mars is their child

  • Mars in the 1st house/Mars in Aries: The essence is pure energy, life is energizing
  • Mars in the 2nd house/Mars in Taurus: The voice is energizing. Having self worth is energizing
  • Mars in the 3rd house/Mars in Gemini: Debate, learning, and the immediate experience is energizing, this people are like a hot plate
  • Mars in the 4th house/Mars in Cancer: Family and home draw energy, dreams and intuition run hot
  • Mars in the 5th house/Mars in Leo: Creativity is energizing, validation is a form of energy. The inner child emits energy
  • Mars in the 6th house/Mars in Virgo: Serving is energizing. The energy is nervous energy
  • Mars in the 7th house/Mars in Libra: Human interaction, sociability is energizing, kindness is a form of energy
  • Mars in the 8th house/Mars in Scorpio: Transformation, metamorphosis, dying and being reborn everyday is the essence of continual, powerfully released energy
  • Mars in the 9th house/Mars in Sagittarius: Putting philosophy into action through discovery is energizing, intimacy with God is the ultimate energy
  • Mars in the 10th house/Mars in Capricorn: When inspiration is unlocked, ambitious energy flows uncontrollably
  • Mars in the 11th house/Mars in Aquarius: Energized by ideas and vision like hot electricity, friends are energizing
  • Mars in the 12th house/Mars in Pisces: Energized by retreating into privacy to regenerate and renew, to flow with the energies of a winter saying goodbye
Predicting Future Child’s Sign

So I’ve been researching this topic on and off so I thought I’d make a post about it now.
Some of the information I write is subject to change, this is just info I’ve gathered and wanted to share with others and let them have their take on it.

So I have discovered that astrology can predict the sign/dominant influence of your future children. Now, the methods of predicting this, I have no idea how well it works or if it works at all, but I think it’s kind of fun to look at and it worked in my family’s charts.

The first method is simply looking at your rising sign and sun sign. It is very common for the person’s children to have their parent’s rising sign as their sun sign and vice versa. 
For example, my mother is a Sagittarius Rising with an Aquarius sun and my biological father is a Gemini Rising with a Pisces sun.
I carried over my mother’s rising sign as my sun sign. My brother carried over my father’s rising sign.
I believe this also works with moon signs as well. My brother took my mother’s sun sign as his moon (so he’s a Gemini sun/Aquarius moon). 

Whether you see this method in your charts/parent’s charts/future children’s charts, you should specifically notice a lot of Conjunctions, Oppositions, and Squares between you and your family members in your inner planets (sun, moon, rising). Hopefully just conjunctions and oppositions because squares usually mean a rough relationship between you and your parents or a not so great childhood.

The next method is looking to the 5th House. The 5th house represents everything you create whether it be something related to art or the children you bring into this world. 
For predicting one’s children through the 5th house, it is important to look at both parent’s charts to get the full idea. You can look at one chart alone, but it may not paint the whole picture.
Look to see if there’s any planets in the 5th house. Zero planets doesn’t mean you are denied children (it’s just not a priority in your life. Keep in mind that stuff can still transit into your 5th house), but having planets in there can help describe what your child will be like. 
Sun in the 5th House
Higher chance of your first born to be male. Possibly a strong Leo or Sun influence to their chart. Strong likelihood of spoiling this child more than the others (if this goes on for their whole childhood they kind of become a “mama’s boy”). The child’s energy will naturally carry over some fiery traits. 

Moon in the 5th House
Higher chance of your first born to be female, lots of children in general if the individual has a water/earth moon sign that isn’t badly aspected. Possibly with a strong Cancer or Lunar influence to their chart. This placement makes for very caring children. The child’s energy will be pretty watery and emotional; maybe even moody at times.

Mercury in the 5th House
I believe the chance for a male or female child is equal, maybe even a chance for twins, especially if the individual has a lot of Mercurial/Mutable influences in their chart. Possibly a strong Gemini/Mercurial influence to the child’s chart. This will make for a very talkative, charismatic, jack of all trades type child. The child’s overall energy will be very airy/mutable.

Venus in the 5th House
Higher chance of your first born to be a female. Possibly a strong Venusian or Libra influence to their chart. The child is likely to be quite popular, beautiful, and artistic; all of the elegant traits that come along with Libras. The overall energy is quite feminine and airy. 

