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Jared, Shannon and Tomo on stage performing


This fun video,  Pride & Prejudice: Veronica Mars Style, by Sariebearie08 Productions brilliantly takes the trailer for the 2005 Pride & Prejudice and lays Veronica Mars clips over it. 

…perfect casting for Mr. Collins, this librarian must say! 

resolvi fazer um masterpost do tal clipe de pagode (esqueci o nome, podre kkkjkj) pq tô com preguiça de fazer mais de um post enfim né

dica: abram a header em outra guia e no link dela troquem o “500″ por “1280″, assim vcs conseguirão salvá-la em uma qualidade melhor.

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Veronica Mars - “Sheriff Station” Clip


The search for La Leto’s hair clip during the VyRT VIPer session came to a very happy conclusion during the VyRT VIPer session for one, Mr. Leto on the afternoon of Sunday August 17th, roughly 3:34pm EST in Brooklyn, New York. It was, thankfully discovered shortly after the hunt began, that he had actually clipped the desired hair clip to his belt, currently in place around his svelte waist and well within arm’s reach — as it was, as stated, securely in place at his waist. Police-search and rescue dogs were quickly called-off once the appropriate authorities were advised the clip had in fact been located safely.

The drama began quite suddenly when Mr. Leto, 42, following a delicate finger comb through his highly-coveted locks, quickly discovered at that very moment that he needed nothing more than to tie back his ombréd mane. “Hold on,” he advised everyone (and no one).

One observer noted, following the event, “I dunno, it really seemed sudden, like, I dunno, like sort of out of nowhere - but like, the room was hot so like I guess it had to happen? I dunno.”

After Mr. Leto instructed everyone to hold on - he quickly turned to his personal assistant, Shayla McGee, stationed somewhere within the crowd and asked her quite directly, “Do you have a clip for my hair?”

In what seemed like an inescapable nightmare that would never end, and one that no one had, one assumed, prepared for, Mr. Leto quickly surveyed the situation, assessed his options, and in a moment of literal navel-gazing, discovered the clip was in fact in place on his own person.

Mr. Leto rejoiced, excitedly producing the clip for all to see. 
Due to some insightful planning and swift call to action on the Actor/Musician/Ombre-haver’s part, what could have been a very tragic event resulted in nothing more than a few moments of intense but harrowing panic for one Mr. Leto. Thankfully, he was quickly calmed by the opportunity to finally pin up his hair, securely and with the appropriate apparatus.