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The Fate of Black Cats

So I found myself reading some soulmate AU’s and I had this idea for one that nobody asked for. Well here it is anyway. For your reading pleasure.

Soulmate AU where whatever they write on their arms, appears on their soulmate’s. What happens when Marinette becomes convinced that her soulmate is gone for good? Part ½ Rating: G+? Idk, it’s kinda angsty

When Marinette was four years old, drawings started appearing on her arms. At first they frightened her, but her mamma assured her that they were only drawings from her soulmate. Whatever he wrote or drew on his arms would appear on hers and vice versa. After that, she always carried around a marker and would tell her soul mate stories on her arms. She drew him flowers, cakes from her parent’s bakery, the funny dog she saw outside her window, anything she could think of to show him. He wrote back in music notes and cats and silly stick figures. She insisted she learn to read and write so that she could really talk to him. Together they practiced their ABC’s and eventually held conversations. They couldn’t tell each other their names on their arms, but that was ok. He was her boy, and she was his girl. Their arms were never without ink for years to come.

When Marinette turned six, she decided she wanted to really talk to her boy. So she asked her mom if she could call him. She looked a little surprised, but said that if his mamma would give him the phone number she would call him for her. It wasn’t long after that, that neat and unfamiliar handwriting appeared on her arm. She showed it to her mamma and she dialed the phone for her and let her have it. When a lady picked up, she cleared her throat and spoke in her most adult voice.

“Hello, I need to talk to my boy.”

“Alright, here he is.” Marinette waited impatiently while the phone was handed off.



They talked for hours. They could finally say whatever they wanted, and it was much faster than writing it down. While they talked they drew each other pictures. It was only the first of many conversations.

They were eight before they told each other their names.

“Marinette is a princess name! It’s pretty and magical just like you!”

“If Marinette is a princess name then you have to be my knight. Knight Adrien.”

“Together we save all of France from an evil sorcerer who enslaves people to make them fight us and try and capture our magic! Knight Adrien and Princess Marinette to the rescue!”

“I think you mean Princess Marinette and Knight Adrien. I, obviously, am the more powerful one.”

“Well duh! You’re not royalty for nothing! I am but your humble sidekick.”

“Nonsense, we’re partners. What’s a princess without her knight?”

“And what’s a knight without his princess?”

“I love you, my princess.”

“I love you too, my knight.”

For years, these daily phone calls were enough for them. They told each other everything. They made up stories of their adventures together. Marinette and Adrien, best friends, storytellers, soulmates.

When they were eleven, Adrien’s mom started getting sick. He wouldn’t tell her much about it, but she knew he was worried. She got worse and worse, until one day Marinette called, and an unfamiliar voice answered the phone.

“I need to talk to my boy.”

“He isn’t here,” the man responded, and hung up.

When she tried calling back no one answered. She tried writing messages on her arms, but he never responded. Marinette grew desperate. She called multiple times a day and covered her arms in flowers and words, anything to try and get him to respond. But he never did. Finally, after a week, whenever she called the number she had long sense memorized, the line was disconnected. She cried for a week and refused to come out of her room. She wrote on her arms hoping for a reply, but none ever came. Finally she wrote just one sentence.

Just tell me if you’re alive.

No reply came, and Marinette promised never to write on her arms again.

The next morning, she came down stairs with her arms scrubbed clean, and for the first time since she was small, there was no trace of ink anywhere.

“Hey, princess, what happened to your drawings?” her papa asked.

“I’m not a princess anymore. I can’t be a princess when my knight is dead.”

Her parents never brought it up again.

Every year on Adrien’s birthday, Marinette broke her promise. She would draw only one thing. It was a black cat cuddling a ladybug, his favorite animal and hers, with the words a Princess and her Knight surrounding it. She never expected a response, and she never got one, but it was her way of remembering the soulmate she never met.

School was harder after that. All her classmates had soulmates who drew them pictures, and eventually some of them met them. She watched her classmates fall in love with their soulmates and send them messages, and ached at the loss of hers. She took to wearing long sleeves, even when it was warm. She never told them what happened to hers. She let them assume what they wanted. Some thought they were fighting. Some thought she was one of the rare few born without one. Chloe was a member of the latter group. It all came to a head when she was fourteen.

“Poor little Marinette. I guess even fate is choosey when it comes doling out soulmates.” Most days, Marinette was good at drowning her out. But that day was his birthday. Her traditional drawing already marred her wrist. “Who would want to be your soulmate? Even if you had one I would bet he would be the scummiest, the most disgusting-“

“He was wonderful!” Marinette screamed. She marched over to Chloe, poking her in the chest. “He was kind, and creative, and funny! He played piano, and he liked cats. He had blonde hair and green eyes, and he loved me!” She could feel tears threatening to overflow as she screamed at Chloe. “And now he’s dead! He died Chloe! I will never meet him!” She could see the horror growing in Chloe’s face, but she had put up with her for too long to stop now. “He died, and now I have to sit here and listen to you disgrace him. I have to listen to you try and sully what few memories I have of him with your lies. I have had enough! Don’t you think I have suffered enough?” At this, Marinette seemed to collapse in on herself. For the first time, she noticed that the entire school was watching. They were dead silent, hanging on her every word. She felt heavy as her tears finally dripped down her cheeks. She looked back up at Chloe, hugging her arms. Chloe was looking on with horror frozen on her face. It would seem even she had a since of decency. Finally, she whispered to Chloe, “Haven’t I suffered enough?” and fled the school. Tears blurred her eyes as she ran. On her way down out, she bumped into a blonde boy she could barely see through her tears.

“Are you ok? Can I-“

“Please don’t touch me.” Marinette choked out and continued on her way out. Once home she locked herself into her room. She refused to come out the rest of the day.

The next day at school, four things happened. First, Chloe avoided her. She wouldn’t look at her or sit near her or talk to her. This suited Marinette just fine.

Second, two new kids were introduced to the class. Marinette was studiously avoiding looking at anyone and was doodling in her sketchbook, so she missed their names. It wasn’t until the girl sat down next to her, that she looked up.

“Hi, I’m Alya, what’s your name?”


“Well, Marinette, we’re going to be best friends.” Marinette could feel a smile tugging at her lips as class began.

Third, Ivan turned into a rock monster. Like literally made of rocks. The crazy new girl went running after him yelling about super heroes, and Marinette ran home.

Fourth, Marinette became Ladybug. When she got home, she found a weird box with earrings inside, and a magic talking bug that turned her into a spandex wearing superhero named Ladybug. It’s safe to say the Marinette’s life was never same.

She gradually grew accustomed to her new role and her partner, Chat Noir. They learned to work together and managed to do a decent job of keeping the city safe. She enjoyed having a purpose, even if her partner was a little ridiculous.

Marinette was not very involved in school after her fight with Chloe. Chloe no longer bullied her, but much of her class looked at her with pity. She couldn’t stand it. She eventually discovered that the other new kid’s name was Adrien. Looking at him was a like a punch in the gut. Blonde hair, green eyes, named Adrien. If it weren’t for his subdued and reserved attitude, he could have been her Adrien. She tended to avoid him if only to save herself the pain of digging up old memories. Someone must have clued him in as to why, because he left her alone. She caught him looking at her sometimes, but he never forced a conversation with her.

A year later found her at fifteen celebrating Adrien’s birthday alone. Alya caught her drawing on her wrist before class started.

“What are you doing? I never see you writing on your arms.” She couldn’t see Adrien perk up in front of her and decided to answer truthfully.

“It’s my soulmate’s birthday,” she explained, “if he were alive, he would be fifteen today.” Marinette didn’t notice Adrien slowly turning around in his seat to look at her, she was too busy drawing, but Alya did. “Every year on his birthday I draw the same thing here on my wrist it’s my way of remembering him. See he loved black cats, I and I like ladybugs. We used to tell each other stories where I was the princess and he was my knight. This is how I remember him.” She showed the completed drawing to Alya, then rolled her sleeve back down and got her books ready for class.

Alya stared at Adrien’s wrist as the same drawing took shape there. He was staring at Marinette completely dumbfounded, before he turned to meet Alya’s eyes. In them he learned a new definition of fear. Alya was looking at him with murder in her eyes.

I need you

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Prompt 8: Eric Coulter
“I think that you’re not as dark as you want people to believe.”
“Are you sure that isn’t just wishful thinking.”


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I have no idea why I’m so intrigued with Eric from Divergent. 

Eric gazed down at the sleeping girl in his arms, he shifted pulling her closer while she sighed curling into him. How she dealt with him, he would never know but for whatever reason he was thankful. He brought his hand up, stroking her cheek frowning at the scar that marred her cheek.

“You frown too much,” He blinked, focusing on her sleepy eyes and the small grin. “You’re going to have frown lines.”

She moved impossibly closer to him, laying her head on his chest. “Why don’t you take them away from me,” His hand trailed down, her spine suggestively.

“Perv,” Her laugh sounding like bells to his ears.

“But you still put up with me,” He moved so that he was hovering above her. “Why?” He smirked grinning down at her, loving the way her hair was sprawled out across the pillows.

She grinned putting her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her. She pulled him into a searing kiss, biting his lip before pulling away leaving him wanting more. “I think that you’re not as dark as you want people to believe.” She gazed up at him, stroking his cheek with her thumbs.

He rolled his eyes, growling out, “Are you sure that isn’t just wishful thinking?” She moved sitting up, holding the sheet to cover her glancing around his room. “Where are you going?”

“Home,” She replied, trying to move away from him, but he blocked her from moving. “It’s just sex right?” She grinned at him, trying to leave again but he refused to move.

He glared at her grin, pushing her back down on the bed. She laughed, while he hovered over her again. “You’re a pain in my ass, who do you think you are?”

“Just one of the many girls you slept with. But I suppose I should learn my place right?” She smirked, rolling out from under him, grabbing her shirt and pants pulling them on while he stared at her. “What I said isn’t wishful thinking, because beneath all of that anger and intimidation is the guy that for some unforeseen reason makes me crazy.” She sighed, pulling on her boots leaving her shirt unbuttoned so he could see the black bra and the tattoo he liked tracing at night. “Wishful thinking Eric, is believing that this is more than sex. But I can’t do it anymore, so whatever this is… it’s over. We will only need to see each other to do our duties as leaders but nothing else.”

