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It's so weird finding out people on Tumblr are from Europe, I have this weird American way of assuming everyone else is also American

i am from america actually, i was born in venus though, got kicked out and landed in mars, then i swam to america in space to meet @vietz

Fic Update: Breathing Room - Ch 6

Next chapter of “Breathing Room” is up on AO3!: Ch 6 - Shaken, Not Stirred

Nick and Jess celebrating at the bar while Nick slowly unravels. Note I know fuckall about baseball so if any roomfriends want to correct me on that part, it would be welcome.

Wow, didn’t realize I haven’t updated this fic since September. I do really want to finish this fic. “Breathing Room” and “Jess, The Real Girl” are my priority fics to finish.

Here’s what I really believe: You can create a plan for your life, and then crazy things get thrown at you. And that, by the way, is the closest thing that I have to a plan. So maybe it’s crazy to talk about being an intergalactic truck driver, but what I think is crazier is trying to plan every single detail of our future.

Nick Miller

 - I actually agree with this philosophy.

Bts when seeing you preform a sexy, badass come back

• Surprised Jin is surprised
• Cheers you on
•Telling bad jokes to try and distract every one from checking you out
• copies your dance moves and embaresses the fuck out of you
•Biggest fanboy out there
• Hoping that if he moves around to much no one will notice his boner
• Mochi Jimin is blushing like crazy
• Suddenly discovers his mommy kink
• the people on that NASA spaceship landing on mars could see that he’s turned on
• Stage one: Blank Tea
•Stage two: Fanboy Tea
•Stage three: Daddy! Tea
Rap monster:
• Very high key checking you out
• Daddy! Namjoon in his purest form
• actually enjoying the song because the lyrics only add up to the mood
• Dirty thoughts™
• looks like he doesn’t give a shit but he’s actually putting all his will power into not getting a boner
• low key proud that you could pull this style off
Jungcook (sorry I had to):
• International playboy who?
• Probably misses half of it while freaking out in the bathroom


Looking like that, why are you such a nerd? And you are, you know. A serious nerd. I had to do some computer shit to get Pathfinder talking to the rover and oh my god.