Mars in the 5th House
Higher chance of your first born to be a male, if not, you can expect a female child to be very tom boyish. Possibly a strong Mars or Aries influence to the child’s chart. The child will most likely pursue anything sporty or active. The child’s overall energy should be quite fiery and masculine.

Jupiter in the 5th House
No specific indication whether the first born will be male or female, but it will definitely have a prominent Jupiter or Sagittarius influence to their chart. The child will be very interested in their parent’s spirituality and morals and will learn a lot from their parent. The child will have high philosophical views and view life to its fullest.

Saturn in the 5th House
No specific indication where the first born will be male or female, however if the individual with this placement decides to have children, it probably won’t be until they are a lot older. That’s where it gets complicated because the people who have a child when they’re older tend to encounter issues with the child whether it be deformities, illnesses, or relationship issues between the parent and the child. So if you have this placement and don’t want children, don’t leave it too long to change your mind. The child will most likely be quite earthy and very disciplined in their younger years.

Uranus in the 5th House
No specific indication whether the first born will be male or female. The child will most likely have a very strong Aquarian/Uranus influence to their chart. You can expect the typical Aquarian traits in this child; eccentricity, rebellious, freedom fighter, etc. The overall energy the child carries will be airy.

Neptune in the 5th House
No specific indication whether the first born will be male or female. The child is likely going to have a strong Piscean/Neptune influence in their chart. The child will have a vast imagination and day dream quite a bit. Very sensitive and may even develop some psychic abilities. The overall energy the child carries is watery.

Pluto in the 5th House
Possibility of either a male or female child with this placement. The child is likely going to have a Scorpio/Pluto influence to their chart. If the child is male, he is likely going to be quite handsome. The child may be secretive or hides their feelings from the parent, especially if the parent’s relationship with the child isn’t strong. The overall energy the child carries is almost a mix of fire and water.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “first child? What about others?”
The next part of the method explains how to figure out the second child. When we look to our second, and third, and fourth child, we look a house over. The second child is predicted in the 7th house, third child in the 9th house, and so on. The reading for the planets in the 7th, 9th, 11th, etc are the same as the 5th, but they just correspond to whichever child is next (example; Venus in the 7th house means the second child is likely to be female…). 

I used this method on my parent’s charts to see if they accurately predicted me and my brother.
In my father’s 5th house, he has Pluto. My brother was born a Scorpio rising and Pluto being third most dominant planet in his chart. In my mother’s 7th house, she has Jupiter. I was born a Sagittarius sun dominant. Furthermore, my mother has the moon in the 5th house which lead to her being the dominant guardian of my brother and I (Moon in the 5th house make for good mothers). 

Some additional notes I’ve gathered on conceiving children…
Bad placements for conceiving children,
-Lack of major aspects to the moon in a woman’s chart
-Malefic Mars aspects (especially if the person has Pluto in a child bearing house)
-Saturn in the 5th house (not impossible, but read above about it)
-If Mars is in the 5th house with harsh aspects

Special placements meaning other things,
-Neptune and Uranus in a child bearing house (especially 5th) can mean adoption.
-If Moon, Mars, and Venus are in duel signs and aspected to Mercury, there will be a high chance of twins. If the planets are in masculine signs, expect male twins. In feminine signs, expect female twins. If a mix of the two, one male, one female.
-An individual with a strong, harmonious sun-mars aspect are more likely to have male children. With a strong, harmonious sun-venus aspect, female children.

Might add onto this in the future, but for now, enjoy! If you have any questions let me know.

Moon-Mars aspects 🌙

there’s a good chance that if u got a moon-mars aspect you:
- were an aggressive child
- tomboy
- hung around with boys or did boy-things as a kid (basically describing tomboy lol)
- either have some kind of disrespect/discomfort towards or greatly respect/love men/sexuality
- argue with your mother often
- always defending people
- when you’re pushed, you push back and always have

mars in the houses and their vibes

this is observations of mars in the houses and the vibes they can give off in relation to their appeal

mars in 1st: tender/seductive vibe (the ultimate example(s): brad pitt, johnny depp, megan fox, lucy lawless, vanessa hudgens)

mars in 2nd: sly/cunning vibe (the ultimate example(s): scarlett johansson, winona ryder, will smith, robert downey jr, leonardo dicaprio)