Eric watched her stand and hover at the door as if she was waiting for him to stop her. “Lock the door on your way out.” He saw her grin slightly before she closed the door with a quiet click.

Eric’s eyes found her form, sitting next to the guy he hated the most. He watched her wave her arms around excitedly, making Four smile at her. It had been three weeks since she left, and she hadn’t bothered to make any contact with him. The more he watched her interact with Four, the more angry he got. He got up striding over to the two.

“I know this is weird, but I sometimes miss the pea pods and the chicken,” Eric heard the longing in her voice.

“Well if it isn’t two stiffs missing home, can’t cut it here anymore,” He growled out, while she glanced up at him with bored eyes.

“Two stiffs that can still kick your ass,” Eric glared over at Four, while she let out a small laugh.

“What do you need Coulter?” She murmured with the grin still on her face. She stabbed her vegtables, “Never mind that, I don’t have time for whatever you want. Four, remember I’ll be in the training room to help you and Lauren will go with the dauntless born today.”

“Of course, maybe you can kick their asses into shape,” Eric watched Four grin up at her, before she got up leaving the table. He sent one last glare towards the man before following after her.

“Y/N, we aren’t done yet,” He called out, jogging slightly grasping her forearm.

She pushed his hand off of her, yawning slightly. “Shoot then, quickly because I have things I have to get done.”

“I need you,” Eric clenched his fists, looking down at her.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, before she pushed him sending her fist flying towards his face. He blocked it, pushing the struggling girl against the wall. “Find another fuck buddy Eric.” He watched her struggle against him. “You’re an asshole.”

“Oh I’m an asshole.” He chuckled darkly hauling her over his shoulder, while others passed them looking at the feared leader and the other leader pounding on his back screaming obscenities at him. Once he was at the destination he wanted, he set her down avoiding her fists. “Knock it off… I didn’t mean I need you as just for sex.”

She rolled her eyes at him, before moving away looking around. “Right, let’s say I believe you then. What did you mean?”

He ran his hands across his face, finding it extremely hard to just spit out what he wanted to say. “I miss you. Not just the sex, I mean all of it.” She raised an eyebrow at him, before leaning against the wall. He sighed deeply, she was going to make him work for it. “I miss holding you in my arms. I miss tracing the scar on your cheek or the tattoo on your side. I miss you curling into me and feeling your warm skin under my hands. I miss waking up because your stupid hair was in my face.”

He watched her grin slightly before she turned so that her back was to him. He could see her expression in the mirror and he smirked while coming up behind her pulling her into him. “Still think what I said was wishful thinking?” She turned putting her arms over his shoulders, a smirk on her face.

His eyes narrowed at her, everything clicking into place. “You little shit. You did all of this to prove a point?” She laughed, jumping so she could wrap her legs around him.

“It got you to prove yourself wrong didn’t it? You’re not as dark as you want people to believe, but the thing is I’ll be the only one that knows it,” She kissed his cheek, trying to get out of his hold.

“So you missed out on sex, just to prove a point,” He pushed her against the wall effectively trapping her. “You deprived me of sex, to do so?”

She grinned cheekily, before tapping his cheek. “Guess so, and it looks like you’ll be deprived a little big longer, because I have to get back to work.”

Eric watched her before he set her down, leaning down to nip at her ear. “You’re going to regret that.”

“I can’t wait for the punishment then,” She winked before, she walked off purposefully swishing her hips.

5 Things Venus Retrograde May Shift in Your Life

Whew! I’ve been so busy, I’m way behind on blogging. But I wanted to do a quick post on how Venus Retrograde is likely to affect your life.

This planet of life, love, creativity and the feminine energy went retrograde on March 4th in the sign of Aries. It will move back from 13 degrees of that sign to 26 degrees of Pisces on April 15th, when it will flip direct. Here are five ways it’ll likely affect your life:

  1. You’ll Be Focused on Love in a Brand New Way: Whether you’re trying to get over someone from your past, clearing house to prepare for another relationship, or just sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the dating world, your feelings about love, including its place in your life, are shifting in a big way.
  2. You’ll Be Revisiting Projects From Your Past: Whether you’re creative by nature or not, you’ll be at minimum thinking about something you put aside in the past. Between now and the middle of April, don’t be surprised if a new opportunity comes up to revisit one or more of these projects.
  3. You’ll Be Inspired Like Never Before: New ideas may take more time to formulate in your mind, but everywhere you look now, there’s another idea waiting to be developed into more. Use them in work, with money and your career, or in your personal relationships with friends, family or mates.
  4. You’ll Be Attracted to Women, Empowerment and Equality: Since Venus is currently in Mars’ natural sign, it’s striving to establish more equality between the sexes, but also of the male and female energy in the world. Don’t be surprised if you want to read up about equality, attend a march or talk, or get into conversations highlighting equal rights for all during this time.
  5. You’ll Have Opportunities to Demonstrate Your Care & Nurturing: When Venus is highlighted, each of us have new chances to show others how much we care. This time, since it’s retrograde, this may be with someone from your past, even if that’s simply forgiving them in our minds and hearts. Or it could be very active and present for you now, offering opportunities to demonstrate nurturing to someone in need.

Have a wonderful Venus Retrograde period, and don’t forget to give your emotions more space now!


✞-taking long walks with no words shared between them

✞- watching movies together and making dumb comments about the cinematography

✞-trying to learn to code and hack but never getting past HTML and CSS bc sadness

✞-getting takeout a lot because you’re both lazy and paranoid

✞-your relationship being based on happiness and not physical attributes

✞-hanging out with darlene for six months before putting the puzzle together

✞-“but, he’s so- and you’re so-” “i know doll. i’m just as confused as you.”

✞-washing his hoodie because he never fucking does

✞-being supportive when you learn of his addiction and trying to help him quit

✞-going on dumb mainstream dates in ny

✞-only attending the cinema to make fun of it

✞-laying in bed together while blasting mars argo

✞-trying your best to comfort him when he’s crying

✞-him saying cynical jokes that make you crack up for the rest of the night

✞-“what’s the difference between a dead hooker and a corvette?” “uh, i don’t know?” “i don’t have a corvette in my garage”

✞-talking about weird subway stories together

✞-getting confused whenever he tries to have sex with you because it’s always spontaneous

✞-getting in fights over bullshit that you both don’t care about

✞-cuddling together when it’s raining

✞-talking smack about mr robot when you learn about him

✞-“who the fuck hacks on sundays? what a loser, and besides, even if you did, there’d be no point because dead guy over there probably would fuck it up later on while jerking off to the newest apple product.”

✞-elliot taping all of your electronics which makes you confused as fuck

✞-buying each other funny gifts to express your love

✞-being a power couple though


When the Avengers met Danny, they figured the kid had been through a lot of shit in the past. Enough to become half ghost. So when he would be vague about answering questions or needed time up in his room, none of them really questioned it.

What threw most of them for a loop though was the way he dressed.

He wore sleeves, even in the summer despite having an ice core and probably needing the cold for it. Whether it was a sweater or a jacket, he was always covered up. It was the complete opposite of his personality. He was always so open and laughing and joking around with them, but if he ever had the urge to roll up his sleeves he would ignore it and distract himself from that longing with more conversation. Now he was 20, and they still hadn’t ever really looked at his arms much. 

They all found out why soon enough, however.

When Bruce found out it was because of a mission gone wrong, and he needed to tend to Danny’s wounds. He was really the only one qualified to do that kind of thing, so the others left to give him all of his concentration in helping their fallen friend.

Danny was unconscious and had reverted back to his human form. His leather jacket was ruined from the blood, and he was going to need a new shirt considering Bruce just sliced through it to get to the wounds. 

He quickly cleaned him up and stitched the gashes in his side, quickly but precisely. When he was done with that, He cleaned up the rest of his torso, throwing his jacket and shirt in the trash. 

As he wiped and wiped, he began to notice something strange. He had heard of these types of scars, but had never actually seen them in person.

Until now that is.

There were long, short, jagged, smooth, black lines running all along Danny’s torso, covering his chest, stomach, back, arms, and Bruce was gonna go ahead and guess his legs too. It was the type of mark you got when you’ve been struck by lightning and survived. 

It all made sense now. Why he covered up was to avoid questions he didn’t want to answer. Why he went to his room was so nobody could see him in pain, because despite having survived, he knew they could burn like nobody’s business. Why he never swam with them. That one time Clint pulled a prank and Danny came out with his torso and arms invisible, which would still be comical if not for the reasoning Bruce had discovered. 

He decided he wasn’t going to ask Danny about them. It was his business, and when he decided he was going to tell he would. Instead, he just draped a blanket across the sleeping ghost and sat down at his computers, keeping an eye on him and his vitals. 


Next was Thor, who had been fighting with Danny in the gym as he was a worthy opponent indeed. Though he wore sleeves, he seemed unbothered by the extra heat his body was taking. 

Thor and Danny had been at it for hours, tossing banter back and forth like it was a hacky sack and legitimately enjoying themselves, one super being to another. It was when they were taking a water break that Thor noticed something odd.

The water itself wasn’t odd, but when Danny had lifted his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face. Thor’s eyes narrowed at the black markings on his friend’s stomach, eyes widening with realization. He had seen those markings on several of the being s he had fought throughout his life. Those were the scars of those who had survived his lightning attacks. 

“Daniel,” Thor’s voice was tinged with worry. “I have seen those marking across your skin many times before.” He just needed reassurance, not noticing the way Danny stiffened and straightened out his shirt. “I know what those are from but I must ask-was I the one to cause you that harm?”

Danny stared at him, absolutely dumbstruck at Thor’s worried expression. He was asking if he had killed Danny? What? Danny almost laughed, but instead he just smiled and shook his head.

“No, dude. I got these from when I…” his voice lowered to w whisper and he looked to the ground. “From when I died.”

It had occurred to Thor that he nor the others have been told how he had died, for it was a very touchy subject among Daniel’s kind. Hearing the aftermath he felt like he was trespassing on emotional grounds. The ice was thin and one wrong move would make him fall to hos death. But Danny just smiled at him again, punching his arm in the soft, kind way that mortals do, and laughed. He laughed, as if Thor hadn’t overstepped his boundaries. 

