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oh, i didnt mean for it to come across that way, sorry it did! all i meant was that some people ive known (mostly cis and hetero) expect ~praise~ and thanks for not being homophobic/transphobic, instead of just... not being bigotted because its wrong. i didn't mean to imply that you were like that, but i did, so im sorry about that! i was just afraid of seeming like i was adding onto that mentality is all. i truly do try to be more appreciative of people who arent used to all this stuff ~Mars II

That people expect praise for something like that is pathetic. I understand. Appreciation can be difficult at times.

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@ the other mars anon, i know i didnt send that last ask, so there are indeed multiple of us?? fate brought us both to V's blog, give me an internet highfive!! actually I think we're probably the same person from two different parallel universes and something went very wrong, so prepare for the world to implode lol ~Mars

Oh. That’s interesting.


prompt given to me by @ask-royai-lty (like i dont have 3456347435+ sitting in my ask box) and a neat, 757-word exercise of Roy and Riza going viciously at each other’s throat and not in the nice way. 

She turned a heel towards the door, wanting to leave before level-headedness was lost between them. The music from Madame Christmas’s bar was muffled by an oak door, all she had to do was walk out of it and it would be done. He would fume and burn out before they showcased their regrets.

Roy snatched her wrist. A low growl erupted from the depth of his chest. “I didn’t say you could leave.”

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Paul McCartney: Studio albums in chronological order.

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i'm sorry people are being so invasive and annoying about your and V's friendship, but im also very impressed by how well all of you handle stuff like that!! ^^ i hope the both of you have had/will have a lovely day with the company of your respective lovers and eachother. ~Mars II

If I couldn’t handle invasive questions, I would never be able to make it as a corporate heir. Jihyun has had similar issues, being a famous photographer. I appreciate your sentiment, thank you.

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x15 - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

So.  Davy Perez.  We’re still keeping him.

  1. We come into this ep after the boys have been on back-to-back-to-back hunts, and…things are off.  Dean is acting out a bit: not worrying about getting covered in gore or bothering with basic hygiene, doing a kind of amped-up version of his usual snark, playing dumb, being extra crass, etc.

    Obviously we don’t have anything direct from him about that, but my immediate interpretation is that he’s using hunts like a drug: to numb the stress and pain associated with Mary joining up with the BMoL.  Sam gets another ping and he’s ready to go, despite the fact that he’s almost certainly got to be exhausted.  The gore?  I’ve got a shiny nickel that it’s somewhere between protective coloration – the grosser he is the less likely people will interact – and passive self-destructive behavior.  

    TL;DR, Dean’s mental health could be better and it shows.  (Aside: Does getting into Sam’s good shampoo count as self-care?  Asking for a friend.)
  2. Can we just take a moment to enjoy the fact that this is the Crowley Appreciation Episode our King has long deserved?  Not only does he get thanked by both Winchesters (Dean grudgingly thanks him for saving Cas, Sam thanks him for his assistance with the hellhound hunt), but he gets a hug from the civilian of the week.  

    Oh, and that whole “keeping Lucifer chained up isn’t going to work” thing we were all doing?  Yeah, the payoff there was pretty fucking breathtaking.  I won’t lie: some of my enthusiasm here is seated in my general dislike of Lucifer as a character.  But…well…this just got interesting.  It wasn’t interesting before.  
  3. This is a damn good episode for props.  The Negan-style bat, the hellhound glasses (which are badass both on and off the boys – that shot through them after they get knocked to the ground was phenomenal), and even the green cooler gets to be a weapon.  Plus, a couple of GISHWHES shout-outs in the paranoiac’s office: a globe of Mars and Queen Elizabeth II in space, and we see that Sam’s continuing with the Tolkien theme re: the BMoL.  That said, poor Baby.  We knew when Dean made a big deal out of Sam driving her that Bad Things were afoot, but damn.  Cruelty. 
  4. As hellhounds go, Ramsey’s kind of unique.  She stalks Gwen, creeps in behind Dean instead of just tearing through the door or crashing through a window.  She seems a little smaller, too, than some of the hounds we’ve seen before.  Selective breeding?  And hey, more lore!  Hounds like dens!  Hell has a kennel!  
  5. So we see a shift in who’s interacting with whom when the Winchesters arrive at the death scene.  Sam’s on with Mary, while Dean’s on with Cas.  

