainers, but for all the good reasons. This is the one mars sign who cannot stand idiocy and ignorance. Its desire to make this world right will not put up with people who are not even interested in a certain cause.

Sexually speaking, I would say that this placement is most likely to hide taboo fantasies. They make the perfect slaves. Their fetishes run so deep that once you meet them on the same emotional level (we’re talking virgo so you need to impress their check list), you’ll never hit bottom. Not an easy prey, but sure as hell proves to be worthwhile. 



The sign on the cusp of the twelfth house shows the parts of yourself that you are scared of expressing, your deepest fears, what parts of you you have never been conscious of – essentially, what you hide from the eyes of others. Planets in the twelfth house affect this too.


People with Aries on the cusp of the twelfth house or Mars in the twelfth house are scared of putting themselves first, moving forward too quickly, and making unconsidered decisions. They fear being overly self-focussed, confident, and / or carefree. They sometimes have difficulties finding their ‘voice’ or discovering who they really are and want to be.


People with Taurus on the cusp of the twelfth house or Venus in the twelfth house are scared of getting trapped in things that don’t matter, holing up inside themselves, and always playing it safe. They fear being overly mundane, private, and / or held back. They sometimes have difficulties knowing when to stay with what they know and identifying true happiness and contentment.


People with Gemini on the cusp of the twelfth house or Mercury in the twelfth house are scared of talking the talk but never walking the walk, not appreciating emotions, and looking at the surface instead of investigating deeper. They fear being overly deceitful, intellectual, and / or superficial. They sometimes have difficulties looking at smaller details and including others in their thoughts and ideas.

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People with Cancer on the cusp of the twelfth house or the Moon in the twelfth house are scared of putting emotional commitments before practical ones, never having fun, and getting caught up in feelings. They fear being overly familial, timid, and / or emotional. They sometimes have difficulties empathising with others and successfully nurturing and protecting their inner selves.


People with Leo on the cusp of the twelfth house or the Sun in the twelfth house are scared of focussing on themselves too much, rejecting authority, and being too carefree. They fear being overly arrogant, rebellious, and / or egotistic. They sometimes have difficulties letting go and allowing themselves to have fun, or taking things less seriously than normal.


People with Virgo on the cusp of the twelfth house or Mercury in the twelfth house are scared of never appreciating the imagination, being too introverted, and being too much of a worrier. They fear being overly mundane, quiet, and / or pedantic. They sometimes have difficulties restricting themselves to a routine and allowing themselves to have quiet times, and appreciate practicalities.


People with Libra on the cusp of the twelfth house or Venus in the twelfth house are scared of putting others before themselves too often, never going to their emotions in-depth, and forgetting who they really are. They fear being overly passive, superficial, and / or allacentric. They sometimes have difficulties restraining themselves and keeping parts of themselves down.

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People with Scorpio on the cusp of the twelfth house or Pluto in the twelfth house are scared of losing practical pleasure, taking everything too seriously, and not looking at detail. They fear being overly deep, reactive, and / or philosophical. They sometimes have difficulties looking deep within themselves to who they really are and looking at the bigger picture of the world.


People with Sagittarius on the cusp of the twelfth house or Jupiter in the twelfth house are scared of acting without thinking, never being serious, and running away from what is safe and good. They fear being overly reckless, ridiculous, and / or thoughtless. They sometimes have difficulties with truly letting go and having fun, running through the world without fear of loss or consequence.


People with Capricorn on the cusp of the twelfth house or Saturn in the twelfth house are scared of never appreciating the power of their emotions, doing what the world tells them to do, and being too serious. They fear being overly serious, obedient, and / or humourless. They sometimes have difficulties with applying focus and diligence, working hard and playing by the rules when it’s necessary.


People with Aquarius on the cusp of the twelfth house or Uranus in the twelfth house are scared of focussing on other people instead of themselves, being too ‘different’, and opening up to the judgement of other people. They fear being overly allacentric, weird, and / or disliked. They sometimes have difficulties with opening up and truly expressing themselves in their own way.

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People with Pisces on the cusp of the twelfth house or Neptune in the twelfth house are scared of never expressing their own opinion, hiding in their imagination, and not appreciating practicality when it is necessary to. They fear being overly quiet, sensitive, and / or dreamy. They sometimes have difficulties with appreciating the power of imagination and regeneration when they need to.

