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Imagine Jared....

I wrote some of this awhile ago, but now that I was inspired to change it to a photo that @jaredletofuckmelikethedevil and a wonderful post from @missmaryallison so I decided to change it. I bet this is longer than most imagines I swear it wasn’t suppose to be that way. 

Ok *breathe in and out…one more time*….read please


Imagine meeting Jared at a local bar, store, (where ever you want it to be) he took an interest in you right away and he asked you out. Of course you say yes, when you go home your freaking out and screaming into your pillow like a teenage girl with a crush! *I’m sure we’ve all done that lol*

After a few weeks of dating you’re at his house (his new one). Things are getting hot and heavy. You and Jared are already out of your clothes but still in your underwear. You of course still have your bra on. Before you continue, you tell him you need go to the bathroom….to clean yourself up (like hello it’s Jared freaking Leto!) but you don’t tell him that.

You walk out of the bathroom and into his room. You look towards his bed, you see him standing at the edge of his bed. You couldn’t help but glance up and down at him. You bite your lower lip, you take one step, in the front of the other slowly towards him. He stops you “uh uh,” he waves his finger, he points to the floor “get on your knees and crawl to daddy”

You slowly bend down to the floor, you get on your knees and hands. You crawl your way to his feet. While crawling to him he whispers “Come to daddy.” You bite your lower lip, and nod a yes. You made it to his feet. You sit on your heels, and look down to the floor. He bends down, he rests on hand on his knee, he lifts your chin to meet his gaze. “This is Daddy’s bedroom, and when you are in Daddy’s bedroom, you obey his commands without thought. You call me nothing else but Daddy.” The back of his fingers caressing the side of your cheek. “You do what I tell you, when I tell you, how I tell you. You don’t question Daddy. You simply just do. Do I make myself clear?”  A ghost of a smile graced his mouth,  a shiver went down your spine. You nodded a yes with a bashful smile.

“Good baby-girl, now take off those panties.” He immediately stood straight up, with his gaze still on yours. You swallowed, you slowly stood up onto your feet. You took a few steps back, his gaze never living yours. Drawing in a shaky breath, he watched as you reached behind you to unclasp your bra. The movement thrust your breasts forward, emphasizing their round, firm shape and those pretty nipples Jared thirsted to suck into his mouth. He licked his lips. Fresh lust kicked him in gut, pulsed in his balls, as you sent him a hesitant glance, then hooked your thumbs on the waist band over your hips. Slowly, so damn slowly he tried not to hold his breath, you began pulling your panties down displaying your perfect skin. Jared clenched his jaw. He was dying to taste you. You were already slick, wet and ready for him. Knowing that was killing him, but he held it together. Finally your underwear hit the floor. You straightened up, casting him a uncertain glance.

“Pick up your panty.” he said. You stared at him a little frown crinkling between your brows as you tried to make sense of that request. “I’m not going to repeat myself,” he warned. You didn’t want to displease him so you bent and picked up the underwear then held it against your breast. You hair lay messy across your shoulders. “Give me the underwear baby-girl.” Swallowing you reached out a unsure hand full of panty. Jared took the thong from you and bunched it in his hand. It was damp. He knew you were wet, he could smell your arousal. “You’re wet,” You said nothing, just stared with wide eyes. “Acknowledge my comment baby-girl. Yes or no.” “Yes” you breathed “Yes what?” he prompted. You swallowed “Yes…daddy.” “Good. I like that you’re wet. I plan to keep you that way all night.”

“Jared…” “Ah, what do you call me in this room? If I have to remind you again I’ll paddle your ass until I see pure red.” Slowly but surely, you said “I’m sorry Daddy. It won’t happen again.” “Good.” His facial expression said it all. He hardly blinked, his gaze never left yours. He tossed the underwear to the corner of the room. Now, first time under his domination he had taken total charge of you. He did not want to show no weakness, no lack of control only reassurance.

