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@jaredletoTook the entire @30secondstomars CREW to #WONDERWOMAN last night!!! Loved the movie. Loved the actors. Loved everything about it. And @gal_gadot was perfect. 💪🏻 Great work, congrats and thx to team #WonderWoman and @warnerbrosentertainment
ps. When I was a kid I used to watch the og tv series religiously.

Me duelen los sentimientos de tanto pensarte,
imagínate cómo me duele el corazón de tanto sentirte.
Me convertí en esa piedra que se interpuso en tu camino
para que abrieras los ojos y miraras más que dureza,
un montón de cosas raras e inexplicables que te gustaran
y que amaras tenerlas a tu lado.

Dicen que después de un tren viene otro,
lo mismo con las personas:
una tras otra tras otra tras otra
y no sabes con qué fuerza te arrollara la siguiente.
Pero el mundo necesita más gente valiente,
que no se ponga tantas corazas,
que se dé cuenta de cuán guapa es sin miedos
y que las inseguridades vayan directo al basurero.

Que ría a mitad de un orgasmo
y que se deshaga del peso que lleva en los hombros.
Que ame hasta estremecer cada partícula del universo,
que corra desnuda por el mar a media noche,
que se desvista por dentro y que brille,
que sea el sol de las noches,
las manos calientes del invierno.

No podemos elegir el atardecer en el que vamos a darnos por vencidos,
pero tú sigue, adelante, con la vista bien puesta sobre las estrellas,
no vale la pena tirar por el borde lo que tantas tormentas te ha costado enfrentar.
Mi pequeño guerrero, mi eterno compañero de batalla:
Quiero decirte que, esta tormenta, esta turbulencia y este naufragio, lo enfrentaremos juntos.
—  “Tren tras tren”, Benjamín Griss

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Bruno Mars is a severely underrated musician. He hardly ever gets media attention despite his amazing talent. This saddens me since I see so many mediocre singers getting hype. He is an inspiration and icon for the Latinx community. I try to bring this up to my peers who don't like him or his music since I live in a very populated Latinx city. I just feel like he is the representation we need in the music industry.


Hey guys. So this happened! I found myself taking this meet and greet thing wayyy too seriously so I decided to dress up as Waldo to calm my nerves lol. 

This weekend was the best. I got to hear an unreleased Mars song (it’s bomb I promise) and see some great friends of mine. 

I was also reminded of who I wanted to be. That was a question I kept asking myself this entire summer so it was no coincidence that it came up this weekend. I knew who I was but I felt that something inside me was changing. In other words I was having a major identity crisis. I found myself taking more and more dance classes as opposed to doing summer shows. For a while I thought something was wrong. I felt this resistance to keep learning ballet because I labeled myself as a “Theatre Kid.” Eventually I had to accept that dance is a major part of my life. It’s something I think about all day, everyday. Every time I hear a song I think of the choreography that would go with it. [It’s become a major problem. Oh me and my day dreaming lol.] But it also made me realize that it’s okay to go through that. Nothing is worse than watching someone force themselves to do something that’s not feeding them anymore.

I also met a guy that I watch on YouTube. It was kind of random but completely awesome. I literally had to double check it was the right dude because I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself lol. I think he has great content and subscribe to a lot of his friends too. 

So huh here’s the shameless plug lol:

Overall it was a great experience. I met the band that saved my life for the second time and can’t believe it’s over. It’s worse than the post show depression I usually have. 

Okay this post is a little too long. [I have a knack for writing long posts haha.] I hope ya’ll have a great day! Once again, I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear the new single “Walk On Water.”





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Birth Charts of Social Media Sites and Apps

Note: I used 12:00 PM for all of the charts created. Snapchat, Pinterest, Vine, and Soundcloud are not included since there isn’t information on the location of establishment or exact date of establishment.


  • Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising
  • 10th House stellium
  • 4th/10th Interception in Virgo and Pisces
  • Intercepted Sun, Moon, Mercury (also in retrograde,) Venus, and Uranus


  • Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising
  • Mars (intercepted) and Lilith in the 12th House
  • Interception in Taurus and Scorpio in the 6th and 12th House


  • Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Ascendant
  • 10th House stellium
  • Venus-Mars conjunction in the 11th House


  • Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Ascendant
  • Mercury in Pisces in retrograde
  • Aries and Libra interception in the 4th and 10th House
  • Intercepted Sun


  • Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Libra Rising
  • Mars in Pisces in retrograde
  • 10th House stellium + Leo stellium


  • Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Ascendant
  • 10th House stellium
  • Moon in the 12th
  • Aries/Libra interception in the 5th and 11th House


  • Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising
  • 10th House stellium + Cancer stellium


  • Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Sagittarius Rising
  • Saturn in the 8th House
  • Notable Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 3rd House


  • Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising
  • 3rd House stellium in Pisces
  • 10th House stellium in Libra
  • Leo and Aquarius interception in the 2nd and 8th House
  • Venus in Scorpio in retrograde


  • Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Rising
  • Scorpio Mars in the 12th House (lol)
  • Saturn in the 11th House (lol)
  • Cancer and Capricorn interception in the 2nd and 8th House
  • Intercepted Pluto in Capricorn

Yik Yak

  • Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Capricorn Rising
  • 12th House stellium
  • Mercury in Scorpio in retrograde
  • Virgo and Pisces interception in the 2nd and 8th House
  • Intercepted Mars

The Independent:

Donald Trump “feels great” about spending his time at Mar-a-Lago, his spokesman Sean Spicer has said.

Since his inauguration, Mr Trump has spent at least seven weekends at the so-called ‘Winter White House’ in Florida.

The estimated security costs of each trip are more than $3million and local law enforcement has also struggled to deal with securing the local town of Palm Beach for the President.

The President’s recreational trips stand in strong contrast to his comments made on the campaign trail last year, when he said he would “rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done”.

But Mr Trump has made no indication of halting his trips to his Florida property.

Yet concerns abound over how the Presidency can properly function at the resort. There was outcry after Mr Trump’ messy response to a North Korean missile test was documented on social media by Mar-a-Lago guests in the same room.

On the same trip, a guest posted a picture of himself to Facebook posting with a military official who apparently was carrying the nuclear codes.

The projected cost of security for Mr Trump’s visits over a four year presidential term was reported to be an estimated to be $600 million. This is just over the amount his administration plans on cutting for social, education and cultural programmes.

MARS MEDIA (the production company of “Catherine the Great”) : Мы планируем в начале февраля доснять несколько сцен, зимнюю натуру. Потом начнется постпродакшн. И есть вероятность, что сериал выйдет на Первом канале в мае 2015 года. Но, к сожалению, точно мы сказать не можем - на канале могут изменить дату показа.

“We plan in early February to take a few scenes of winter nature. And then begins post-production. And it is likely that the series will be released on the First Channel in May 2015. But  unfortunately, though we can not say, the channel may change the date of premiere”.
Zayn Malik looks dreamy on the cover of Sunday Times' Style magazine
Lovely, lovely Zayn.

Lovely, lovely Zayn.

By Naomi Gordon Mar 17, 2017

Zayn may be modeling a jacket that looks like it’s made from the same material as an Ikea shopping bag, but he’s still a slammin’ hottie on the cover of Sunday Times’ Style magazine.

The 24-year-old singer has been unveiled as the Sunday paper’s magazine cover star, and fans obviously can’t cope - especially as cruelly they’ll have to wait until the weekend to see inside. WE NEED TO SEE THE WORDS WITH THE PICTURES NOW.

The newspaper’s Twitter account shared the image, along with the caption: “Breaking! The @zaynmalik cover. See the full shoot and interview on Sunday zaynXstyle”

Zayn - who is also working a slicked-back man-bun on the cover -  posted the image on his page too, but without any words (so Zayn), and fans promptly lost it as they deluged the tweet with their undying love for the star.

The paper’s twitter account also kindly shared some images from inside the magazine (although the second jacket looks as questionable as the first) and as fans pointed out, he looks nothing short of perfect.

The publication also promised that we’ll see “@zaynmalik as you’ve never seen him before in our brand-new exclusive unseen shots.”

Don’t forget to steal your parents’ paper on Sunday….