“It’s no big deal, Thor,” Danny said, placing a hand on the Thunderer’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.” Thor gave him a look, unsure if Danny actually meant it, but nodded nonetheless.

“Aye, as you wish.”


Clint really needed to learn to stay out of Danny’s room. But he just had so many knick knacks to play with and fancy ghost guns that glowed, and he knew that if he left before Danny got out of the shower he’d be fine.

Only sometimes Clint didn’t realize when his hearing aids ran out of batteries. SO when he was playing with a ghost-level finger trap and getting frustrated because he couldn’t get out of it, he hadn’t noticed Danny coming up behind him. Not until he was already behind him, turning Clint around. He seemed pretty ticked off, and was talking to him, but he wasn’t looking at Danny’s lips. No, instead his eyes traveled across his torso, raking his eyes across the multitude of scars that marred the skin from both ghost hunting and world saving. But there was one that never seemed to end. Noticing this, Danny had turned his top half invisible.

Danny was so dumb. He should have put on a shirt. But he had gotten so used to the idea of his room being the only place in the Tower where he could walk around shirtless and not worry about prying eyes. Only to find out that Clint was the one who had been messing with all of his stuff. 

He noticed Clint wasn’t even listening. He snapped his fingers, yelled the archer’s name, but he didn’t respond. He sighed and walked over to his night stand and pulled out a pack of batteries, throwing them to Clint with in irritated look. 

“Oh. Er-thanks. but uh, how do I get out of this?” He held up his trapped fingers and Danny rolled his eyes, his irritation slowly melting away as he pressed against the encrusted design on the top, releasing Clint’s fingers. 

“Thanks. And hey, Danny,” Clint said as Danny started walking away. He stopped when he heard his name. “I won’t tell anybody. But if you want to talk about it or anything I hear my shoulder is pretty comfy.”

“Clint, you can’t hear at all.”


Despite himself, Danny was grinning now, nodding his head and considering Clint’s offer. He nodded.

“Thanks, Clint.”


She had known from the start that Danny had something about his body he wanted to hide, and Natasha hadn’t been able to figure it out. But judging by the sudden increase in trips Danny had to Clint’s room, she figured her best friend had found out. She didn’t pry, though. Clint wouldn’t spill Danny’s secret, not even to her. It was one of the reasons she admired him. 

She knocked on Danny’s door after a few months of this. Fury had given her an assignment, and she was pretty sure it involved ghosts. All she needed was a few pieces of his equipment and maybe a thermos. She knew Danny would be mad at her if she ever ended any of the ghosts. 

She knocked again, and for the second time she gained no answer. A small knot of worry grew in her stomach, her instincts telling her something was wrong. She quickly had Jarvis open up the door for her, immediately being blasted with a cry of pain coming from the bathroom in Danny’s room. 

She quickly ran over, nearly kicking down the door. But Danny didn’t even seem to notice. He was curled up into a ball, eyes squeezed shut and his breathing heavy. He was shirtless, and Natasha stared for one moment more before running to his fridge and grabbing a cup of ice before coming back over.

Somehow she managed to get him into a sitting position, uncurling him slowly. She was able to give him something else to focus on. Her voice, the cold from the ice cubes she rubbed against this back and chest across the black lines zig-zagging across him. She knew what those scars were caused by, and guessed that that was how he had died. But instead of questions coming from her mouth, it was an old Russian lullaby, soothing him. It took a while, but his body finally relaxed, and his eyes drooped a little bit, tired from all of the pain. All of the heat. 

He slumped against her, and she set the ice cubes down. She kept singing, this time running her hands through his hair, urging him just to the brink of sleep before stopping. He was so tired he didn’t even notice. And when she got him to stand up and walk over to the bed, she was sure he wasn’t going to remember much of what had happened. 

After she tucked him in she grabbed some ghost equipment and left a note, telling him she was borrowing his stuff and that if anything like that happened again to give her a call. She made Jarvis promise to call her if that happened and she was in the building.

Danny didn’t have to be alone anymore.


When Steve finds out, it’s because of Frostbite. Danny loves him, but sometimes he just can’t keep his big mouth shut.

Captain America had accompanied Danny to the Far Frozen for a friendly cup of tea and whatnot. Steve found it odd that, despite the cold nature of the yetis, they preferred warm tea over any other drink.

Thanks to Tony tinkering around with the suit, Cap could walk through the unbearable cold all nice and toasty, minus the exposed part of his face. The two trekked through the snow, side by side without really saying much. Both of them knew that it was fine though. They were their more for the company than the small talk.

Despite being fully aware that Danny had an ice core, he still worried for the boy when he walked through the snow in nothing but his upgraded suit and a new jacket. The black leather went nicely with the skin tight suit.

“Cap? You okay?” Danny asked, knocking Steve from his thoughts.

“Yeah. I guess I’m just not used to seeing anybody walk though this much snow with practically nothing on. I worry about you sometimes,” he replied smoothly. Danny made sort of a snorting sound, amused by Cap thinking he even needed his jacket.

“Halt!” They heard. “Identify yourselves!”

“Relax, it’s just me!” Danny yelled back, trying to be heard over the wind.

“Great One?”

“Who else?” Danny rolled his eyes but there was a big smile nonetheless. A few moments later Frostbite emerged, bring Danny in for a hug before guiding him and Steve over to his cave, where it was significantly warmer.

“What brings you to the Far Frozen, Great One?”

“Well, I mean, you make the best tea in the Zone. And I thought it would be nice to just hang out. I brought Steve, too.”

“The young captain is welcome at any time, Great One.”

There seemed to be an unspoken something between the two that Steve couldn’t quite pin down, but he was sure that whatever it was, it was none of his business. The thought drifted away quickly when he caught himself having fun, laughing at the stories Frostbite had of Danny, sharing a few of his own. Danny came prepared though, having though of a few stories of Cap he knew Frostbite would get a kick out of. He found himself…Relaxed.

That is until Danny frowned at his tea.

“Dude, did you spike my tea or something? It tastes different than normal.”

“Why yes! It is a new pain medication I brewed myself to help with the scars! The pain will be less, and the heat will be less frequent. Of course, you will have to drink it a coupe times a week, but I have unlimited supplies at my disposal.”

“Scars? That…Burn?” Cap asked worriedly, turning to Danny. He went pale, and reused to meet Steve’s eyes. Frostbite, knowing he had fucked up, tried fixing the solution.

“Oh, um, from his ghost fights!” It was a piss poor attempt, but Steve had to admire the king for trying. “As you probably know, ectoplasm burns through the veins, and is especially hard on people with ice cores, such as the Great One.” Frostbite gave him a toothy smile that wasn’t really convincing. Danny would have laughed if it had been under better circumstances.

“I was electrocuted, Cap,” Danny said, knocking away Frostbite’s lie. “Lightning leaves scars that burn. Some days it feels like I’m dying all over again, so I asked Frostbite if he could whip something up to help with that. Take a look.”

Steve did, not really knowing what to say as Danny took off his jacket, then unzipping the top half of his suit to revel the lightning across his skin, a black-ish blue in color. He looked like he was covered in permanent bruises, and there wasn’t an inch of him that didn’t have them on top of his scars from ghost hunting and crime fighting. They some how looked brand new, being raised on the skin despite having them since he was fourteen.

“And it burns?” Steve asked again. Danny nodded and shrugged.

“Yeah, sometimes. But Natasha helps with that whenever she’s in town.”

“Who else knows?”

“Now? I think it’s everybody. Bruce found out when he stitched me up, CLint found out when he was going through my shit, Thor found out when we were sparring, you get the picture.”

“What about Tony?”

“I’ll tell him. Eventually.”

By the tone in Danny;s voice Steve knew that he was planning something mischievous, and it made him smile.

“Well, I’m here for you if you need me.” Danny smiled at him, and at Frostbite.

“Always, Cap.”


Tony found out when Danny was half way through figuring out how he was going to show him, and it made Danny a little disappointed. But it was better late than never, he supposed.

Tony had always been obsessed with upgrading not only him, but the team as well. This included Danny and his HAZMAT suit. This time without sleeves, and an ecto shield that activated if he ever encountered a big bad like Vlad, and now had a shock absorbing feature because despite being able to go intangible, Danny had a knack for making craters in the street, and he knew that that was no good on the boy’s back.

“Dan-Dan, nice of you to finally join me,” Tony said, turning around quickly and dramatically as he could in his rolly chair. He threw the suit at Danny, who caught it with ease. “Put that on. We’re going to run some tests.”

“Bossy much?” Danny grinned before heading to the other room. He came out a few minutes later, typing something in on his phone, not noticing the way Tony’s eyes bugged out of his head when he saw the markings on his arms. Danny seemed unconcerned, though.

“Danny, how long have you had those?” Tony asked. He didn’t to make a big deal out of it. Because it wasn’t one. Unless it was and he’s just been hiding it from them the whole time.

“These?” Danny asked, looking down at his exposed arms. It felt good to finally be rid of sleeves. And everyone else already knew. It was finally time he ditched the jackets and sweaters that were holding his core back. “Since I got my powers.” It was like some great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He didn’t feel like he had to hide them anymore, and they didn’t seem to bother anyone all that much. It was…Nice.

“Oh,” Tony said before composing himself once again. He shrugged. “Okay. Are you going to tell the others?”

“They all already kind of…Found out?” Danny had the nerve to look sheepish.

“You mean I am the last one to know? Danny I thought we had a special bond!” Tony whined. Danny scoffed.

“Please, I’m not Bruce. Now, come on, tell me what the new suit can do, dude.”

It was something Danny still didn’t want to talk about. Despite always having a knack for prying, Tony knew when it was best not to. SO he turned back to his work and started off with the science jargon he knew Danny couldn’t understand but pretended like he could. Tony smiled to himself when Danny asked for him to say it in normal people terms.

Maybe in the next suit he could install a cooling system……

What Sex With 5SOS Would Be Like Based Off Their Venus & Mars Sign

I’m really into astrology so this is going to be a blurb (?) on how I think sex with the boys would be like based off of their Venus and Mars signs enjoy

disclaimer: i’m in no ways a professional okay don’t come for me if you don’t agree with something i said but i’m all up for discussion on it though! these are my opinions based off their birth charts okay cool. feedback is always appreciated

(if you’d like to see 5SOS’s birth charts explained and all read the link below)

Quick rundown

Venus represents love/romance
Mars represents sexual desires

Obviously these two play a big role in sex so this is about how I think these two work hand in hand with the boys and their sex lives.