    The Sam-Mary interaction is novel: it’s mostly been Dean and Mary communicating until last week, when Sam is responsive to her calls.  Dean and Cas have maintained communications throughout, but combine that scene of the brothers having separate convos with the fact that Dean catches on that there’s something off about Cas when he calls about Kelly, and this may be foreshadowing for a split/conflict later in the season: Team Sam and Mary v. Team Dean and Cas.  
  6. So this season continues to break down the Patented Winchester Betrayal Via Lies And Omission™ thing with Sam coming clean very quickly about aligning with the BMoL.  There was disagreement on the couch with his assessment that they can be thanked for the death of the Alpha Vamp – that was 99% Winchester with the main BMoL contribution being the presence of the tool and Mick’s willingness to take risks as part of the team – but he may be giving them credit for drawing the Alpha out with Project V.  

    I am still on the fence about his motives, but the way he talks to Dean about this in the ep suggests that he may actually be earnest in his choice, and that he’s giving the BMoL an actual chance.  I can’t think of a reason for him to keep Dean in the dark if he’s infiltrating to destroy rather than working in good faith, and his confession would have been an ideal time to tell Dean if he’s doing it purely for Mary’s sake.  
  7. I am worried about Cas.  So worried.  So.  Very.  Worried.  

    Kelvin’s dangling some pretty enticing things his way – reconciliation with Heaven, the love of his family of origin, etc. – and Cas is appropriately wary.  In fact, I don’t think he’d have gone at all if Joshua hadn’t been mentioned.  As angels go, Joshua has always stood out as a unique player in things.  He stayed out of politics, tended the Garden, spoke to God.

    So I can see why Cas is willing to entertain the notion that there is something worthwhile here to consider.  The problem is that I don’t think Kelvin’s being entirely forthright, and that Heaven rarely, if ever, has had Castiel’s interests at heart.

    And, given that Cas is supposed to be “powered up” at some point this season…well, it feels like a trap.  

Bonus Thing: 
Crowley really needs to recruit better help.  These demon minions of the week, and the sheer absurdity of the bureaucracy is killing me.  I miss Guthrie.  Guthrie knew what he was about. 

Bonus Thing #2:
Okay, but Dean and Crowley absolutely rubbed off on one another on multiple occasions during his and Dean’s whole Summer of Love, and Crowley’s got the Flickr album to prove it.

Bonus Thing #3: 
Gwen Hernandez: self-rescuing and Winchester-rescuing civilian of the week.  Let us all applaud her courage and skill.  Fuck ‘em up, Gwen. 

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to be honest im a bit to tired to help elaborate on what we mean abt the sexuality thing, but i do wanna say that i find it pretty cool that youre so open to discuss it with us and learn more when its a thing ur not used to. im not of the opinion that people should be rewarded for basic human decency or anything, but it really should acknowledged when someones making an effort!! oh and by the way, im Mars, since we're doing introductions!! ^^ or Mars II since theres another one out there hah.

You don’t need to condescend to me. My curiosity is curiosity only. Thanking me for asking questions and following it up with “basic human decency” feels disingenuous.


 lyrium & finery - a hawke/fenris mix  a mix for those gorgeous idiots who make puppy eyes, get together, break up, cry, wear ribbons and then finally get their shit together

[listen here]

i. hurricane - 30 seconds to mars | ii. terrible love - the national iii. silence is all you know - katherine jenkins | iv. anger management - lovagev. lovesong - adelevi. the fire - ben howardvii. candles - daughter viii. set the fire to the third bar - snow patrol | ix. terrible love - birdyx. lover’s eyes - mumford & sonsxi. shiver - lucy rosexii. i will wait - mumford & sonsxiii. my boy builds coffins - florence & the machine |

super amazing artwork used with permission from smailika

i. Belgian scientists discovered seven new
earth-like planets
and in a hundred years
the first people might be living
on Mars.

ii. Did you know
that I used to stargaze?
But one look at you
and I forgot
the name of every constellation
I’ve ever seen.
Why would I stare at the night sky
when I could be memorising
your irises
or studying each line on
the palm of your hands?

iii. I used to dream of flying away
from here,
of seeing this world
and every other
from a new perspective.
But for the first time
my dreams all
involve my feet firmly
on Earth
and my hand firmly
in yours.
But if you wanted to,
I’d go see the stars with you.
I love you on this planet,
I’d love you in our cottage on Mars,
I’d love you on any planet we could think of.
Any solar system, any galaxy
any universe:
I’ll follow you there and I’ll love you.

—  I love you to TRAPPIST-1 and back // L.H