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TRIANGLE UFO or secret TR-3B Militry craft?
The TR-3B, appears to be the new aerospace craft designed and created by the (CMITF) Military Technology and Financial Industrial Complex in the US aerospace field, this aircraft until recently Top Secret was allegedly developed and created by the Aurora Program in conjunction with the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) and sponsored with a black budget.

According to testimonies offered by military pilots involved in the project, these ships can reach the lunar orbit in less than 45 minutes, carrying cargo and human personnel. Its a high probability that these crafts are already supplying military bases on the Moon and elsewhere.

Best Asian Dramas Based On Mangas/Manhwas/Webtoons:

Full House:


Korean Version:

Thai Version:



Korean Drama:



Taiwanese Drama:

Hana Kimi:


Japanese Version:

Korean Version:

Hana Yori Dango:


Japanese Version:

Korean Version:

Akuma De Sourou:


Taiwanese Drama:

I think there are many more, but this are the ones I could think of =) Like you can see I love asian dramas <3 <3

Mars in the signs

Based on my (”bad”) experience with them. Don’t get me wrong, all of them have wonderful parts of them as well. I’m just in a bad mood right now, lol.

Mars in aries: They explode and then act like nothing happened and move on with life.
Mars in taurus: They are stubborn in their ways. And they can’t let go of shit.
Mars in gemini: These people talk a lot during sex.
Mars in cancer: Emotions clouds their judgement, and they whine a lot.
Mars in leo: Nothing wrong with this ones confidence.
Mars in virgo: Every. thing. is. annoying.
Mars in libra: The king and queens of passive aggressiveness.
Mars in scorpio: The king and queens of holding grudges for fucking ages.
Mars in capricorn: Expects their closests one to understand why they’ve been angry for the past 2 weeks when they haven’t said a word about anything
Mars in aquarius: Porn and social justice warriors (jk…. maybe.)
Mars in pisces: Just can’t stand aggressive tensions, and they feel bad afterwards (my dad always gave me money after we fought because e felt bad).


A genius named Eleanor Lutz made a beautiful map of one interesting slice of Mars (based on this USGS map). She says:

Recently I’ve been really into old maps made by medieval explorers. I thought it would be fun to use their historical design style to illustrate our current adventures into unexplored territory. So here’s my hand-drawn topographic map of Mars, complete with official landmark names and rover landing sites.

Not only is it beautiful to look out - it’s fun to explore. I never new that Mars’ small craters are officially named after small earth towns - here, Lutz labels them and (in caps) indicates their home country on earth. The large craters bear the names of famous scientists.

I highly recommend heading over to to check out the higher resolution version.


“Tell you what… the truth is… sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.”

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Director: Ang Lee

Cinematographer: Rodrigo Prieto

We never go out of style.

In astrology, there are certain placements that signify major and intense attraction. In these instances, the attraction is based off of that they’re either terrible for each other, or they are the perfect match. The magnetic attraction two placements feel together is even if they separate to the opposite ends of the earth, they will manage to come back together; no matter what hardships and fights they go through, they will never let each other go.

moon in aries + moon in scorpio
moon in gemini + moon in sagittarius
moon in capricorn + moon in aquarius
moon in cancer + moon in taurus

venus in aries + venus in virgo
venus in taurus + venus in libra
venus in leo + venus in capricorn
venus in scorpio + venus in pisces

mars in virgo + mars in scorpio
mars in leo + mars in aries
mars in sagittarius + mars in pisces
mars in capricorn + mars in cancer

*Based off of my experience as well as astrological terms.


we are back in the right universe


we are on mars

did anyone else know we had a base on mars because i sure didnt

can someone come pick us up the base personnel are really not being understanding about this and a minute ago one of them threatened to call reed 

i will lose my shit if reed richards comes within 600 miles of me i am warning you now

Foi um castelo de areia construído perto do mar. Não tinha uma base sólida, só a ilusão de que iria durar pra sempre. Era bonito demais para acabar, perfeito demais para ser verdade. No fim, não era mesmo de verdade.
—  Cinzas de nós dois.

Smol Tooru with his Iwa-Cactus dreaming about space.  🌟  🌟  🌟
For @eclecticinkling​, based on a photomanip by @accidentalskeletons ♡ (thank you for letting me redraw it :>)

anonymous asked:

Based on mars signs who do you think are the best to worst in bed?

We have different taste in sex lol so here’s just my opinion

Scorpio Mars (of course): they’re rough but they’re a sweet kind of rough, knows where to draw the line and not to go too far

Cancer Mars (not everyone’s cup of tea): they’re very sweet, caring, dirty during sex but they usually won’t go the rough route bc they’re not into that (one has actually said that to me but with his chart, it’s understandable)

Stuck in between:
Cap mars: they can be really good but at some point, they just don’t try to please anymore/as much and thinks sweet comments is worth you servicing them

I’m not crazy about mutable Mars’s in general lol