Venus: Pisces 

Mars: Aquarius

Because of Calum’s Venus sign he’s very romantic. Pisces love the idea of a movie type love. During sex, he may tend to do more intimate things (I can see Calum being the type of person to kiss you passionately after eating you out and vice versa.)  Pisces also really enjoy pleasing their partner because they typically put that person before themselves. Sex with a Venus in Pisces is super passionate ugh don’t accidentally fall in love.

NOW on the contrary, because of Calum’s Mars sign he’s definitely into trying new things (ex. new positions, different ways of foreplay etc.; routine is not in their vocabulary.) Aquarians have a very ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’ about a lot of things and they’re also very curious by nature so I’m sure he’s blunt about what he wants to do with his partner. Also, Aquarians may seem to be emotionally detached with their partners SO something he’s could be super into is phone sex /cyber-sex because he doesn’t have to deal with the activities that come after sex such as cuddling (and because again of his curious nature of trying new things!)

These two signs obviously conflict slightly because one is so romantic and the other is so distant so this is frustrating. I honestly think it depends on who it is he’s sleeping with and how he feels about them!

Venus: Leo 

Mars: Gemini

Leos love and crave attention. Ashton’s Venus sign would make sex a time to show off what he’s capable of. Ashton probably tries to be the best he can be in the bedroom. Leo’s love to feel like they’re superior, like a Lion (duh,) so Ashton’s most likely going to play the dominate role during sex surprise surprise. While they like to feel this way, Leo’s like to make their partner feel like the king/queen they are (or maybe Princess *wink*.) Ashton’s probably super into pleasing whoever it is he’s having sex with. Also, I’m 100% sure Ashton appreciates feedback during sex because Leo’s need a lot of validation in their love/sex life so being vocal is something he would ask for, (ex. “Tell me who’s making you feel this good.”) Lastly, since Leo’s love affection I’m sure Ashton is up for pillow talk or getting held after sex, (Remember when he said he likes being a little spoon? I think his Sun sign and Venus have a lot to do with that.)

Now as for Ashton’s Mars sign (which I’m crying at,) Gemini’s are very non-traditional individuals. They get bored very easily so don’t expect the same thing from one at all. Gemini’s are into trying new ways of pleasure whether it be new positions, role playing, toys etc. They’re generally very kinky people, which only makes the ‘conspiracy’ that Ashton has a daddy kink STRONGER. Also, just like his Venus sign, people with a Mars in Gemini appreciate vocalism. If Ashton wanted to try something new he’d tell you straight up.

In summary, I personally think Ashton has the best Venus and Mars it’s a crazy mixture of fire and air I’m here for it. (HONESTLY ASHTON’S WHOLE BIRTH CHART IS PRETTY GOOD OVERALL.)

Venus: Gemini

Mars: Gemini

Now, before I even get into this I have something to say. Y’all need to put some respect on Luke’s stroke game. I am TIRED of people thinking he’s a little soft ass ‘vanilla’ loser. Now, Luke having his Venus in Gemini makes him a very playful person. Gemini’s get bored very easily so they enjoy variety so he’s probably into experimenting new things in the bedroom to spice things up.  Despite the Gemini’s need for a fun sex life, they still tend to overthink the act. What if’s may come in the way of trying out something.

So, Luke’s summary of his Mars sign is going to sound repetitive cause Ashton has the same one. One thing I didn’t add is that people with their Mars in Gemini love talking during sex whether it be dirty talking or actual talking. It’s seen to them as “extended foreplay.” And, Gemini’s love kissing! I’m sure Luke loves a good passionate kiss during sex. Luke’s totally into trying new positions, I’m sure he has kinks, I personally can see him just being into edging or the whole dominate submissive thing. (I bet he wouldn’t mind being the sub either with both signs being a Gemini you never know!)

Long story short put some respect on my boy’s name! Just cause he’s a cancer doesn’t mean he won’t BEAT IT UP in bed! He’s still a sweet sensitive person but he’s definitely not traditional/boring.

Venus: Sagittarius

Mars: Sagittarius

So Sagittarians are super flirty and unpredictable like any fire sign would be! They’re also very adventurous, so just like the rest of them, Michael is totally down to try new things in bed.  If sex becomes predictable he could quickly become tired of his partner. With Michael’s Venus sign, he likes his partner to be just as open as he is when it comes to sex. Michael is very fun person in bed, and is always ready to endure in the act. These signs are literally down to have sex anywhere, (outdoors, showers whatever it doesn’t stay in the bedroom, cause that’s BORING!)  

Now his Mars sign is the same! Sagittarians see sex like a sport, literally passion is not in their vocabulary. Michael is very open and direct with what he wants pleasure wise. Sagittarians tend to be a little selfish when it comes to them getting off, they like foreplay, but not too much. Michael would much rather get right to it because he’s so impatient. Also, Sagittarians have high sexual stamina, so Michael is probably wanting someone who’s up for multiple rounds.  

Basically Michael’s a dog LOL I’m joking but seriously though Michael loves sex every smut writer perceives him as that guy and his birth chart agrees so that’s in ter est ing  


Request: Could you do a oneshot where T'Challa and a best friend of Sams have been training/ sparring together and they’ve been flirting for a while but T'Challa won’t make a move because he thinks her and Sam have something going on even though they don’t. And maybe he tries to show off at sparring and teach her a few things only to find out from Sam that she’s been pretending to not know anything and she’s actually a professional MMA fighter. And maybe they finally go on a date or something!     

“You are so damn annoying why don’t you gon’ somewhere,” Sam yelled at you.

“It’s like that? Well fight me then,” you laughed, stepping closer to him and puffing your chest out like you’d seen countless men do. He laughed at you and rolled his eyes, “That’s what I thought, punk,” you laughed backing up clumsily. You were about to start unwrapping your hands when the training room doors opened.  The two of you were in Wakanda, Sam was in hiding after getting into some trouble with the Avengers courtesy of Steve Rogers, and you were just along for the ride. Sam was your best friend, you weren’t going to let him go in hiding in a beautiful place like Wakanda all alone.

You turned around, expecting to see Steve. He had been around lately, but to your surprise and satisfaction it was King T'Challa.

“You keep steppin’ up to me like you gon’ do something, I’d like to see you try,” Sam pushed you while you weren’t paying attention, and you jumped at him, causing him to stumble back a few steps.

“That’s two for flinchin’” you teased punching him in the arm, before turning back to T'Challa, “hello, your highness, what can we do for you today?” you were no stranger to the king of Wakanda, not at all. When ever you were training with Sam or Steve he wasn’t too far away. He was in clothes made for working out, which intrigued you. From what you heard from Sam, T'Challa could hold his own in a fight.

“I was wondering if you’d like a challenge,” T'Challa offered.

“That’s cold,” Sam complained.

You paid him no mind, “I’d like that,” you tucked in the small piece of the hand wrap that you had undone in preparation to leave.  Sam moved out of the way, stepping out of the ring to watch you kick T'Challa’s ass. You did no such thing however, T'Challa had you pinned in seconds, and Sam was very confused as to why you let it happen, because you had obviously allowed him to press you down against the padded floor of the ring.

“Wow, looks like I am in for a challenge, tell me how you did that,” you asked, feigning real interest. Sam rolled his eyes, he’d seen you do this before. He sat on the sidelines watching with pure amusement as you let T'Challa walk you through moves and techniques you were extremely well versed in. After a few hours of that the two of you called it quits.

“Why don’t you come by tomorrow, and teach me a little bit more,” you offered, batting your eyelashes innocently.

“Of course.” T'Challa nodded.

You hopped out of the ring and rejoined Sam who was giving you a weird look, “What?” you demanded once you were out of the room.

“I don’t know if that’s a tree you wanna bark up. I mean that dude is really into cats.”

“Well I’ve got a p-”

“Don’t!” he yelled at you, “god I walked right into that joke,” he sighed.

“Steve’s rubbing off on you, since when are you bothered by dirty jokes.”

“I don’t want to think about you in that context it’s weird. So, how long you plan on keeping this up?”

“As long as it takes the King of Wakanda to ask me on a date. I mean he is just… he’s gorgeous. How is he single?”

“I was trying to tell you he’s a cat lady, he literally dresses up as a giant cat.”

“And you dress up as a bird, you’re point?” you threw back.

“Oh so that’s the card you wanna play huh?”

“Don’t get your feather’s in a bunch, big bird.”

Sam caught you in a headlock and proceeded to mess up your hair, you jabbed him in the ribs to get out of it, “Ow! Dammit. Why don’t you do that to T'Challa?”

“Because sometimes I like being pinned,” you shrugged.

“You know what, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” you walked your separate ways. The next morning you went to the training room alone, meeting T'Challa there. Again you pretended not to know a thing, and let him walk you through the motions. Sometimes you would purposefully get your stance wrong so that he would step behind you and place his hands on you waist to correct it. His hands sometimes  skimmed over the skin over your arms, putting them in the right position testing their strength. In moments where you’d put all that you’d learn together you’d still let him take you down, for the feeling of his heavy body pinning you down. At the end of your second “training session” you hit the padded floor of the ring and T'Challa held your hands behind your back.

“Oh fudge,” you spoke, your voice marred by your heavy breathing.

“You’re getting better,” he congratulated as he got off of you. You rolled over on your back and smiled at him.

“You never go easy on me,” you playfully complained.

“I could-”

“No, I appreciate being manhandled,” you flirted and held up your hand for him to pull you up. He did so, but did little more than laugh at your flirtation.

“Well that will be all for today. I will see you same time tomorrow.”

This song and dance went on longer than you thought it would, and you began to think maybe he just wasn’t into you. Naturally, you brought this possible problem to Sam. You fell back on the sofa beside him with a loud huff. He didn’t respond keeping his eyes on whatever game was being played on the T.V. Therefore, you groaned again louder this time, hoping that would grab his attention. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye then looked back at the T.V. You groaned louder and he let his head fall back on the back of the couch.

