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Can I have a scenario where mc tells the rfa that her parents are calling her home (she's abroad) because they put her in an arranged marriage, not like an angsty one, maybe they try and work it out with their parents. thank you 😊

Sure! Hope you like it! 


  • Zen notices you’ve been distancing yourself from him a little more
  • Not very much, but you’re answering a lot of phone calls lately
  • He gets really worried when he hears you getting upset over a call one day
  • He listens behind the door when you actually start crying
  • From what he can understand, you’re having a bit of a disagreement with your parents
  • He understands that and confronts you about it
  • You explain that your parents want you to return home and are pressuring you to marry this guy
  • You didn’t want to burden him with the news
  • Of course, he couldn’t care less about that and encourages you to speak up next time
  • He has you schedule a skype call with your parents
  • You introduce him as a friend, not your boyfriend
  • When he hears you parents are just worried for your career, he offers you a job as his manager on the spot
  • After a few calls and discussions with your parents, they compromised and agreed to let you stay
  • It took a few months more before you could finally open up about your relationship wtih Zen though
  • It all worked out in the end, and your parents really liked him


  • You left your phone at his house one night
  • He was going to return to you the next day but it kept vibrating like crazy in the middle of the night
  • He had picked it up to shut it down or see if it was an emergency, but he saw some guy’s name
  • He would be lying if he didn’t have his doubts, especially since the guy seemed pretty friendly
  • Still trying not to freak out, he asks you calmly what’s going on when he returns the phone
  • You explain the situation that the guy is someone your parents want you to marry
  • You say you didn’t want to leave Yoosung, that’s why you didn’t say anything so far
  • After that, he understood the pressure you were under
  • He offered to call your parents himself to work things out
  • Of course, you refuse, but you ask him to be present for support as you discuss things with your parents
  • Your parents give you a trial period where they tell you to get a stable job or a way to support your studying abroad
  • Yoosung helps you get a scholarship, helping with essays, finding volunteer work, etc.
  • When you succeed, your parents allow you to stay, but they still pressure you to marry the other guy
  • That’s when you mention Yoosung is studying hard to be a doctor
  • They’re very impressed when they meet him during a video call and give their blessing


  • Jaehee notices you’ve been logging into the chatroom less these days
  • When she invites you to lunch to talk, you come clean
  • You start explaining that your parents can’t support you living abroad
  • More than that, they chose a guy who they thought would be able to support you
  • But you really didn’t want to leave Korea or the RFA
  • Jaehee listens to your struggles and is sad that you feel so pressured
  • She approaches you a few days later and confesses that she’s been saving up to start a cafe
  • She offers you to be her partner and also her roommate, if you both lived in a bigger apartment
  • You tell your parents and they’re really iffy about it
  • Still they agree to let you try it for a few months
  • The business goes really well and you’re really enjoying the friendship and time with Jaehee
  • When your parents call the next time to check on you, you announce you can completely support yourself at this point
  • You’re also living in a safer place, which reassures them
  • They actually want to meet Jaehee
  • They think she was a good influence on you
  • They aren’t wrong


  • As soon as you ended that phone call with your parents, you told him
  • He understood exactly what you were going through
  • He’s very calm about it
  • He doesn’t let you fret about it much either, and says you’ll work it out together
  • He spends quality time with you for the next few days to get your mind off of it
  • Finally, he says he wants to talk to your parents
  • He flies both you and him to your country on his jet
  • Your parents, unbeknownst to you, had also invited a guy they wanted you to marry to the dinner with you and Jumin
  • Jumin stayed completely professional and calm about it though
  • While your parents weren’t thrilled with Jumin at first, there was no beating Jumin at dinner
  • His character far outshone the other man
  • Your parents genuinely liked him and were willing to compromise the situation
  • In the end, they agreed to both you staying abroad and dating Jumin
  • Jumin admits later that he was nervous, but glad it worked out in the end


  • You both had promised not to keep secrets from each other
  • So, you told him about how your parents had recently messaged you about moving back
  • And they had even found a guy they wanted you to marry
  • He listened to you vent and promised he would help work it out
  • But when you weren’t around, he secretly did some research on the guy
  • Of course, doubts started to creep in and he felt conflicted
  • He could see this other guy was more normal and stable in his life and career
  • But at the same time, Seven didn’t want to give you up after all you two had been through
  • He didn’t want to tear you away from your family
  • But you both had already started forming a small one with Saeran
  • He expresses his concerns, and you respond that you want to see your parents and talk about it
  • And you want him to go with you
  • You agree and you both visit
  • You have a sit down with them…and a really long talk
  • Coffee was offered, tears were shed, tissues were everywhere

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Bruno up to his old Doo wop fooling around 😂😂😂.. this makes me laugh so much .. he’s a dick 😂😂😂…. DON’T EVER change Bruno 😂😂😂 #MarryYou #Vienna

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Holiday angst request: the RFA members celebrating the best they can while trying to ignore that MC is with someone else. Struggling with unrequited love during a season designed for spending time with loved ones.

