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Wrong number | Peter Parker

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Fandom: Spider-man: Homecoming

Characters: Peter Parker/Reader

Warnings: slightly angst, teenage love

Summary: Peter sent a letter with confession of love to a wrong number. 

Author’s Note: i like it so much but i know that i have a poor vocabulary lolololol

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Peter was staring at his phone screen. He felt a ball of doubts and fears inside his chest. Just tap this button, Peter. Everything will be alright. She wouldn’t eat you, okay? But all his determination was blown off by a thought. Maybe she would think you are a stalker. Or just a freak like this Todd boy. You would be the worst guy at school. Everyone will beat your ass and scream ‘Penis Parker’ more often.

Peter sighed and closed his eyes. He should do it. He couldn’t hide his feelings towards Liz anymore. Everything in his head dedicated to Liz. He read all books only to talk about them with Liz. Peter went to the cinema to watch these new romantic films with popular actors. He spat and mentally criticized these shitty plots but still, he was sitting till the end because Liz liked these actors so much. He did everything for Liz but he hadn’t say simple “hello”. If she only knew…

Peter opened his eyes and looked at the screen. Do or die, he remembered this line from 30 seconds to mars clip. Yeah. This phrase described all his life.

The boy closed his eyes again and exhaled. He pressed the button. A noise drew his attention. A notification said that the message was sent. Peter could only wait for response…

Peter wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. It’s a big step in his life! Maybe he would tell this story to his children… What? Peter said when he caught this strange thought. He smiled and shook his head. Sometimes he thought such stupid things but he was just a boy! Not a man with a big family and a big house like in these typical movies.

Okay. Right now he needed to distract himself from these thoughts like maybe she hates me? Maybe she reads this message to her friends and they are laughing?

The boy gulped and sat at the desk. He needed to finish his homework and then he would go to save Queens from bad guys. He did it when he was in doubt. A good fight was a perfect way to clear your head.

About 30 minutes later Peter’s phone made a short noise. Liz answered! Peter’s eyes widened and his fingers released the pen. He could think only about her reaction and possible responses.

Peter shook his head and in one movement he took his phone and unlocked it.  One notification.

He held his breath and opened a chat.

Um… Hello! I’m not your Liz but I like your message! I’m sorry that I’m not Liz but if I were her I would like to meet you properly and accept your feelings. Life sucks and I’m not Liz. But I can calm you and support you. I think it’s pretty sad that you’re nervous all time while waiting for an answer and BAM! This number isn’t Liz’s number. Anyway. I like your message and I hope you will find her real number and send this message again.

Sincerely yours,


Peter didn’t know what he should to do, cry or laugh. A chuckle escaped from his throat. Peter smirked and threw his phone away. A smirk slowly changed to a sad smile. Pete couldn’t breathe properly. He felt himself like he had a stone on his chest. His arms were like whips. His legs couldn’t hold him. Peter fell to the bed and stared at the ceiling. He didn’t feel anything except this heavy ball of feelings in his chest. He felt like he was betrayed but he knew it’s an accident. Just a boy, which gave him a number, mixed up.

Peter sobbed and closed his eyes. He could feel how the tears were streaming down his cheeks. He didn’t want to cry, he needed to be strong. But why it’s aching so much?

Maybe it would go if he would try to not think about this…


Peter winced from the vibration and opened his eyes. His nose was clogged and eyes were slightly aching from crying. The boy found his phone and checked time. 4.47 AM. Yeah, a great time to send him a message. Maybe it’s Ned decided to send a meme about Star Wars. He liked to do it even after Peter said to stop this.

But it wasn’t Ned. It’s this Noname decided to remind themselves.

Peter opened a chat with Noname. He had got several unread messages. Why did they decide to write him? He was a loser which couldn’t express his feelings in a real conversation with his crush.

Sorry! But I can’t sleep because I worry about you

Are you okay? You know, I wrote I can support you.

Don’t afraid to answer me! Please, just send a simple ok and I will stop to write you

Peter smiled faintly. This guy was crazy. Peter was glad that this stranger worried about his feelings. Maybe he should write how he was crying and decided to lock his love to Liz for an unknown time?

Peter started to write but a new message interrupted him.

You know, I’m a very good at searching information… Maybe it’ll sound like a bad idea but I can find Liz’s number. Just send me her full name and location where she is and I will find it if it’ll help you.

I just re-read a previous message. It sounds like a crazy idea. If you don’t like it just ignore me.

Peter giggled and started to write a message again with a small smile on his face. These silly messages somehow cheered him up.

Hello, Noname! I’m Peter. I appreciate that you worry about me! Don’t worry, please, I’m okay and a little bit sad.

It’s 4.48 AM and your messages woke me up. Maybe it’s afternoon in your city? I don’t know but I’m glad you pulled me out of my nightmare.

About Liz’s number. Thank you for a suggestion but I will find her number by myself. Maybe I should talk with her face to face? And not to be a coward? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m still glad you were worried about me and this… Good night!

Peter didn’t feel so nervous like when he sent the message several hours ago. He was calm and a little bit glad to have this strange conversation. Maybe it’s fate decided to send him a friend instead of love?

Just go to sleep! Peter thought and locked his phone. Tomorrow, no, today he needed to talk with Liz properly.

If you think Peter and a stranger didn’t write to each other anymore, you’re wrong. A stranger was always worried about Peter’s mental health. It’s unusual for Peter, but he accepted this like a normal thing. Maybe Noname is a kind person. At the beginning Peter didn’t answer all messages, but a stranger’s persistence pushed him to write a response. He thought Just one more time and I will say to finish it. But Peter didn’t do this. At the bottom of his mind he knew that he liked it.