“What is the matter, Y/N?” he asked in a robotic voice.

“T'Challa is just teaching me how to fight! He’s not making a move! And I’m flirting really hard.”

“Maybe you should ask him out?” Sam suggested.

“What if he’s not into that?”

“Then he’s not worth the effort.”

“Saaaaam” you whined, “I really like him.”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“ I don’t know, nothing I guess,” you sighed.

Sam rolled his eyes and went back to watching the gam while you sat and did the same, sometimes breaking your silence to make fun of the players and the referees. The next day when you were supposed to meet up with T'Challa in the training  room Sam stopped him.

“Are you into Y/N?” Sam asked in a bored voice. T'Challa was absolutely affronted by the question.

“I’m only teaching her how to fight. ” he responded.

“Well she knows how to fight… she’s an MMA fighter well she was, she’s been letting you win so you would ‘teach’ her” he air quoted.

“Why would she-”

“Because she has a crush on you or what ever. I don’t pretend to understand her logic, but if you’re not into her you should probably tell her.”

“I… thought you two were together,” T'Challa stated awkwardly.

“What? Nah, man, she’s my best friend, met her a while ago in a tour through Iraq, there’s nothing but friendship and occasional annoyance between us.”

“Oh, I assumed because I always saw the two of you together that…”

“Man do you think I would let my girl get daily fighting lessons from some other guy? No, I wouldn’t, so if you like her then go ask her to lunch or something. I’m tired of hearing her complain about how you haven’t made a move,” Sam huffed, already exhausted with the conversation.

“I will, thank you Sam.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it… at all. Ever.”  Sam gave T'Challa to make sure he knew he was serious and then he left, going the direct opposite direction of the training room. T'Challa continued into the room and found you there stretching. Of course he was into you, with your beautiful rich skin, dazzling smile, and wit, how could he not be.  You grinned as you watched him enter.

“I think I might actually beat you this time,” you announced. T'Challa rose an eyebrow at you and you tilted your head curiously.

“Are you going to actually give me a challenge,” he asked with cocky smile.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I heard that you might be more skilled than you’ve be letting on.”

You started to feign innocence but the look he gave you told you he already knew the truth, “You talked to Sam didn’t you?” you pouted.

“He told me not to mention it.”

“I just wanted to-”

“How about we both change and have lunch instead,” he offered. Your face was blank with shock.


“You’re an interesting woman, Y/N. I’d like to get to know you outside of the ring. Is that alright with you?”

“Absolutely, yes.”

~Mod Lillian

Thoughts on Mars in Virgo

I have often come across descriptions of this placement bordering on the asexual side of things, at worst, either/or not being very sexual itself. Truth be told, mars in virgo loathes direct confrontation, as its battles are carried on the intellectual plane. Its aggression shows through carefully placed words, as opposed to an open battlefield. Yes, they are complainers, but for all the good reasons. This is the one mars sign who cannot stand idiocy and ignorance. Its desire to make this world right will not put up with people who are not even interested in a certain cause.

Sexually speaking, I would say that this placement is most likely to hide taboo fantasies. They make the perfect slaves. Their fetishes run so deep that once you meet them on the same emotional level (we’re talking virgo so you need to impress their check list), you’ll never hit bottom. Not an easy prey, but sure as hell proves to be worthwhile. 

hey guys!! it’s crazy that i made this blog on a whim a couple of months ago, and now 500 of you follow me!! i’ve loved being a part of this community, and i can’t wait to experience the 2nd half of season 4 with you!! 

i decided to make a follow forever/mutuals appreciation post, so i’ll put the rest under a read more so it isn’t super long and obnoxious

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A Monster Approaches

My family has never been what you might call a conventional one. For generations we’ve lived out in the middle of nowhere, mainly living off the land and cut off from modern technology for the most part. The only times we interact with other people is if we make runs to the town five miles away whether to get things we can’t make ourselves or to go to school. These little trips are expected to be enough for us to meet somebody and settle down and have kids. It somehow always works out. Most recently for my older sister, Sara, though it didn’t last long.

She thought marriage was a way out, that she could leave the home and not be followed. She thought they’d be safe. Sara was gone a week after her wedding before she came back, tear tracks staining her cheeks. Mom held her while Dad grumbled to me.

“Sara did a stupid thing,” he had said. “Don’t ever make the same mistake, Annabeth.”

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Kookmin Headcanon #3

Up until now, Jimin had taken Jungkook’s weird behavior around him as a combination of him being young and wanting contact/friends/company and also? He was just an awkward kid. Sure, now he was technically an adult, but to Jimin he’d always be his big dumb baby. So, he lets Jungkook hover around him, hang off of him, be awkward and touchy and so what? It’s no biggie. It’s Jungkookie. He cares about him and he’ll give him the touch, attention, and contact he seems to crave, need.

Until… Jungkook takes it one step too far, way too far to be able to explain away as Jimin had done so many times before, even when others gave them a lingering, suspicious glance.

And Jungkook retreats, knowing he’d just megafucked himself; he just ruined the only good thing he had going for him, and that lightbulb goes off in Jimin’s brain.



And suddenly all the hovering, the touching, the staring, etc. All of it. That wasn’t Jungkook being awkward because he was a socially inept dumbass? That was… oh.

And Jimin does some soul searching. He can’t think of Kook like that, right? He was there when Kook was, like, a literal baby. Sure, he’s grown up. Like, a lot. And he’s buff and hot and all that jazz… but no. He can’t think of Jeon Jungkook like that. Not like… that.

And so they drift away from each other, awkward because they both know what went down, but trying to act like if they ignore each other long enough they’ll get spontaneous amnesia and forget all about it. They can go back to normal.

But there’s no going back to the normal they had. Now everything Jungkook ever did and will do, all of it will be looked at in a different light by Jimin, marred by true intentions. Jungkook’s worst nightmare. He’s an idiot – he had done everything in his power to avoid this exact scenario. He had resigned himself to never having Jimin. He was fine just being close to him and never telling him. But he fucked up, got rejected, and lost everything anyways.

Eventually Jimin can’t keep ignoring the guy forever, he really starts to feel bad? He can’t just punish him like that, Kook can’t help his feelings. He has to let Jungkook down easy but steadfastly, he will tell him he still wants to try to be friends, they can put this behind them, knowing that’s all complete and utter bullshit and it will never be like it was before.

The sudden success and fame I Need U thrust upon them made everything a hazy blur. They got swept up in the spotlight. Fame hit them like a truck. That’s when Jungkook, young and unable to process this new sharp change in his short life, got too caught up in his excitement and he overstepped his boundaries. Went too far, too fast. Everything was going right and he was invincible, and he didn’t think about what he was doing when in the dead of night, as Jimin and he lay awake talking in a hotel room in Osaka alone, he leaned over and kissed him with no word of warning. That’s how Jungkook has always done things: do first, ask permission (or forgiveness) later.

But now the honeymoon is over, the high is wearing off, Jimin and Jungkook have to face reality. They can’t keep running from each other forever. They have to face the literal music, they have to talk about the elephant in the room. Neither of them want to move forward, but they both know they can’t ever move back.

They have to get back to work, they have to prepare for their first come back as record smashing, show winning, successful idols. Lots of eyes are watching them now. There are expectations of them this time. RUN has to live up to the hype, has to carry the success of INU. There’s a lot riding on their shoulders, on all of their shoulders. Jimin can’t let this personal drama get in the way of his and his members’ careers. Personal sacrifices must be made.

So, Jimin confronts him… Jungkook tries to worm his way out of it, but Jimin basically corners him. They’re adults now, they are actually making real money, doing commercials, getting sponsors, large concert tours are in their future… it’s real now. It’s time to get serious. Jungkook can’t keep acting like this. It’s not an easy lesson to learn, and Jimin sure as hell doesn’t want to be the one who has to teach it to him, but if word of this were to get out to management and they felt that this could in any way impact the future success of Bangtan… the responsibility of putting a stop to it will all fall on Jimin. He has to end it before it goes too far.

And yet…

Jimin is way too soft for this stupid big baby. The way Jungkook, who until then had always been so comfortable with him, is avoiding his gaze like the plague. The way Jungkook, usually a force to be reckoned with in a room, ducks his head and tries to make himself as small as possible. The way Jungkook, who always seems to have an opinion, just solemnly nods his head in well-practiced five second intervals as Jimin starts the speech he’d been reciting to himself over and over for hours in the mirror.

It’s almost pitiful seeing Jungkook like this. Beaten down by his own hand and words, apologetic for something that he can’t control. This isn’t the Jungkook Jimin ever wanted to see.

No. His resolve is gone, and the words on his tongue turn to ash in his mouth. He could chastise Jungkook in a heartbeat, could end this so easily. So why can’t he open his mouth? Why are his palms so clammy?  Why does his tongue feel like it’s bolted to the roof of his jaw?

Jungkook lit the match but Jimin isn’t putting it out. He should. He just needs to say a quick, “Stop this.” He just needs to be firm. It’ll take all of five seconds to put Jungkook in his place. Snuff out the fire before everyone else gets burned.

But that’s really what love is, right? A long, arduous, dangerous, beautiful, volatile burn. And this fire would be a downright rebellion. A rebellion that, once initiated, would spread like wildfire that no one will be able to contain.

But every fire begins with a single flame – and every flame begins with a spark.

Five Times, One Time

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Chris Beck request where maybe the reader and Chris keep bumping into each other and every time he tries to ask her out they keep getting interrupted and he gets increasingly frustrated? Thanks, Gem! -anon

Tagged: @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes

Chris was going out of his mind, his plan had always been the same evers since he was 14. Go to school, become a doctor, train with NASA, go to space (represent the human race), come back and become a research scientist. His plan had been right on track, he even got onto the NASA space program, except then he met you.

You worked in satellites, you were one of the new guys in control so you were often giving the crappy shifts and making everyone coffee. He would always see you around, passing you in the hallway or in the break room, he was enamoured by you. Chris couldn’t help but become enraptured by your smile and the animated way you talked about something you were passionate about. He had been trying to ask you out for months now, but he never had the chance.