“Back on your knees baby-girl.” You cast your gaze and dropped to your knees. Jared took two steps towards you. He could feel your exhalations on his black jean covered cock. It took every ounce of self-control not to rip at his pants and toss them away so he could feel your breath, your lips, your tongue, your mouth on him. “Very good, baby-girl, as a reward you may speak. What is it you want to say?” “I’m not use to this. I don’t know much about oral sex.” “How do you know that is what I want?” “Well I’m on my knees so I assumed. I tried it once, and the guy never…” “He didn’t come in your mouth?” You blushed and looked towards the floor and shook your head. Jared wanted you to experience acts that aroused you, but to be the first man to fill your tongue with his seed made his balls draw up even tighter. You chewed your bottom lip nervously.

“As your daddy, my responsibility is not just to “order you around”. It’s give you the ultimate pleasure. To guide you. It’s starts with trust, you must place your trust in me. I will do my part. Do you understand?” You Your gaze left his face, traveled down his torso, then rested on the insistent erection pushing against his jeans, right in front of your face. Your tongue peeked out to smooth over your bottom lip again. Jared drew in a sharp breath, reeling back the thoughts that, soon, your pretty pink tongue could be bathing the head of his cock. Lust twisted his gut, turning it into unbreakable knots of need. He was testing you as much as he was torturing himself. “Yes…sir.” your gaze never leaving the sight of his jean covered cock. He unsnapped his jeans and eased down the zipper. His cock sprang free, into his hand. He slowly stroked the length of it for your gaze. You zeroed in on his hard flesh, your expression uncertain and hot. You wanted to touch him; your face, like a kid with your face pressed against a candy store window, told him that.

Fisting his cock, he waited, watching your greedy eyes follow his hand. When a drop of moisture beaded on the head of his cock and you licked your lips at the sight, Jared eased his free hand around your head, anchoring it under your hair. The soft strands fell over his fingers like silk as he cupped your nape. He thumbed the soft skin at the side of your jaw and slowly urged you forward. “Suck me, baby-girl.” Closer, closer, your mouth came to his cock. Your gaze flew up to his, connecting, locking with his own as you edged in. Jared held his breath. God, he couldn’t look away from you, couldn’t stop watching those sensual red lips part open to take him inside. Felt a fucking fever rage through him as he imagined how hot and silky your mouth would be. Finally, you enveloped the swollen head, still seeping moisture. Your gaze never wavered as your lips closed around him and your tongue swept across his sensitive underside, sending a blinding jolt of pleasure screaming up his spine. He gritted his teeth to capture the moan threatening to spill.

You stilled, pulled back a fraction. He allowed it but tightened his hand at the back of your neck in warning. That pretty pink tongue laved the head of his cock, then wet your soft lips again. He watched it all, scorched by the sight, by your hot gaze drilling into him, innocence and wonder and the desire to experience everything finally overshadowing your fear and doubt. At the sight, it took every bit of Jared’s control not to start pumping wildly into your mouth. He drew in a sharp breath. “Deeper, baby-girl. All the way to your throat.” You nodded, your head bobbing, your tongue stroking the blood engorged tip of his cock. You opened wider, leaned in. The hot, slick heaven of your mouth enclosed half his length (which we know ladies it’s BIG), cradled by your exploring tongue. He hissed. You shook your head, going down, trying to take more. The feel of you all around him, the sight of you trying to fill your mouth with his flesh, combined to push him dangerously close to the edge.

His fingers again tightened at your neck as he pushed another inch of his cock into the sweet depths of your mouth. You pulled back a fraction, then slid your lips even farther down his length—nearly to the back of your throat. You moaned. The sound vibrated inside him. Pleasure streamed up his dick, wrapped around his balls like a vise. It doubled when you raised your hand to his dangling testicles and cupped them with gentle fingers. Damn, you had good instincts. He tensed, again fighting the urge to unleash his lust, to fuck your mouth in a mindless pursuit of pleasure, let go of the come boiling in his scrotum. Your slow exploration was killing him, breaking him down. His toes curled against the hardwood floor.

