mars attacks the transformers


My new Limited Edition screen prints are going fast!  Get them while you can!

Breaking Bad inspired “Transformation” - Only 3 left!

Adventure Time inspired “Video Games” - Only  4 left!

Transformers inspired “Eject!” - Only 11 left!

The Simpsons Inspired “The Homer” - Only 29 left!

Mars Attacks! inspired “We Come in Peace” - Only 31 left!


I know these aren’t Disney, but I still think they are awesome!!! I ordered these on eBay a couple months ago.

Crescent Moon Wand - “Moon Crystal Power!”

Mini Moon Wand -“Pink Sugar Heart Attack!”

Mars Transformation Wand - “Mars Crystal Power!”

Deep Aqua Mirror - ” Submarine Reflection!”

Space Sword - “Space Sword Blaster!”

Venus Transformation Wand - ” Venus Star Power!”

Spiral Moon Rod - “Moon Spiral Heart Attack!”

Moon Kaleidoscope - “Moon Gorgeous Meditation!”