mars in 3rd: youthful, playful vibe (the ultimate example(s): miley cyrus, cameron diaz, justin bieber,  katy perry, lana del rey, harry styles) 

mars in 4th: aloof vibe (the ultimate example(s): jason bateman, amy winehouse, lady gaga, lenny kravitz, michelle williams)

mars in 5th: mischievous vibe (the ultimate example(s): george clooney, emma watson, pamela anderson, james dean, zayn malik)

mars in 6th: down-to-earth, genuine vibe (the ultimate example(s): tom hanks, julia roberts, audrey hepburn, jake gyllenhaal)

mars in 7th: accommodating/simply charming vibe (the ultimate example(s): chris evans, natalie portman, justin timberlake, tina turner, bruno mars)

mars in 8th: mysterious/perplexing vibe (the ultimate example(s): lindsay lohan, marilyn monroe, emma stone, bruce willis, paul walker, zooey deschanel)

mars in 9th: wild child, free spirit vibe (the ultimate example(s): kate hudson, angelina jolie, rihanna, zac efron, matthew mcconaughey)

mars in 10th: authoritative/assertive vibe (the ultimate example(s): beyonce, uma thurman, ryan gosling, kanye west, kate moss, john cena) 

mars in 11th: girl/boy next door vibe (the ultimate example(s): liv tyler, nick jonas, liam payne, rachel bilson, meryl streep, meg ryan)

mars in 12th: wholesome/’innocent’ vibe (the ultimate example(s): ariana grande, heath ledger, jennifer garner, joseph gordon-levitt, hayden panettiere)

Everyday is your birthday in the fifth house. It is a cosmic Disneyland that opens just for you.

Sun in the 5th house/Leo in the 5th house
The world is a stage and the performer is gracious, radiant, and absolutely transcendent. A Queen dancing on the rays of the Sun, the whole world is watching on

Moon in the 5th house/Cancer in the 5th house
A child walks under a white Moon spotlight, exquisite and enchanting, glowing with the sovereign of an heiress

Mercury in the 5th house/Gemini or Virgo in the 5th house
The word alchemist, wings made of sun, a painter of children’s fairytales with language, a pen that pops with confetti holding books full of colour and delight

Venus in the 5th house/Libra or Taurus in the 5th house
The lover dances on a stage, blowing kisses and swaying with the sun, releasing the bubbles of pleasure, music, and indulgence and seduction

Mars in the 5th house/Aries in the 5th house
A child emerges from a box of crayons ready to draw a world into this one, a woman flickers lights from her fingers, under a blaze she bedazzles with a fire twirling display

Jupiter in the 5th house/Sagittarius in the 5th house
Laughter radiates from the crackle of morning light, today is everybody’s birthday, it’s eating a marshmellow icecream cake for breakfast

Saturn in the 5th house/Capricorn in the 5th house
A guardian appears, one who swoops in to hold and love and protect those vulnerable children, a guardian emerges to soothe his own inner child

Uranus in the 5th house/Aquarius in the 5th house
A bizarre artist walks from his home, an abandoned church in the woods, eccentric portraits and paintings hang upside down

Neptune in the 5th house/Pisces in the 5th house
A circus performer walks and floats and contorts, every movement a display of bodily art and entrancing sensuality, she creates ambient music with her thoughts

Pluto in the 5th house/Scorpio in the 5th house
Beneath a pastel sea, swirling with hypnotic music and art, a spellcaster swims with a wand, every exertion of self is a creative display of godly magnificence


by Tim Odland

i was looking into the mythology and i just now pieced together how perfectly symbolic it is that mars, the god, is juno’s son

and not just that but, according to some stories, juno is the only parent to mars. when jupiter birthed minerva without juno it caused an unbalance, and she had to birth another child without him. mars isnt just her son he’s only her son

like no wonder, symbolically, juno steel feels the weight of the entire planet’s wellbeing on his shoulders. he literally acts like its his fault alone if anyone on the planet is hurt or in trouble. he’s not really the planets mother but damn, try telling him that

ʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙʀᴇᴀᴋᴇʀ || a darkiplier mix

sleep - my chemical romance // 1940 (amplive remix) - the submarines // an unhealthy obsession - the blake robinson synthetic orchestra // volatile times - iamx //  i want you - summer camp // (i always kill) the things i love - the real tuesday weld // seven devils - florence and the machine // reaper man - mother mother // sound of madness - shinedown // the widow - the mars volta // child psychology - black box recorder // neighbour - mother mother // dead! - my chemical romance // i love you - the dandy warhols