The head of his cock finally bumped the back of your throat, adding a new dimension to his pleasure. Unable to stop himself, he closed his eyes and groaned “That’s it, baby-girl. That’s right. Suck me deep.” Opening his eyes again, Jared found you over his cock, eyes closed. You were damn near gracious, the way you held him, took him so far inside. Then you eased back with a leisurely swipe of your tongue. Slow. So damn slow, he’d lose his mind, his control, before you fastened your mouth around his length again. He was leaking, fluids escaping his body in a desperate rush to orgasm. Every muscle in his body tense now, trembling, he shoved both hands into your hair and demanded more. “Faster. Put your sweet tongue on me….there you go…oh baby-girl.”

With his help, you established a more rapid rhythm but still slow enough that he swore he could feel every groove and bump on your tongue. Still slow enough to completely rob him of his ability to think, to remember his own damn name. Not fucking your mouth was no longer an option. His hands fisted in your hair. He thrust past your wide, sleek lips, bumping the back of your throat each time. “Swallow,” he demanded, voice broken. “When I’m at the back of your throat, swallow on me.” Amazingly, you did. Every time he sank deep. Perfect rhythm, as if you were a fucking pro. Sweat broke out at his temples, across his back, as he tried to resist the growing pressure in his balls. He couldn’t deny the pleasure for long. The wave built into a dark, sharp ache, demanding he gives in. He held it back, gritting his teeth every time your candy tongue danced over the flared purple head, every time your flushed cheeks hollowed as you sucked him in.

Jared wanted to stop the roaring rush toward the cliff, live in this honey-thick throb a bit longer. He withdrew from your mouth, fighting to get a breath without your scent on it, needing a moment that wasn’t totally bombarded with the silk of your tongue bathing his cock. When he left your mouth with a soft pop, you whimpered, licked your lips. Turned a hot gaze up to him that pleaded and dared. “Please, daddy…” You fixed your hungry stare on his cock. He took his erection in his hand, swiped a thumb over the weeping head, then pushed the wet digit into your waiting mouth. “You want more of that?” Your breath came hard and you swiped the moisture from the pad of his thumb with your tongue. “Yes, daddy.” “Tell me what you want.” “I want to suck you, daddy.” “What part of me?” he barked, still torturing them both with long strokes of his hand up and down his length. “Your cock, daddy. Let me suck it please.” “You haven’t followed my instructions particularly well so far. I don’t know if I should allow it” “I will from now on, daddy. I promise.” “I’ll hold you to that, baby-girl.” He anchored his hand at your nape again. “Now suck me.”

He gave into the urge to thrust into your mouth again with a loud moan that should have shaken the cabin’s rafters. Again, he couldn’t resist the urge to fuck your mouth. His deep, insistent rhythm filled you, demanding you take and take. He watched you, lips were swollen, cheeks rosy, eyes half-closed as if savoring him. Your nipples were harder than ever. The sight of you burned into his brain, shredded his control. He stiffened again, the pressure in his balls nearly painful as he held his breath and held back his climax. Delaying the earth-shattering inevitable. Your eyes opened, gaze lifting to him, asking and seducing at once.

You wanted reassurance, sweetly begged him to let go, tempted him with the promise of ecstasy like he’d never known. With that look, his control broke. The peak of ecstasy raced from the base of his spine, burned through his balls, up his cock, until he exploded. Pleasure ripped your name from his lips in a horse cry. “Baby-girl!”

It became a chant as he repeated it over and over while the sharp edge of bliss seemed to last forever, pounding his body with one relentless pulse of ecstasy after another. Faintly, through the haze of his roaring heartbeat, he heard you gurgling. “Swallow,” he rasped, rubbing one of his hands along your neck. “Swallow, baby-girl.” You felt the warm thick liquid running down your tongue and throat. A smile breaking out across your face told him your rush of excitement at breaking him down, stripping him of his iron defenses. He pulled away from the sweet depths of your mouth. Fullness lazed through him, and control acknowledged itself. Now, he could mow down your barricades and return the favor. Now, Jared could capture your surrender, strip your soul, and make sure that having sex with any other man would never be on your wish list again.