Several months later Peter understood that fate sent him a good friend. This silly message with his confession of love was a beginning a great friendship. Peter could send how his day was at school, what he saw on streets and what he decided about Liz and this stranger wouldn’t write that he is a freak or stupid being. They would understand and offer their help. It’ strange and unrealistic relationship always amazed him.

His life was a perfect now. He didn’t feel like he was useless or betrayed. He didn’t feel sad or angry how his life was going. He was happy with his school life and superhero thing. He was happy at all. And this Noname changed his life with their faith in him and their stories about… about everything.

Pete knew that Noname’s name was Y/N and they were living at New-York too! After a full month of sharing the stories, Y/N said that they are at his school. Peter was smiling like never before when he found this out. Maybe he saw them in the hallways of the school! Even May asked if he felt well when she saw his smile.

One night Peter and Y/N decided to share their biggest secrets. Peter was nervous. He told only Ned about his alter-ego and a thought, that he had to tell about his secret part of life, scared him. Peter knew that their relationship would rise to a new level. The level where they would talk about their greatest fears without any hesitation. Peter wanted this but a plot, where Y/N would make a screenshot with this message and would send this to all pupils, didn’t go out of his head. He knew it’s a stupid thing because Y/N was always here and supported him every time even he wasn’t right. But still, he was afraid of rejection.

Peter was thinking all day how to write this. Maybe just ‘I’m Spider-man’. No, it would raise too many questions. The boy sighed and rubbed his eyes with fingers. It’s so hard.

Only when it’s 5 am Peter decided to write this simple ‘I’m Spider-man’. When he confessed this, Y/N accepted it perfectly.

I don’t know you can be so cool! You are the coolest guy I know!

Peter smiled and closed his eyes. It’s a big load off his shoulders. Finally, he had 2 friends which knew him perfectly.


Peter’s foot beat the rhythm. The boy looked at the watch again and sighed. Five minutes and he would see Y/N face. Just stay calm!

Peter and Y/N decided to see each other in person after a full year of messaging. It’s a big step in their friendship. It’s easy to talk about everything when you know you didn’t need to see their face and reaction to words. But Peter wanted to connect a face and a person properly. So he texted about this to Y/N. To his surprise, she answered in the affirmative.

Peter was so occupied by the memories that he didn’t notice a slightly tapping on the shoulder.


The boy winced at an unexpected voice and turned around. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Yeah. Y/N describing was a very accurate. Peter smiled widely and embraced his friend with full strength. Y/N suddenly called out but then a laugh sounded between them. Everyone who walked by could feel a happiness in the air.

“I’m so happy right now”, Peter mumbled into Y/N’s shoulder. He could sense their shampoo and Peter could tell that it’s his favourite smell now.

The boy felt a ghost of a smile against his shoulder.

“I’m happy too, Pete.”

Peter closed his eyes and smiled again. He wanted to hear this angelic voice every morning. He wanted to see their smile every day.

“You know, I won’t let you go,” Peter said with a laugh but Y/N could sense a serious tone in these words. They giggled and squeezed their hands around Peter.

“I didn’t say I want this.” His friend answered giggling.

They were comfortable with each other. Meeting exceeded their expectations. Peter squinted his eyes and held a breath. He couldn’t wait for it anymore. He needed to say this now. Peter didn’t want to feel like this day when he talked with Liz face to face and he didn’t tell that he liked her.

The boy felt how Y/N squeezed the fabric of his jacket as if she felt his doubts. This movement inspired him to do this.

“I love you.”


This fun video,  Pride & Prejudice: Veronica Mars Style, by Sariebearie08 Productions brilliantly takes the trailer for the 2005 Pride & Prejudice and lays Veronica Mars clips over it. 

…perfect casting for Mr. Collins, this librarian must say!
Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Disney) El Matador Del Mar CLIP
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Because people are clearly wondering where I got those screencaps I posted. Well, here you go, now you can all just calm down


Veronica Mars - “Sheriff Station” Clip


The search for La Leto’s hair clip during the VyRT VIPer session came to a very happy conclusion during the VyRT VIPer session for one, Mr. Leto on the afternoon of Sunday August 17th, roughly 3:34pm EST in Brooklyn, New York. It was, thankfully discovered shortly after the hunt began, that he had actually clipped the desired hair clip to his belt, currently in place around his svelte waist and well within arm’s reach — as it was, as stated, securely in place at his waist. Police-search and rescue dogs were quickly called-off once the appropriate authorities were advised the clip had in fact been located safely.

The drama began quite suddenly when Mr. Leto, 42, following a delicate finger comb through his highly-coveted locks, quickly discovered at that very moment that he needed nothing more than to tie back his ombréd mane. “Hold on,” he advised everyone (and no one).

One observer noted, following the event, “I dunno, it really seemed sudden, like, I dunno, like sort of out of nowhere - but like, the room was hot so like I guess it had to happen? I dunno.”

After Mr. Leto instructed everyone to hold on - he quickly turned to his personal assistant, Shayla McGee, stationed somewhere within the crowd and asked her quite directly, “Do you have a clip for my hair?”

In what seemed like an inescapable nightmare that would never end, and one that no one had, one assumed, prepared for, Mr. Leto quickly surveyed the situation, assessed his options, and in a moment of literal navel-gazing, discovered the clip was in fact in place on his own person.

Mr. Leto rejoiced, excitedly producing the clip for all to see. 
Due to some insightful planning and swift call to action on the Actor/Musician/Ombre-haver’s part, what could have been a very tragic event resulted in nothing more than a few moments of intense but harrowing panic for one Mr. Leto. Thankfully, he was quickly calmed by the opportunity to finally pin up his hair, securely and with the appropriate apparatus.