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WHY: The spotlight is one of the most popular parts of To Daydream Believers, so we’ve put a new spin on it.  

WHAT: For a week, To Daydream Believers Fic will shine a light on one Klaine author and their Klaine fic. We’ll send them some questions, we’ll post their recs, we’ll find out what they write, who they are, what they love. 

WHICH AUTHORS: Anyone who has ever written Klaine fic

This is a new format with new questions so feel free to sign up EVEN IF YOU’VE BEEN SPOTLIGHTED BEFORE

We’ll contact people who’re already on the list and those who’ve been spotlighted previously. But please feel free to send us a note so we know you’re interested (or in case tumblr is fallible).

WHEN: **Sign up as soon as possible.** We’re aiming to recruit the first few months worth of authors by the end of March and get things started in mid to late April.

WHO’S BEHIND THIS: I’m pene @damnpene and I’ll take the reins for a while. Feel free to talk to me. And you can still talk with @spaceorphan18 or contact us and the mods at @todaydreambelieversfic

SMALL PRINT: The spotlight is designed for any author who loves Kurt and Blaine and BlaineandKurt together. Your fic needs to have one of Blaine and Kurt and it needs to be Klaine positive. 


So, whether you’re famous for epic AU novels or you’ve written a couple of quiet Klaine character studies, whether you’re canon compliant or think Kurt and Blaine are best as Mars colonists/ice skaters/mythological creatures, whether you loved every single part of Klaine’s TV story or have forgotten there were any episodes after their first kiss, if you write Klaine SIGN UP and we’ll spotlight you.” 

Suppose you and a hundred friends are setting up a colony on Mars. Other colonists are handling food, water, and shelter — the big stuff. All you need to do is set them up with working cellphones.

Of course, there’s no AT&T on Mars, so you’ll have to set up your own cell towers, but probably not as many as you’d think. You can stick to a Wi-Fi network on the main base with just a few towers for outer regions, putting up a new one every time a new region is explored. Since you own the towers, you can also skip charming earthly quirks like texting caps and tethering charges, just instituting basic fees to cover access to the network at large. (It’s a market-based colony.) Anyone calling within the station can do it entirely on the Wi-Fi network.