Chris was jogging around the camp as the sun rose above the trees, it had become a habit of his to do some extra training outside of the program to increase his levels of fitness and chances of getting chosen to be on an Ares mission. The program had begun merely two weeks and the training was already intense and gruelling, it was a mix of lectures, physical training and teamwork exercises. So far he hadn’t socialised much with the others which he knew wasn’t good for his chances but the work had been so much that nobody had really had the time, he was planning on getting to know at least one of the others by the end of the week though.

He zoned out as he pushed himself forward, his legs beginning to burn a little, he didn’t even notice someone in his direct path until it was too late. Chris crashed into the person sending him and them flying to the ground, “Oh my god, I am so, so sorry,” he apologised quickly, jumping off the person and holding his hand out.

The person on the ground was a pretty shapeless figure that was drowned in a large jumper with the hood up and obscuring their face. They accepted his hand and he lifted them up, “I’m really sorry,” he apologised again.

“It’s fine,” you gave him a tired smile, pulling your hood off your head.

Now that he could see you he spotted dark circles forming under your eyes and your hair was messy and falling over into your eyes. “Still, sorry. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. Are you on the program?”

You shook your head, covering your mouth as you yawned, “Nah. I work in satellites, I’m the newest so they keep giving me all the shifts nobody wants that’s probably why you haven’t seen me,” you smiled tiredly.

Chris nodded, “Well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Chris. Beck.”

“Y/N Y/L/N. It’s nice to meet you, too.”  You couldn’t deny that this Chris guy was insanely attractive, in fact you were more than willing to stay and talk with him than drag your ass home and sleep for 12 hours, which was saying something. “So, why are you on the program?”

“It’s been my plan since I was fourteen,” he explained, “To be honest I never really thought that I’d make it this far, I thought that they wouldn’t accept me.”

“Well, they did,” you smiled brightly, “Congratulations.”

He blushed and ducked his head bashfully, “Thanks, but I don’t think I’m gonna get put on an Ares mission.”

You smirked knowingly, “I think you’ll get on.”


“Yeah, guy as hot as you going to Mars? NASA would stand to make millions,” you grinned.

Chris laughed, “Thanks, but I don’t think so.”

You shook your head, “That’s where you’re wrong, Mr.Beck. NASA’s all about image, they’d love to send a guy who looks like you up there,” you teased.

“Hey, that’s Dr.Beck to you,” he said in a falsely stern voice.

It was as if your attraction towards him doubled.

You laughed, “Jokes aside though I’m sure you’ll get in for your skills, not just your looks.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he smiled.

“No problem.”

Chris smiled, courage came bubbling out of nowhere from inside him, “Would you want to go out sometime?” he asked.

Before you could reply someone came up to the two of you, “Y/N what are you still doing here?”

You and Chris looked up to see your best friend Mindy coming over to you, “Mindy, hi,” you smiled, “I got caught up. What are you doing here?” you asked.

“My shifts starting now,” she told you.

You looked down at your watch and saw just how long you had spent with Chris, “Shit,” you cursed softly. “I’m never going to catch up on my sleep before tonight. Chris it was great meeting you, Mindy, I’ll see you later,” you bid them both goodbye and hurried on to the car park.

Chris sighed, maybe he would see you again soon so he could try and ask you out again.


You were lounging in one of the comfy bean bag chair in the break room, today was one of the rare days when your shift was during the day. It was nearing afternoon and you were halfway through your shift which meant it was time for a coffee break, you sipped happily on your coffee as you listened to the pleasant hum of your coworkers chatter around the small coffee room.

“Hi,” you heard a soft voice in front of you and you looked up to see Chris standing over you.

“Oh hi,” you greeted brightly, you gestured to the other bean bag chair and he sat down next to you, “How’ve you been?”

Since you had met Chris back in January the two of you had become good friends, you would often see him at the beginning or end of your shift and once or twice you had been invited along with him and a bunch of others from work to go to a bar. Of course you had been swept up by your own respective friends to spend more than a few minutes with each other when that happened. Still, you were confident to call Chris one of your friends.

Little did you know that Chris hadn’t had the courage to try and ask you out again. He never saw you for a long amount of time and when he did see you there was no way to bring it up naturally, so he let it go and let the feelings within him build up. Chris hadn’t expected to see you in the break room so he tried to subtly fix his messy hair as he listened to you talk about your new shift rota.

There was a small lull in the conversation and he knew that this was the only chance he was going to get, “So, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time,” he started.

“Chris, hey, can you go over the work we did on EVA’s. I know you’re a specialist,” Mark came over suddenly and interrupted him. Mark then noticed that Chris was talking to you, “Hi, I’m Mark, Chris’ friend,” he held out a hand.

“Y/N, Chris’ friend,” you shook his hand, “Are you on the space program, too?”

Mark nodded, “Yeah, it’s great. You’re not though, right? I would have remembered you.”

You blushed lightly and shook your head, “No, I work in satellites.” Chris couldn’t help the jealousy that was rising in him but he kept quiet. “What do you do though?”

“I’m a botanist and and engineer.”

You perked up at that, “A botanist, really? I seriously need your help.”

Mark smiled wide and nudged Chris, “See, I told you guys botany was a real science,” Chris managed a false smile and nod that went undetected by you both, “So what’s your issue?”

“So I’ve got some indoor cactus’ and I was wondering how much I needed to water them. Especially now that the seasons are changing. I looked it up online but it wasn’t all that helpful, I mean how much is a small amount - that’s very subjective, you know? - what’s a more exact measurement.”

Mark began to explain how you should take care of your cactuses and that soon developed into a conversation about general gardening which took up the rest of your break time. “Sorry guys I gotta go, Mark it was lovely meeting you. See ya, Chris!” you called over your shoulder as you hurried back to mission control.

Chris sighed softly as he watched you go again, he knew he shouldn’t be jealous of Mark but he couldn’t stand the thought of you with Mark instead of him. It was silly, he knew, you only had one conversation with the guy but he had never felt so strongly about someone before.


The work only got more intense for the both of you. Ares II was underway at the moment which meant your work in satellites increased, you were constantly scrutinising images of their base to make sure everything was intact and good to go and angling satellites to see if you could catch a glimpse of the Hermes. Chris’ workload practically doubled and you saw even less of each other than before, only a few minutes every few weeks if you were lucky.

It had almost been a month since you had seen him, you were lounging out on one of the benches around the base. Summer was fully upon you and you couldn’t stand being indoors if you didn’t have to be, every so often you would hear the recruits jogging past you but you didn’t open your eyes, you didn’t need to go back inside for another half hour and you weren’t moving unless you had to.

“Hey, stranger.”

You peeled open your eyes and saw Chris as the foot of the bench, “Chris!” you yelled excitedly and sat up, “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

Chris sat down next to you and began chuckling after a few seconds. “What?” you asked.

He pointed at your face, “The glasses?”

You blushed lightly and straightened the glasses, “Yeah all this extra work on computers is killing my eyes. I need them if I don’t want to go blind in the next five years.”

Chris laughed, “Fair enough.” He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes as he basked in the warm sunlight, you noticed how the sun hit his face in all the right places making him look like some kind of Greek God.

“How’s the program going?”

“Good, good,” Chris nodded, “They’ve put us in teams now. The others in my team are all some of the best, I actually think that we have a good chance of being put on the Ares III mission.”

You grinned, “See! Didn’t I tell you?”

“You did,” he nodded in agreement and looked over at you.


You couldn’t deny it any longer. You had feelings for Chris Beck. It was crazy, you knew that, you had always admitted that he was attractive and that you were attracted to him but you had been pushing away your feelings for too long.

It had actually happened when you were out with Mindy on the first time you had both been free at the same time in months, you had gotten to a bar and you had gotten a little (a lot) drunk. During this time you spilled all your hidden thoughts about the handsome doctor and now those words had escaped your mouth there was no going back.

NASA would have a hissy fit if they ever found out. Fraternisation was forbidden between astronauts you knew, though technically you weren’t an astronaut so did that count for you and Chris? Not that it mattered, he probably didn’t like you anyway.

Yes, you remembered vaguely he had tried to ask you out when you first met but that was all the way back in January and he hadn’t asked since. He probably didn’t feel that way about you anymore, if he ever felt this deeply about you in the first place.

You were getting a cup of water when Chris sauntered up to you and leaned against the wall.”Chris,” you squeaked, instantly blushing when you heard how you sounded out loud.

Thankfully he didn’t seem to notice. “What’s up?” you asked him, glad that you had managed to get your voice under control.

Chris had determination written all across his face, “I’ve been meaning to say this for months now, believe me. So don’t interrupt me. Are you free–”

“Chris oh my god thank god I found you,” a feminine voice sounded next to you and a girl a similar height to you stood in between you and Chris and blocked your view of him. “I lost my course book, can I photocopy the pages out of yours?” she pleaded.

Chris nodded and gave her a soft smile, “Sure. Though, Beth, I was in the middle of something,” he nodded behind her at you.

The girl spun around and noticed you had been there the whole time, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there. I’m Beth Johanssen it’s nice to meet you,” she said brightly.

“You, too,” you nodded politely.

“I’ve seen you around, you work in satellites right?”

You perked up, it was rare that someone actually recognised who you were. “Yes! That’s me!”

She smiled wide, “That’s cool. I’m on the space program with Chris.” When she mentioned Chris you noticed just how close she was standing next to him and neither of them seemed uncomfortable with the lack of personal space, in fact it seemed almost natural.

“Welp, I’ve gotta dash. Bye,” she smiled at you then at Chris and went off.

You saw how he gave her a gentle sincere smile and watched her walk away, you had to push down the intense jealousy that rose within you. Of course he was probably dating her, and they would make a cute couple as well. “I’ve gotta go to,” you faked an apologetic smile and walked away as fast as you could with tears burning behind your eyes. You left a stunned Chris behind who had no idea what had just happened.


“We should go out sometime.” A confident voice came from directly behind you.

You yelped in alarm at the sudden noise and jumped up to see that it was only Chris. “God, don’t do that,” you slapped his arm lightly.

“Sorry. I mean it, we should go out. To a bar or something.”

For a moment you got your hopes, then you remembered the nice pretty girl Beth and they were squashed again. “I don’t know,” you drawled out, he clearly didn’t mean a date and you didn’t want to third wheel with him and his girlfriend.

