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I believe everybody can have a role in this society and that everybody can fight for others with the intention of helping them. So, this is gonna be about our potential to fight throught astrology BUT REMEMBER, YOU CAN FIGHT FOR EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

Mars in the 1st house\Aries: You have the potential to fight for the ones who can’t find their identidy and/or have self-issues.

Mars in the 2nd house\Taurus: You have the potential to fight for everybody safety, to fight for the value of everybody in the society and to fight for everybody needs.

Mars in the 3rd house\Gemini: You have the potential to fight for the ones who don’t have a voice or who are afraid to speak or the ones that don’t have a good environment.

Mars in the 4th house\Cancer: You have the potential to fight for a safe home that provides you all you need to grow and protection.

Mars in the 5th house\Leo: You have the potential to fight for the pleasures that everybody deserves and the moments of joy.

Mars in the 6th house\Virgo: You have the potential to fight for a job for everybody, for a routine, for global health and for the moment where everybody will work together.

Mars in the 7th house\Libra: You have the potential to fight for equality and fairness as well as good relationships with everybody.

Mars in the 8th house\Scorpio: You have the potential to fight for the things that most people are afraid to talk about and are considered taboo.

Mars in the 9th house\Sagittarius: You have the potential to fight for human rights and for everybody beliefs.

Mars in the 10th house\Capricorn: You have the potential to fight for the goals people want to reach and the things they want to conquer in life.

Mars in the 11th house\Aquarius: You have the potential to fight for the crowd and for the society wishes.

Mars in the 12th house\Pisces: You have the potential to fight for the ones who are exclude from the society.

While I was writing this I thought about how much Mars can help Saturn because Saturn represents our doubts and Mars can give us energy and power to overcome them.


Part 4/?: Hephaestus/Vulcan as an Orange from Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy.

(I kind of got carried away with this one, but hey I think it turned out pretty cool. Plus it’s the complete opposite of Part3 so I enjoyed the juxtaposition. Enjoy!)
Jenni Murray: trans women shouldn't call themselves 'real women'
Presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour sparks outrage with article on transgender women in Sunday Times magazine
By Maev Kennedy

notice how there’s mention of older trans women for whom it makes perfect sense that there’s a difference between them and women, and with the ones who disagree their justification of their womanhood is that they enjoy performing gender stereotypes while also often being misogynists and generally ignorant of the experiences of the real women in their midst.
Royals launch campaign to get Britons talking about mental health | Society | The Guardian

William, Kate and Harry recruit celebrities and other individuals for videos discussing depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have enlisted a rapper, a Royal Marine and a Labour spin doctor to try to push stigma about discussing mental health beyond what they believe is a “tipping point” and into public acceptability.

The royals are trying to use their high profile to convince the public that “shattering stigma on mental health starts with simple conversations”.

Their goal is to destigmatize mental health.

Cheat Sheets: Mars - Will Power and Sex Drive

When I want something I am…

Mars in Aries: Direct, assertive, straightforward, aggressive, dominant

Mars in Taurus: Patient, stubborn, hardworking, goal-oriented

Mars in Gemini: Versatile, cunning, clever, quick

Mars in Cancer: Manipulative, shrewd, careful, possessive

Mars in Leo: Dramatic, determined, charming, stubborn

Mars in Virgo: Calculated, cunning, clever, determined

Mars in Libra: Fair, considerate, flattering, flirtatious, charming

Mars in Scorpio: Powerful, determined, cunning, brooding

Mars in Sagittarius: Blunt, straightforward, intense, feisty

Mars in Capricorn: Clever, fair, cunning, hard working

Mars in Aquarius: Intellectual, thoughtful, stubborn, rebellious

Mars in Pisces: Charming, idealistic, flattering, versatile, manipulative

I express this most through…

Mars in the 1st House: My identity, my overall presence

Mars in the 2nd House: The things that make me feel secure

Mars in the 3rd House: The way I express my thoughts

Mars in the 4th House: My inner self, the way I was brought up

Mars in the 5th House: The way I express my creativity

Mars in the 6th House: The way I do things for other people

Mars in the 7th House: My relationships with other people

Mars in the 8th House: The way I assert my power and express my sexuality

Mars in the 9th House: The way I approach the world and stand for my beliefs

Mars in the 10th House: My reputation and public image

Mars in the 11th House: How I assert myself in society 

Mars in the 12th House: My hidden self, my unconscious motives


This video describes the theory I used to hold which ties Moe, Mars, and the Fire Kingdom together as well as the revised version I currently hold after realizing my older theory contained a major inconsistency.

This is the first of 4 videos I will be uploading throughout the course of today. The next two are Steven Universe reviews, and the last one is an announcement that my YT channel is going on hiatus due to my vacation. I’m actually on vacation already, but spotty internet kept me from uploading these videos several days ago like I had originally planned.