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Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like” Parody - “I Got My Bike” (via youtube)

Shin soukoku moments - Part II

Part I - Here

I will continue writing here why I think their relationship is slowly developing.

This is the first time akutagawa and atsushi meet and don’t fight. Also, I think it’s interesting how akutagawa let atsushi go just because the headmaster had died. He showed pity, something that his past self wouldn’t have done.

Atsushi still don’t trust akutagawa and that is normal, the poor boy suffered a lot due to akutagawa’s jealousy. I am not planning to ignore this fact. 

Anyway, look at atsushi’s face here: 

Now going back to their relationship, what I liked about chapter 51 was how “normally” akutagawa and atsushi were talking. Akutagawa had no reason to start talking about himself or how he felt, but he felt comfortable enough with atsushi and without realizing it he just started speaking. I mean, this is the same akutagawa who looked at atsushi with intense hatred in the boat. Their relationship is still far from perfect. Akutagawa did think of killing atsushi once he realized what he was doing yet he still stopped for the sake of the mission. In the past, he let his instincts take over, now he is able to think rationally even when atsushi is in front of him. Of course the mission is important, but he always did what he wanted before, now he is acting differently.

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