Still panting, tired yet flying, you stared at Jared as you rose to your feet. He tossed his pants aside and turned back to you with burning eyes. The long brown ombre hair only accentuated his face, his strong jaw dusted with a dark five o’clock shadow. The gorgeous sights didn’t stop there. You let your gaze wander down the powerful bulk of his shoulders, the solid bulges of his chest, the tight abs that showed the layout of every muscle…and made a treasure trail down to his groin. Even soft, his penis was big. When hard he’d put most men to shame.“Baby-girl, we are only just getting started. I promise you will give me complete control before we’re done.” His whisper struck down to your gut.

“Jared…I…I’m Daddy?” He sent you a stern glance. “Baby-girl, we’ve already covered this. You do not speak unless you’re given permission.” “I just want to know what you are going to do.” The air in the room felt like it stopped. You sensed his stillness, talking without permission was a big no no. Jared, quickly spurred into action by picking you put, roughly throwing you on the bed. He grabbed your left wrist with one hand. Within seconds, a black velvet rope wrapped around you. A pull, another tug, and a yank later, he stepped away. You secretly tried to pull at your wrist. It was securely bound. Jared made his way to the other side of the bed, captured your right wrist, and repeated the process. Both of your arms were immobilized, tightly but not uncomfortably tethered to the posts of the headboard.

“Baby-girl, take a deep breath. You’re safe with me.” The calm in his voice reached deep inside you, his tone asked you to be reasonable, not to panic. In reward he planted his lips on your forehead then smoothed his palm down the exposed length of your back. Suddenly, the caress at the small of your back was gone. He replaced it with a sharp thwack on your ass. Startled by his action, you bucked against your bonds. “Ouch!…” No sooner were the words out of your mouth than a peculiar stinging began to prickle your skin. It created a heat that lingered where he’d spanked you.

“You’re not in control, baby-girl. Your body is mine to pleasure or punish as I see fit. Right now, you’ve earned nothing more than a punishment.” You’d barely recovered from your surprise when he spanked you again, this time hitting the other cheek with an equal amount of force. “Bite me you asshole!” He smacked you again, a healthy slap on each cheek. You gasped. Jared’s laughter sounded behind you. “You’re just digging yourself a deeper hole baby-girl.” Mentally you scolded against his words, even as you realized your vagina was completely wet. You shifted, trying to avoid his hand. No such luck. Two more smacks, one for each cheek, both with more power than the others. Your flesh began to ache. You felt blood dancing just under your skin, engorging your clit. Fighting was useless.

“Do you understand?” “Yes, daddy.” “Much better,” he praised. Only then did you realize you were actually lifting your ass to his hand, waiting for the next blow. You became very aware of your empty sex and clawed at the sheet, aching for him to fill it. Shivers chased one another down your spine. Your entire body felt hot, agitated. You’d been inflamed by the feel and scent of Jared when you’d taken him in your mouth, but this position, his gently punishing touch made you aware of the fact that you were a woman who was completely under his control. He glided the flat of his palm down your back. You curled your spine like a cat, seeking the tingling heat in his touch. He trailed a light finger from the small of your back down…down between the cheeks of your ass. You stiffened, gasped, tried to tighten against him. He hesitated, but when you made no further protest, he continued his quest down to your sex. Then he was there, his fingertips gliding over the slick flesh pouting into his hand. Back and forth, all around the outer folds, spreading your moisture in a careless, unhurried pattern. He was toying with you. Just toying! But you were too aroused for anger.