Love Of The Universe

Aries + Gemini: the young mind meets the young heart. Two eccentric, two energic souls falling for each other’s mind and self-acceptance. Aries is in love with the energy that radiates oh-so beautifully from Gemini’s voice, whereas Gemini admires the strong, unbeatable strength and power Aries was blessed with. Like one in a million. The child of passionate living meets the child of vivid thinking. Where Mercury meets Mars, there will wonders happen. May the light in you never extinct and the youth in your love never die. Aries is and Geminii knows. To the heart and the mind and a forever existing laughter.

Taurus + Cancer: “oh say, does pure affection still exist? Love made of sensibility and sensuality?”, Cancer asked her night time friend, the Moon. She laughed, knowing her naive, little heart, “Yes, my child, it does”, and she pointed to Venus her long time romance. Whenever a Taurus and a Cancer fall in love, there are roses blooming more beautifully than ever before. When beauty comes across the night sky, they stop to admire the elegance, the loveliness of it. For Venus, Moon is the most beautiful jewel they have ever seen. For there is no love blessed with so much sensual grace than this one. Your love is the stars.

Leo + Libra: where Apollo meets Aphrodite, the Gods play crazy. They shout “yes”, to the couple, and “yes”, to the love. Say, Apollo, has anyone ever admired you the way Aphrodite did? And say, Aphrodite, has anyone ever gave you a bigger heart to keep? Where justice meets generousness and pride selflessness, there will always be light and there will always be love. Leo will forever keep you warm if you, Libra, promise to be his. Give them love and admiration, and Leo will give you the world. But keep your word flaky butterfly, for are they sensitive beneath their golden mask. The king and the princess, growing to be queen.

Virgo + Pisces: innocence meets illusion and naivety dreams. Like birds caged up in mid summer, these two want to escape the harm of the world. Though Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of our circle, they symbolize not wisdom but more often youth. Has a wise person ever been a dreamer? Or a adult ever been able to flee into another world hidden within our pitiful selves? Virgo, the virgin, the pure manifestation of the Zodiac knows no bad. Though you can’t run from what does exist, you can always hide and blend out. Virgo knows that and is willing to teach Pisces. “I know how hard it is, still, we must get through this”, Virgo whispered, “and how?”, Pisces cried, “I will find a way“ and Pisces believes that. Here is the muse and the painter - the canvas and the color. Such harmony and happiness and never ending faith.

Scorpio + Capricorn: here is where we meet the dark and depth and mystery of love and life. Where the scorpion meets the sea-goat - half fish, half goat - the horned mermaid, there is a instant, almost sexual intensity. No one has ever understood the Scorpio as much as the Capricorn - no one has ever loved them like Capricorn. The scorpio, the phoenix, the spider - the mystery itself waiting to be revealed to the right person, the one. Where Pluto bumps into Saturn, there will be a heavy depth exposed to light of the stars - the two most mysterious, most dramatic jewels in our universe. Their love is undying, eternal, so dark and passionate wrapped in a black box, not passable for anyone but them. How can there be such sadness, but such hope at the same time? This love is the midnight rain and the midnight dusk. Keep your secrets and don’t tell anyone and I promise not even death will part you, as Saturn the father of time will hold onto the now, not the future and Pluto the master of destruction will keep the love alive.

Sagittarius + Aquarius: here is to the adventurer and the rebel. To the archer and the bearer. To the aiming and the knowing, to the question and the answer. Sagittarius, say has anyone ever been so blessed? How do you manage to be so lucky? The paths you follow radiate in golden light and the stars fall to your feet. Say, will you guide Aquarius through the happiness if they give you the answer to everything you ever asked? Will you gift them some luck and positivity if they keep you in their arms and on the ground? The Sagittarius will forever be fascinated by the bearer’s all-knowing nature. So quiet, yet so loud. Aquarius’ braveness and will is everything Sagittarius ever needed and aimed to be. You know who you are Aquarius, you know who you want to be - will you help Sagittarius find themselves? They have been on that road for too long, will you be their companion? Help them to tell apart right from wrong, and Sagittarius will give you a reason for why it is beautiful to questions sometimes, and let things be unknown.