mars intelligence


Source: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016) Narrated by Werner Herzog

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Creative Intelligence
Leo, 5th house, Uranus, Sun, Aquarius, 11th house
expanding the conscious sphere, illuminating and polishing the mind with creative bliss, expansion, and experience

Intuitive Intelligence
Neptune, Pisces, 12th house, Jupiter, Sagittarius, 9th house
identifying with the collective and prophesying of symbolism. the inner capacity for universal love, recognition, sensing, meaning, generalization, and perceiving

Soul Intelligence
Pluto, Scorpio, 8th house
the spiritual wisdom that facilitates profound transformation, ego death, and ascension, following the script of destiny

Interpersonal/Self Reflective/Self Development Intelligence
Venus, Libra, 7th house, Taurus, 2nd house
the desire for beauty, tranquility, harmony, and meaningful relationships and connections. classifying human beings through cordial perspectives. the desire for contact and communion

Instinctual Intelligence
Mars, Aries, 1st house
navigating scenarios through one’s self fulfilling prophecy and bursts of active imagination and intuition. the course of action and manifestation

Correlative Intelligence
Mercury, Gemini, 3rd house
bringing worlds of contradicting information together in a cohesive display of presented knowledge. configuring abstract concepts and the creative genius of humor

Systematic Intelligence
Saturn, Capricorn, 10th house
Correlating knowledge and calculative observation, memory, collaboration, and synthesising logically based presentations

Emotional Intelligence
Cancer, Moon, 4th house
emotionally infused intelligence that reacts to its environment, this can be somewhat selective, but reveals an intuitive awareness, sympathy, and repose


I made a lapis oc!

A terraformer, Lapis was a gem that used to work for Homeworld. A place she truly hated. She had hope that the Crystal Gems would free her and the other gems from Homeworld’s grasp but was bitter when they failed and cowardly slunk back to earth. In a desire to leave and form a better life for her and her fellow gems she escaped Homeworld with a group of gems. Fleeing to Mars, Lapis used her water manipulation powers to create a network of tunnels for her and her follow gems to live in with the frozen water under Mars’ surface.

An intelligent, stoic gem, Lapis is cold due to her fear that showing weakness will worry her fellow gems. She is scared of her emotions and tries to stay as cool in a situation as possible. She has a natural scowl.