Your body screamed silently. He merely used his other hand to smack your ass again. “Stay still,” he demanded. He wrapped his fingers around your hip to stop the provocative wiggle of your hips. You tensed, trying so hard to do as he commanded. “Your sweet pussy is wet, babygirl. Even wetter than this earlier. And swollen. You think you’re ready to be fucked?” “Yes, daddy please. Please fuck me.” you finally gasped out. You ached everywhere. Everything between your knees and your pelvic region screamed for his mouth, his cock. Anything! You needed him to do something. Jared merely kept playing and smiling.

A pair of his fingers sliced through your moisture, through your slick folds—and plunged inside. A turn of his wrist, a flick of his fingers… He found your G-spot and began a firm but leisurely caress. Almost immediately, the pleasure clamped around your thighs, pierced your clit, darted up your passage. Everything inside your body came alive as he continued an unmerciful press on that oh-so-sensitive spot. You moaned, long, loud, then thrust your hips back at him in invitation once more. He declined,neither invading farther nor rubbing faster. He simply stayed the course. Blood began to roar in your ears. 

Higher, higher the man was driving you. And God, you were almost there, almost to the edge of the cliff. Your body tensed, preparing. You panted, wailed, wanting it more than anything… Suddenly, Jared withdrew. “I didn’t give you permission to come.” “What?….Daddy…please” You could barely catch a breath. “You don’t come until I tell you to.” He smacked your ass again. He disappeared around the other side of the bed for a moment. You tried to wiggle back and forth to produce enough friction on your clit to send you over the edge. Moments later Jared stopped you with a sharp slap to your ass. 

“Bad girl! You’ll come when I say so, under my hand, around my cock! No because you wiggled your ass for it.” With that comment, Jared climbed onto the bed behind you. He plunged his fingers back into you. But rather that rubbing at that sweet spot inside you, he merely moved about, dousing his fingers. “Spread your knees,” he demanded, fitting his free hand between them, urging your thighs apart. You looked back over your shoulder at Jared.  He knelt behind you, his blue eyes, his shoulders wide and bulging as he gripped your hips with his large hands, his muscles now slick with sweat.

You had no time to rejoice as he thrust into your sex, all the way to the hilt in one sizzling stroke. You gasped at the feel of him filling you completely, you passage made smaller by the vibe in your ass driving you out of your mind. You felt full, packed. The double penetration made you claw at the sheets again, grab them in desperate fists. “Jared!” “Yes, baby-girl. You’re like heaven,” he groaned as he thrust inside you. His rhythm quickly escalated to something fast and focused. The friction and vibrations had tingles screaming inside tender openings. You felt your blood rushing south, flooding your sex, your ass. You panted, screamed as the pleasure expanded faster than you could comprehend. Your knuckles turned white as you fisted the bedding.

Your cries became ear-splitting shouts. You could feel yourself tightening around his cock, gripping as if you would never let him go, rippling with the impending storm. He continued the smooth rhythm, fucking through the clamp of your sex with control and power. “Come, baby-girl. Come now!” he shouted hoarsely. You let out a raw scream out as orgasm blasted through you. Your body shuddered as you gripped him, milked him. And the pleasure… It spiraled beyond anything you’d ever known, wiped out thought or control, the ability to speak. You were in ecstasy that made black spots dance in your vision. His husky cry echoed yours as he came in a fevered rush. You both collapsed together onto the bed. He kept himself buried deep inside you, slowly stroking your skin as if he wanted to possess you beyond the orgasm. As if he found you not only acceptable but wonderful. As Jared curled around you, his panting breaths falling on your shoulder, your body worse, your heart leaped in joy at those heady thoughts. His solid warmth curled around your back, his hand splayed over your abdomen. The steady rhythm of his hard male breathing had drifted into your ear.