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1. Sarah - Alex Cuba
2. My Shot (Rise Up Remix) - Busta Rhymes, the Roots, Nate Ruess, Joell Ortiz
3. Cameo Lover - Kimbra
4. Shame on you - Kimie
5. When it’s over - Sugar Ray
6. oui - Jeremih
7. That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars
8. Never Gonna Leave You - Us the Duo
9. Still Not A Player - Big Pun, Joe
10. Kangaroo Court - Capital Cities

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thefashionwannabe  asked:

Saeran is my baby if he had a route I would do it in a heartbeat so I just need to KNOW how my baby is in bed with a skinny and a bit delicate MC that has small boobs I'm fucking weird I KNOW 😜👍 good luck

Heyyy I felt very obliged to do this. Basically the MC is me so this is kool to me. Smol size and boobs describe me. And embrace your weirdness

TBH who, in the right mind, wouldn’t do Saerans route?? Cutie needs some love

Puting MC as a gender neural!

I put it under the cut for some slight NSFW ^^;

*Admin Mar*

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1. Gloria Gaynor - Never can say goodbye.

2. Bruno Mars - Marry you.

3. James Blunt - Stay the night.

4. Avicii - Hey brother.

5. Imagine Dragons - Demons.

6. Capital Cities - Safe and sound.

7. Selena Gomez - Slow down.

8. Years & years - King.

9. Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud.

10. Kiesza - Hadeaway.

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Let poetry endure the pain,
Let stars follow the dreams,
Let’s forget we were once sane,
Let’s pick up fights to rejuvenate our old steams,
Let’s disperse together in dust,
Let’s love other people,
Let’s give up power and lust,
Let’s put our fears on the table,
Let’s make songs about lost love,
Let’s host parties of people we’ve never clashed,
Let’s hold our heads up and above,
Let’s clutch into the pieces that memories have smashed,
Let’s be the poetry and the stars,
Let’s dream of the sky and mars.


So this blog is almost a year old now and I never expected it to take up as much of my life as it does. I’m really honored that anyone would be interested in the starry-eyed musings I put up here.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the world we share together and writing about it here as the adventure continues.

Coming up is the ongoing journey to Ceres, a dwarf planet where it’s now thought there could be liquid water, the New Horizons mission to Pluto and of course, the ongoing battle to float a manned mission to Mars. I’ll almost certainly be bringing that fight from the Planetary Society back to this blog in a few months.

Again, thanks to everyone who’s let this random blog turn them into lunartics. It means a lot! 😊

I think the thing that bugs me about that Asseylum/Slaine scene…is that to her it’s just so easy for her to call peace and order Slaine to stop this war, and keep Mars and Earth as they were before war broke out because she’s always been privileged????? Like, she has no idea what Lemrina or commoners like Harklight, and even Slaine (her closest friend????) have been put through simply because of this royal aldnoah system.

It’s so easy to cry “peace” and want to keep things in your planet the same, when you’re living the life of a royal, and aren’t being treated like less of a person because you were born out of wedlock, not a royal, or simply a Terran. Her people were suffering but did she ever see it?

Arrow Fic: Love is Red 4/?

Love is Red 4/?
Author: dettiot
Rating: T for now
Summary: Actors Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have known each other for years.  They’ve never been more than acquaintances.  Yet when they are cast opposite each other in an unusual romantic drama about astronauts on the first mission to Mars, the sparks of attraction might just flare up into a bright red fire.  
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support this story!  I love reading your comments about Oliver and Felicity.  :-)



Felicity did her best to hold in the sigh as Digg put a halt to the scene when it had barely begun.  They were shooting the scenes of the astronaut selection process, a moment she had looked forward to when she had read the script.

When she had been in middle school, she had qualified for admission to Space Camp.  But with only her mother’s cocktail waitress salary, there was no way Felicity could go.  Something her middle school self had not handled well–in fact, she had been a major brat about it.  So this scene had been a way for Felicity to live out that middle school dream.

But in reality, it wasn’t going very smoothly.  Crowd scenes often were difficult, between the extras and the need for multiple angles, but more than that, something just seemed off today.  Maybe it was because of the set: they were back in the large auditorium from the beginning of the film, and Digg seemed to be having trouble getting the cameras in position for the shots he wanted.  Which meant the cast and the extras had been squeezed into the tight seats for an hour without anything to show for it.

Next to her, Oliver shifted, trying to move his large body away from her another quarter-inch.  Felicity pressed her lips together, until she reminded herself that she would need a lipstick touch-up if she kept doing that, which would mean another delay.

Blowing out a breath, she tried to relax her shoulders.  She looked over at Oliver and gave him a small, hopefully-encouraging smile.  “I guess you’ve had to deal with these kind of long days a lot, yeah?”

He nodded, keeping his eyes forward so she could only see him in profile.  “Yeah,” he answered, his one-word response not exactly effusive.

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