mars tutorial


I’m telling you, Lorax! Don’t grumble! Don’t stew!
Some people are much more unlucky than you!

im severely late but Mar. 2nd was the onceler fandomversary as well as Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so here’s the Once-ler offering the Lorax some Birthday Bird brand cigars. i combined my top 3 fav seuss stories. also included wips!

how to put two gifs on one canvas (◕‿◕✿)

Hey guys!! I’m making a tutorial on this because i couldn’t find one and its actually kind of complicated :)))

This is the gif i’ll be showing you how to make:

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Like I Would Sign by Zayn Malik sign language cover (PSE)


Behold! My Planet Machine! With this device you can make almost any surface into a planet, a messy desk, a painting of another planet, even cake! 

I’ve even included the template so you can make you own! Simply cut out the geometric shape shown and enjoy making your own solar system!

It’s not available on my Etsy Shop


Greetings Guardians, 

I hope that helped.

I forgot to mention that the spirit gum and the remover is to apply the tiara to the forehead. Give it a good coat in the spirit gum and it will stay on all day. Carry it around with you just in case of touch ups. 

Here is a link to the basic Gems:

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I’m trying to practice with color so please ignore the fact that i never draw hands like ever  but I don’t understand what I’m doing at all I don’t get color I ???