“C’mon,” he insisted.

You sighed, “Okay, okay. Where shall we meet?”

“The bar on 7th?”

You nodded, “Sounds good. I’ll bring Mindy, oh and you should bring Mark.” If you were going to this then you were going to accumulate a group of other single people who you liked. “And I mean you can bring that Martinez guy if you want but he seems like the kind of guy who’d do karaoke when he’s drunk and I’m not into that.”

Chris could only nod and hum, he hadn’t phrased it well enough. He was asking you to go as a date not as a friend but it was too late to correct you now, “Sounds like fun, I’ll tell the others,” he agreed in a strained voice.


You shivered in the cold and wrapped your coat closer to your body, the evening was fully underway and the long stretch of paths to the car park seemed longer than even.

“Y/N, wait up!” Chris called and jogged up to meet you.

“Hi,” you gave him a weak smile, exhaustion evident throughout your body.

“You look like shit,” Chris commented.

You chuckled, “Thanks.”

Soon enough the two of you reached the car park, “I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Thanks,” you smiled at him. You reached your car and dug your keys out to unlock it, before you could open the door Chris caught you by the arm. Turning to face him you didn’t have time to get a word out because his warm lips were pressing softly but urgently into yours.

It only took a few seconds for you to sink into the kiss, the your senses came back to you and you pushed him away, “Chris, no. What about your girlfriend?”

“My girlfriend?” Chris scrunched up his nose sounding confused.


Chris snorted, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Oh,” you frowned, “I thought she was. You guys seemed close.”

He shook his head, “Nah. She’s more like my little sister.”

You hummed in acknowledgement, “So you just kissed me,” you commented.

Chris blushed heavily and nodded, “Yeah, I did.”


“Because I’ve liked you since I met you back in January,” he admitted.

“I’ve liked you since then, too.”

“Typical,” Chris laughed, “To think we could have been dating this entire time.”

You laughed, “It’s pretty ironic. Well better late than never, Chris, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow.”

Chris smiled wide, “I would like that very much.”


A/N - sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes it’s after midnight. Let me know what you thought! Requests are open xx

Mars Signs; Positives and Negatives

Aries Mars Positives: You have a passion like no other. Your desire to be and to have is like a fire that just cannot be put out. You light up when you talk about the things you aim to achieve. You are undeniably playful and your competitive nature can often come across as charming and sassy. 

Aries Mars Negatives: A word that often comes up to describe you is impulsive, You often find you self doing things that were unplanned and arguably reckless. You regularly forget to think about the consequences before doing things, You are also described as restless and can become this easily. 

Taurus Mars Positives: You are controlled and calm in most things you do and you are focused and reliable when it comes to work, deadlines and things you have promised to do. You are passionate and hard working which is very attractive to others. 

Taurus Mars Negatives: Although conventional is exactly a negative, your conventional and traditionalist behaviours often leaves you un-open to change and results in you being seemingly stubborn and closed minded. Change and development in the things around you easily throws you off balance. 

Gemini Mars Positives: You have an incredible energy about you which is enchanting and easily rubs off those around you. It makes you appear so upbeat and friendly to those you meet and gives you an overall welcoming presence. You are also very creative in multiple ways. 

Gemini Mars Negatives: You lack focus when it comes to things you have aimed and planned to do which results in you letting others and yourself down at times. You can also be weak-willed when it comes to others and you don’t fight your corner and will give up quickly, too. 

Cancer Mars Positives: You are very loyal and reliable. You are a great friend and family member to have as a confidant as you make the person who is open up feel safe and understood. You are incredibly open minded and you are never quick to judge either. 

Cancer Mars Negatives: You can often be passive aggressive which comes off as unstable and manipulative. You are not very good at saying exactly what you mean or telling someone what is actually bothering you. You can also come across as moody and ungrateful because of this. 

Leo Mars Positives: You are such a strong person; strong willed, strong minded and mentally strong to. It takes a lot to cut you down and this often helps you reach your goals much quicker. You have a very charming quality about you which makes you seem a good candidate for friendships. 

Leo Mars Negatives: You can be impatient at times and this make you appear irritating and persistent. This often leads you to jumping the gun or rushing into things, leading to unfavourable outcomes. Although you are passionate this can come across as overbearing and dominating to others. 

Virgo Mars Positives: You are such a determined person which rubs off on others, means you are hard working and is also extremely attractive. You also show good practical skills regularly and this often leads to great success in your life because you never give up either. 

Virgo Mars Negatives: You aren’t that strong when it comes to standing up for yourself and talking yourself up either/ This leads to you seeming un- confident and being overshadowed by others, You are also very insecure at times with is quite an off putting quality to potential partners and friends. 

Libra Mars Positives: You are the definition of a social person. You make people laugh and are overall the life of the party in all sense of the word. You are an extremely affectionate, whether it is kind words or keeping important memorabilia for a rainy day. 

Libra Mars Negatives: Your main downfall tends to be how indecisive you can be. You have a tough time choosing one thing over another and when someone says “no it’s your choice” you will go back and forth until they are the one who decides. You can also be tempted easily by things you shouldn’t do. 

Scorpio Mars Positives: You have such a powerful presence, every time you walk into a room you are noticed, it hard for you to go under the radar at times. your determination is very admirable to others and you are an incredibly faithful person as lying is not really your thing. 

Scorpio Mars Negatives: You might be known for having an unpredictable temper, some days one thing will not affect you even slightly, you will just  shake it off. But another day that same one thing will send raging all over the place. This often will be your downfall when it comes to love. 

Sagittarius Mars Positives: You have a fantastic sense of adventure about you. You are not afraid to do the unknown or to face your fears, Your catch phrase is “why not” and you just love to have fun. You are also an incredibly persuasive person which works in your favour. 

Sagittarius Mars Negatives: You can come over as intense to people. You have almost a brooding quality about you which can be a little intimidating to others, You aren’t the best an committing to things either. You are also known for your impatience which can be your downfall more than regularly. 

Capricorn Mars Positives: You are an overall calm and relaxed presence. You also have a great sense of control over yourself, the things you do and the things that are going on around you. Your chill vibe makes you seem very friendly and a good companion. 

Capricorn Mars Negatives: You can be a little bit too much experimental which leads you into some risky behaviour. I don’t be actual danger, but more like “i wonder how long I can stay up tonight” and you decide to do that the night before an exam. You are also a little materialistic at times, too. 

Aquarius Mars Positives: You are an independent person, which means you do not have to rely on always having a companion with you and you can handle doing things on your own from a younger age than most people. You are an energetic person and you are very ambitious too. 

Aquarius Mars Negatives: You, like Libra Mars, can be very indecisive and are happy to argue yourself out of making decisions. You however, struggle much more with hard and life changing decisions. you are not that open to change either which definitely is not a trait in  your favour. 

Pisces Mars Positives: You are a very gentle person, which means you strive when you are with children or vulnerable people which makes you appear to be very caring and nurturing. You are very creative in most ways, you might have talents in art or music  but are also creative in difficult situations. 

Pisces Mars Negatives: You can sometimes be described as a loose cannon and will be regularly unpredictable. This leads people to worrying about whether you are going to take something how they think you will. You are also sometimes a push over and let others take advantage of you. 

WELL BOIS, i’ve been putting this off for a while. each new milestone i kept saying i’d make my biaslist, and it’s taken me to 450+ to finally get to it. i have enjoyed every single thread i’ve ever participated in, & apperciate every single follower i have, honestly. these are my babies & people want to see / interact with them, and that’s crazy.

so, here’s alex’s biast list.


first thing is first, @cyberrdolcevita / @tozielous is my best fucking friend. my wife. my e v e r y t h i n g. she even made me this pretty graphic for my post. she’s been there for me every single time i’ve needed her, & i hope i’ve done the same for her. i love to talk to her, listen to her ideas, read her writing, & get to experience the joy that is her. i love her with my whole heart & without her i’d never be the same.

@tentaculi is my espresso. I LOVE HER. she was one of my first writing partner’s with this blog and has stuck beside me through the michael peach drought of 2017. her characters are the cutest beans and so well written. espresso is a bundle of joy and love and i appreciate her sm.

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@gntlesoul / @cvnicaloptimist. what else can i heckin’ say? i LOVE mars. she’s been with me through the mess of alex kralie & jessica. she puts up with barker & regina, which is hard to do. i love her so much, she’s such a silly soul who i could talk to for hours, and write with for days, it’s never ending fun with her!!


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Harry Potters Natal Chart - Requested by anon.
Now those of you following me for a long time know that I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter, the series helped me through a really dark time and helped me open up in therapy as a kid.

JK Rowling gave Harry her birthdate (different year ofc), so I naturally used her time of birth for the purpose of the houses which I think actually worked out really well!

The Gemini on his ascendant would explain how witty and quick he was with others (in the books). As it’s a dual sign it also explains the public putting their ideals on him as the Boy Who Lived.

Venus conjunct the Ascendant, seen as naturally handsome but he also was very well mannered!

Leo on the IC!! He was born into fame and his family name itself was that of a legend! He grew up to break free from all that, to find justice and freedom for the wizarding world.

Sun in Leo in the 3rd, he could never shy away from the spotlight no matter how much he wanted to, he always had to have himself heard.

Pluto, Mars and Saturn, his free time was very much restricted because of who he was, he never had much safe fun, it was always going on dangerous quests.

His 8th house is duplicated in Capricorn which is significant as Voldmort being a Capricorn Sun wreaked of death in Harry’s life more than anything else.

Moon in Pisces in 11th. Emotions are hard for him to grasp and he always follows his intuition regardless of risk. He is emotionally obligated to do what’s right for the greater good.

Chiron in Taurus in 12th. Wounds involving his sense of security that only really come out in his nightmares and his subconscious. It also squares his Nodes, his wounds push him to move past his origins and work towards his destiny.

There’s tons more but I don’t want to ramble!

