mars attacks judge dredd


Comic I Read: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

Plot: Judge Dredd must fend off a martian invasion. 

Review: I used to watch the old Ninja Turtles cartoons and Mikey would make these crazy pizzas! Like Jelly Bean Pizzas! Or Marshmallow Pizza! They also seemed so great.  One day I tried one and got sick for like three days.  It’s proof that some ideas don’t need to be expanded on.  

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is another example of this.  This was originally just a funny parody cover that was so popular, they made it into it’s own miniseries.  But it’s bad.  It’s so bad.  It feels like they don’t really know the Dredd character so he becomes every generic hero who is stale.  It keeps trying to inject humor but it’s so childish. It’s never funny and without anything else, it just sort of sits there.   I was PAINED to get through this.  I wanted to give up but struggled through it so I could write this review.  I wanted to warn you.  

Because even though the Pizza made me sick, this was a bigger piece of crap.