He’d positioned you flat on your back and fitted his hips between your wide spread thighs, gasping at the silken thrust of his cock into your swollen sex. Despite being half-asleep, the joy of his slow, lazy strokes had sent you into a red haze of need. Within minutes, you’d tried to claw at Jared’s shoulders in silent plea—only to realize he’d tied you down again and he blindfolded you. He’d released the ties at your ankles suddenly, then shifted you close to the head of the bed. Keeping your wrists tethered, he’d sat you up and with a grip of controlled passion guided you down on his cock. “Ride me, baby-girl. Squeeze me with that pretty pussy and ride me,” he whispered in the midnight air. With his hands clutching your hips, Jared dictated the speed and depth of his penetration. Never too deep, never too fast. Never enough to do anything but reduce you to a panting, pleading mass of tingles. You had whimpered for more. Sweat dampened your belly, your back, as you strained toward a release he wouldn’t give you.

Instead, he merely drove you up, up, up to mindlessness with endlessly slow strokes. “Jared…” you moaned. “Wrong!” He sat up beneath you, then nipped at the tip of your breast with his teeth, even as one of his hands struck your bare ass. The double pleasure-pain ricocheted through your body, spiraling sensations through your body like hot lava. You gasped for air as Jared buried himself deep, deep inside you. He thrust up, but still in long, lazy strokes that multiplied the friction, exploded shivers of sensation within you. He chastised, lifting you up, nearly off his cock. “What should you call me?” You hesitated, teetering on the knife’s edge of need. Panting, your sex on fire, your bound hands preventing you from touching him, you cried out, “More. Please…”

“You’ll get it when you address me properly.” “Daddy” You managed to get the word out of your mouth in a rush. “Daddy.” Jared rewarded you with a quick up thrust, his cock burrowing deep, filling you completely. You cried out. The hand at your hip inched over until his thumb toyed with your clit. With a moan, you arched into his touch, seeking the edge of the cliff that was nearly in front of you. Almost…With quick fingers, he untied your hands—and made it clear they would not stay idle. “Play with your nipples, baby-girl. Show me how you like to have them touched.” You hesitated, tangling with a jolt of lust. When you didn’t comply, Jared stopped his slow, steady thrusts. You whimpered. “Touch them. Now,” he demanded. “Or I will stop fucking you and spank that pretty little ass red again…” You didn’t want to think about how much you’d liked his broad palm striking the cheeks of your butt. But you wanted his cock inside you more, as much as you wanted to please him. You brought your hands to your breasts and cupped them, wishing more than anything that you could see his face.

“And your nipples. You don’t ignore them when you make yourself come, do you?” “No,” you said breathlessly, squeezing them between your thumb and fingers, then giving a slight twist. “No, sir.” A fresh rush of moisture surged from your passage, wetting your already slick folds. Your body’s gesture didn’t go unnoticed. “Yes, baby-girl. I love you wet. You’re so perfect to fuck like you were made for my cock.” Jared lowered you on his erection again and poured into you again with a exciting, steady rhythm that made your head spin, your body burn. You met him, thrust for a thrust, moan for a moan, pinching your nipples on each downward stroke until they were so hard, so sensitive. “Move your hands,” he murmured against your skin. It was almost with reluctance that you released the hard buds of your breasts.

Your fingers pinching your nipples added to the pleasure Jared swarmed you with. He took one of your stiff tips into his mouth, sucking so hard, he pressed it against the roof of his mouth while his tongue teased the underside. His fingers tormented the other, putting so much sweet pressure, so much ache, around the sensitive crests that she nearly screamed. “You’re tightening on my cock, baby-girl. You don’t come until I tell you to,” he reminded. “I can’t stop it, daddy,” you murmured, helpless

against the rising tide of ecstasy which was starting  to overtake you. “You can. You will. Just as you’ll play with your clit for me.” He lifted one of your hands to his mouth and sucked a finger into the shocking heat. “Lick your finger like this, get it all nice and wet, then stroke it over your clit for me.” You wanted to. Oh, God, you wanted to. The mere thought stabbed you with a fresh surge of need. “But it will make me come.” He smacked your ass. “Address me properly.” You swallowed against your need.