Authenticaussie replied to your chat

LOOK OKAY BUT I FUCKING WANT THIS SO BAD CONSIDER: knights marco+sabo being Dorky As Fuck but they think the other is Super Cool bc they never get put in the same squad or smth and the king asks for volunteers to slay the dragon/the best fighters to slay a dragon who’s captured a bunch of towns and that’s sab+mar and a few other people and they head out and have ro work together and protect each other and sab/mar end up getting seperated from the main group bc Bandits

And having to fight for each and watch each other’s backs and laughing relievedly and STUPID JOKES!!!! BEING SO SURPRISED WHEN THE OTHER LAUGHS!!!! BECOMING ENAMOURED WITH THE OTHER’S LAUGHTER!!! and they reach the town apparently under the dragon’s control but like everyone’s super chill??? They’re pretending there’s no dragon at all??? “But what abt that ominously smoking mountain cave over there????” “Haha looool no that’s where the old men go to hang out!!”

///sabo and marco looking around at the bar of old men like ???? And they slowly start uncovering the fact that Things come from over the mountains and the dragon has been protecting them aND ALSO OKAY LIKE SHAPESHIFTER DRAGON!ACE WHO WORKS AS A BARKEEP AND HAS BEEN SUSSING THESE KNIGHTS OUT BUT THEYRE????? ACTUALLY REALLY NICE??? AND SUPER KIND TO EACH OTHER EVEN THO THEY ONLY APPARENTLY KNEW EACH OTHER FOR A FEW WEEKS????? ace getting injured fightng the Things and+

Sabo/marco’s first reaction is immediately to protect him even tho he’s in dragon form. Wanting to bolt for it as soon as ace opens his mouth but holding their ground and being like we know you’re intelligent!! (We h o p e you’re intelligent, sabo mumbles, sword raised) and ace makes a shuffling noise kind of like a wheezing laugh and shifts back to normal and sabo kind of goes “oh, not intelligent then” and ace is like w o w i could still eat you, you asshole

Ace watched the knights from behind the bar, eyes narrowed. They had shown up not too long ago, both covered in wounds from a group of bandits- Dandan no doubt-  and were here to kill the dragon. To kill him. The town people were doing everything they could to get them to leave but both blonds were apparently on a “quest” and wouldn’t stop until they defeated the monster of the mountains. He wasn’t a fan of knights. Most were stuck up, with their own twisted sense of morals that meant no one but them and their lords deserved protection. They took what they wanted from those under them but never did their jobs to help the commoners like they claim they would.

This was why he had moved to the village a few years back. If the knights wouldn’t step up and do their duty, he would. The things that came from the other side were evil spirits and the humans had no hope in keeping them at bay without some form of protection so the dragon had made a deal with them. The villagers would hide him from the knights and he would fight away all that went bump in the night. It was a nice deal, and no stupid unfairly attractive blond was going to ruin it.  With that in mind, he loaded up a tray with the knight’s drinks and made his way over. Making sure to look like he tripped the dragon drops almost all of the contains into one of the knight’s lap. There is a shocked cry as the one with a burn scar laughs. “Looks like bad luck is all you have, Marco!”

“I’m so sorry!” the barkeep is quick to say putting up an act of a clumsy nervous wreck perfectly. Some of the old men in the bar snicker.

Ace is stunned when the other man just laughs giving him an understanding smile “Nah, it’s ok. I just happened to walk in front of a black cat today!”

The joke goes over his head, but it seems to be an inside one as the other blond snorts with laughter. He covers his mouth with horror but “Marco’s” eyes are gleaming. “Aw, don’t be shy, Sabo. It’s not becoming of a knight.”

“Shut up, you dork!”

Ace returns to the bar without either noticing but he steals glances at them every once in a while. It’s been a long time since he seen someone with such open love in their faces. He wonders what it feels like to have someone stare at you like that.

Lost in thought he missed the way both knights’ eyes trail after him and doesn’t hear Sabo tell Marco “He was kind of cute.”


Super Deep 1am Thoughts on Your Sign

Aries- you are easily excited and are always thinking about something totally different than what someone is saying to you. Honestly I think that your brain is like in two weeks from now but your body is stuck in present day. You need to embrace your pace and energy. You don’t need to calm down you need to love that you are the way you are. Do not let people make you feel as if you are not as good as them because you are youthful. You are perfect the way you are.

Taurus- this is wired because I am one but here goes nothing. You are wise beyond your years but have a very hard time expressing yourself openly. People don’t really know you unless they have seen you cry. Which almost never happens, but it is who you truly are, not the tough face you put on everyday. Leave your past behind. Not everyone is going to hurt you. Allow your self to take the risk and let people into your heart. It will he hard, but it will be rewarding.

Gemini- You are the happiest person I know and yet the most depressed person at the same time. Your smile will seem so real until you begin to cry in my arms. You are strong but broken. I hope you understand that you don’t have to pretend to be happy to find true happiness. You just have to be yourself.

Cancer- you feel emotion deeper then then the Pacific Ocean and pain worse than drowning. You have to have strength in yourself. Not strength in the people around you. You can’t always depend on the people by your side because one day they won’t be there. You are strong enough to handle things on your own. You will only grow stronger the more you believe that you can.

Leo- you pretend to be confident and strong. Although you may be a lion on the outside, I see the kitty on the inside. Dealing with your fear of being seen for who you truly are. But you have nothing to be afraid of! You are beautiful inside out don’t hide who you are. Be radiant.
Be beautiful. Be you.

Virgo- although many people will say you are shy or keep to yourself we both know you are secretly a party animal. ;) You are strong but show no confidence behind your scared eyes and broken heart. You have a strength like no other do not hide that or let people try to push it down. Show the world who you really are! Stand back up!

Libra- you fear so much. You have nothing to be afraid of. If you make a mistake life will carry on and your mistake will be forgotten. But if you
don’t make a mistake, you will regret
not doing what you truly want. We don’t live life to be perfect we live life to learn. Do not fear the unknown, embrace it! Think of the best no need to worry about the worst. Make decisions from your heart not your heat.

Scorpio- your emotions are strong. They take over your whole body and make you feel as if you have no control. You need the strength to look in the mirror and tell yourself, I AM STRONG. Because you are stronger than any sticks, stones, or words that hold you down. I know you struggle to see your self the way others see you. All we want is to help but we both know the only person who can help is you. You are not a problem. You are a solution. The faster you release that, the faster you can be.

Sagittarius- you have the energy of a buzzing bee collecting honey on a warm summers day. Yet you lose yourself in your mind. Afraid to hurt people or fight back. You are not going to be able to save everyone’s feels but you can save your own. You need to put yourself first for once in your life. You need to trust others to take care of themselves. You can not control anybody’s fate but your own

Capricorn- you are strong and mighty. You can work for a goal and make amazing discoveries. However you never truly take the time to sit back and think over all the things that really matter. You forget to thank and sometimes even forget to love. You would not be who you are or where you are without the help of the people around you. You have achievements but do you have what truly matters most?Only you can make that decision.

Aquarius- I could get lost in your brain. Day after day I can be with you and no day will ever be the same. You are harder to read than a child’s handwriting. Which is easy to believe , do to your childhood fantasies. You have a head full of wishes and you are creating new ones everyday. I can see that in your eyes you truly wish that every dream will come true. Yet life is not a wishing well and this is not a fairytale. You need to make up your mind and follow your heart. It’s no fun to be realistic but if you pace yourself and put your mind to it I believe you will live your dreams. But wishes will only come true with hard work and a good heart too. And you will live, happily ever after!

Pisces- you brain in on Mars and your body on earth. Yet you never seem to get frazzled about truly knowing where you belong. Let’s be honest you are much happier living in your daydreams than in your real life. No body judges you for that we all have hopes and dreams. However if you spent your whole life in your head you won’t really live and soon you’ll be dead. I don’t want to scare you but you need to get yourself into gear and start noticing that your life can be your dream if it’s what you truly want. We all know you can do it. But do you know? Maybe you should prove yourself wrong. You can live your fantasy

Written by: gabbysguide

Feel free to request or ask questions 💋

Song of Nimrodel pt 4

Imagine loving Haldir but finding it difficult to confess because he’s only acted like good friend towards you + Imagine waking up to see Haldir’s face watching you: worried after rescuing you from an orc attack

word count 1600

Chapter [1] [2][2.5] [3] [4] [5]

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You stared across the small pool, listened to the sound of splashes from the small waterfall at the beginning of Nimrodel. To you, this place had become one of memory, even if the century that had passed since you first met a stranger here had turned it bittersweet.

“I remember when I first found you here,” Haldir’s voice sounded behind you; you were not surprised. Though you had accepted the escort of one of the Marsh Wardens stationed in Caras Galadhon, you knew young Harthor would have informed his commander as soon as possible. You did not reply; you remembered it too, if for different reasons. That first meeting was the first time you had seen him, the origin of the love that burned steadily in your heart, condemned to a vow of silence because the one who held it would never be more than your friend, would never think of you as anyone dearer than that. “I heard you first, of course, your song and Oreliel’s happy laughter.” The memory made you smile regardless of your sorrow. “I thought it the fairest sound in Lórien then, and the century since passed has only confirmed my thoughts.”

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the kanagawa au. in which rex glass never joins juno on the mask case and juno negotiates a contract with the kanagawas in order to find out who killed croesus (and then stays with the family in order to figure out how to break cassandra out of hoosegow). after that, well, things start to snowball.

it’s been a long time since i’ve written long fic and i’ve never written criminal aus, so while i wibble over the opening scenes, have a little teaser, which will not be in the fic itself as the fic will never leave juno’s POV and this is… not juno’s POV.

note: this fic is written in second person pov, using you/your/yours instead of i/me/my or he/him/his et al. i find it much more dynamic for writing peter’s POV than third person. for best effect listen to this song while you read. if you have questions, hit me up, i’d love to talk about the particulars of this au as long as they’re not spoilery!

You don’t visit Mars much anymore– the Kanagawa family has had things well in hand since Croesus’ death. (You’d be more put out about your hand in it if the mask hadn’t garnered you such a … sizable profit. Enough to finish that shelter out on Miranda you’d been trying to get off the ground for the last five years. You win some, you lose some, and Croesus’ wife hadn’t seemed too upset about the unexpected turn of events.)

Now, though, Min is sending you a comm, requesting a meeting with you. The last time she had you’d been so distracted by an exquisitely embroidered smoking jacket in a museum on Titan that you hadn’t answered her comms. It’s something akin to guilt that has you agreeing to meet her without so much as a grumble.

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