“It will make me come, sir.” “Not until I say so,” he warned. “Now take that finger into your mouth…Yes…Deep…Suck it…Beautiful baby-girl. Good.” Up and down on his cock.  Blood rushed in flowing rivers toward both of your joined bodies, flooding every nerve ending with need, swelling your folds until you felt the slick friction of every thrust inside, outside, everywhere. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to focus, but you couldn’t hold back much longer. Jared was driving you beyond your ability to endure. Yet the last thing you wanted to do was use the safe word to stop him. “Squeeze me with your pussy….Yes, baby-girl…that’s it” he croaked. 

“Now put that finger on your clit and show me how you rub it.” You did as he demanded, sliding your palm down your abdomen, circled your wet finger over your clit. “Oh, yes daddy!” You couldn’t hold the sound in anymore. “Don’t stop,” he growled. “Show me how you play with your clit.” Actually, you couldn’t have stopped for anything. Your saliva mingled with your own juices as you pressed a second finger onto your clit and began the motions you knew would rocket you straight into bliss. Still, you strained to hold back your orgasm, waiting for Jared’s approval.

You clenched every muscle, even as you felt compelled to drive yourself higher. Jared was now pounding into you, a moan punctuating his every stroke. Inside you, you could feel him thickening, swelling. He lengthened his strokes, the crest of his cock hitting you g-spot with every rapid-fire thrust. And still, you held on, digging your nails into his hip with one hand, stroking the bundle of nerves between your legs with the other. Your thighs tightened around him. You cried out, trying desperately to wait for Jared’s consent to release the gigantic explosion swirling inside you “Come for me!” he demanded. Jared didn’t even finish his sentence before it crashed over you, granting that dazzling dance with the stars as light and color flashed in your head. Jared’s long groan of satisfaction joined you. Jared help lay you down beside him. Your eyes closed in a heavy ecstasy gaze. He wrapped his arms around you, you drifted off to slumber, wrapped in Jared’s warmth

I also wanted to include the photos that inspired this new changed story. The bed doesn’t have a fully backing to it. It’s suppose to be rod iron. But this is the closest I could find. Remember to always use your imaginations! 


Set on a colonial Mars conquered by Earth, People of the Talisman is to John Carter of Mars what Conan is to Tarzan: superficially similar, but one is moodier, has a bigger horror vibe. 

Leigh Brackett’s Mars is a place of hardscrabble tough men, thieves and freebooters, in labyrinth nightmare cities where blind crones give prophecies. It’s my experience fans of this kind of story start with the John Carter of Mars stuff and “graduate” to Leigh Brackett, in much the same way comics fans start with Superman and Batman and “graduate” to X-Men. 

Bonus: a map of Leigh Brackett’s Mars. 

Oh, No You Didn’t

Imagine being in a relationship with Jared for six months, and one day you find his ex showering in his home

Reader’s P.O.V.

Morning sweet girl”, you just got a text from Jared. He’s so sweet. Every night he wishes you sweet dreams, and first thing you see in the morning is a text from him. 

Morning babe.”, you reply and start getting ready for the new day.

You take a quick shower, put on some casual clothes on and grab a cup of coffee. While you sit in your kitchen indulging in every sip of that black liquid wonder, you get another text.

How is my sweety today? I miss you, can’t wait to see you”, Jared texts you.

Great, I’ve just had a shower and I’m enjoying my coffee. I miss you too. What’s up? See you tonight?” you reply. 

Today is your six month anniversary and you’ve planned to surprise Jared with a dinner at his place. He told you a couple of days ago that he’ll be at the studio for the next two weeks finishing his new album, so the only chance for you to see him was late at night when he finally gets home. Those moments were precious for you. 

I’m going to the studio in a few. Definitely see you tonight, I might even come home before midnight today. I’m kinda all worn out. It’s been rough couple of weeks.

Yeah, I bet. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back to life. XO”, you reply back.

You always do honey. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”, Jared says.

You’d be a mess. Haha, just kidding. See you tonight, gotta run. Love you.”, you reply.

You have no idea how big a mess I’d be. Talk to you later. Love you.”, Jared texts and you smile. He’s such a dork sometimes. And you love him for it. 

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