A/N: Admin 404 is a hoe who can’t handle angst so I’m writing it! Hopefully it turns out good, sorry if you dont like ;~: ~ Admin 626

Listen,,, i’m not the hoe,,,ur the hoe,,, ~Admin 404 


  • Listen,,,this cutie patootie is SO lost
  • You’re…with someone else?
  • He cries the night he founds out
  • You were just so amazing
    • You understood why he gamed so much
    • You knew that you couldn’t push him into studying if he didn’t want
    • You knew that he still needed time to recover from Rika and you gave him all the time he needed
  • He never had someone understand him so well notevenRika
  • He has his family time on Christmas, but honestly, he doesn’t wanna be there
  • He wants to be curled up with a pillow, just thinking about you
    • Ithurtswaytoomuchtopretendtosmile
  • But he’s happy for you, if you have someone that understands you like you understand him, he will be nothing but happy for you <3 


  • Surprisingly this little dramatic unicorn doesn’t say anything..?
    • He totally wasnt planning an over the top declaration of love that involved a dance to Bruno Mars’ ”MarryYou”
  • But he is still a dramatic little unicorn
    • Can you blame him?? When he found out you were taken, he was crushed
    • After he hands out all his presents on Christmas Eve he couldnt stand the idea of giving the present to you while you were with someone else on Christmas, he spends the rest of the holidays throwing himself into his work
    • When he’s not working, he’s at his favorite spot in the mountains where he wallows in his own pity
  • He’s not an idiot, he may act clingy and protective of you in the group chat, but he knows your heart lies with another
    • He can’t do anything about that
    • Lowkey mad at himself because he’s hoping you two break up but it’s so wrong to want that becausehejustwantsyoutobehappy
  • Why couldn’t you be happy with him? It really isn’t fair.


  • Oh god mc why would you even hurt our precious Jaehee
  • She’s surprised, but she’s genuinely happy that you have someone to spend Christmas with
  • She knew she couldn’t satisfy your needs anyway
    • She wouldn’t have enough time for you with the amount of work Jumin gives her
    • she thinks you can do better shes so plain why would you want her
  • At least thats what she tells herself to make herself feel better
  • When she wakes up Christmas morning she is definitely not thinking about how warm youd be
  • She’s really glad Jumin schedules her for work, at least she can ignore the ache in her heart by working
    • Someone give this little bby a hug


  • He doesn’t cry when he finds out
  • He doesn’t throw himself into his work when he finds out
  • He just goes around his normal activities as usual
  • Honestly though, he’s so heartbroken
    • At night, he drinks so much wine
    • Makessuretoturnhisphoneoffsohedoesn’tcallyou
  • He doesn’t know what to do with himself
    • You’re the only person he’s gotten close to since V and Rika
    • And he just has so many feelings for you
    • And he can’t express any of them
  • He felt so close to you, and still does, but a piece of him just been ripped away
  • He tries so hard to be happy for you, he really does
    • But he can’t, it’s too hard and he can’t handle it
    • On Christmas Day, he decides he needs time away from you
  • This ultimately leads to a very distant Jumin and one day he texts you
  • I’m sorry but I don’t think I can be friends with you anymore


  • He knew the entire time
  • He investigated all of your social meda, so of course he knew
  • But he still fell for you
  • How could he not? You always went along with all of his jokes, and when he did show his somber side, you took him seriously
  • He was staying in for Christmas, he hated Christmas, he didn’t wanna be all around that stupid spirit stuff
    • But you liked it, and he was happy that you had someone to spend Christmas with
    • ButthefactthatyouarentgoingtospendChristmaswithimhurtssomuch
  • It shouldn’t hurt so much, he hates this holiday, but he thought there might be the slightest chance of happiness for him on Christmas after years of not knowing what happiness is like
  • But all he can do is smile and laugh and pretend nothing hurts
  • Even though he doesnt celebrate christmas, he makes a christmas tree for you


  • Oh my god this poor boy, why would you even do this to him MC ur horrible
  • He really doesn’t have a handle his emotions yet
  • He just finally came to terms with the fact that he might possibly like you???
  • And now he finds out you’re with someone else???
    • He passes out when he first finds out
  • At the end of the day, he knows you’re way better off with someone else?
    • Why would you ever want someone as fucked up as him?
    • Why did he keep hoping that maybe you would want him
  • Saeyoung tries to make Christmas better for him, he gets a seven foot tree and decorates all of it!
    • He smiles a little because his brother is trying so hard
  • It works for some time, but when he goes to bed that night, the ache in chest keeps him up all night, and it takes all his self control not to cry
    • Hewontcryhewontcryhewontcryyouhavesomeonebetterthanhimandthatsallthatmatters


  • He’s happy for you
  • He’s happy for you
  • He swear he’s happy for you
    • Excepthesobviouslynot
  • he tries to happy for you at least
    • he knows that you’re better off with someone else, he has so much baggage, no one should be burdened with it
  • butitstillhurts
    • He thought he’d never find anyone who understands him after Rika
  • But you! You’re his moon! You’re the light shining in the darkness
    • No one else was patient with him like you were
    • Everyone tries to get him to hate Rika while you were actually there for him
    • You understand him so well, you helped him heal
  • And he fell hard
  • But he’ll try to be happy for you, you have someone amazing
    • You two have a healthy relationship, something you couldn’t have with him
    • something he wishes he could have with you but never will
  • On Christmas day, he can feel his heart breaking when he thinks about you spending Christmas with someone else
    • He doesnt leave the house
    • He stays curled up in bed
    • But he only lets a few tears fall because he will force himself to be happy for you

Title: Marry You
Pairing: AoKise (with some KagaKuro, MidoTaka, and MuraHimu thrown in because indulgence)
Summary: Kise convinces Aomine that a day at the theme park would be a fun day full of surprises. Surprises do come in all sizes, after all. Especially the flash mob kind.
Genre: Fluff. The ‘stupid happy’ kind. Loosely inspired by this

Aominecchi needs to stop being such a sourpuss. Look, even Akashicchi’s having fun and well, you know him,” Kise said, dropping his voice to a whisper. 

Aomine threw a glance over his shoulder, glad that their former captain hadn’t heard the teasing quip. “That’s him having fun?”

“Thank you for inviting us, Kise-kun.” Tetsu suddenly appeared out of nowhere. His face, though impassive as it always was, held something more, something that gave off a subtle hint of excitement. Aomine waved in alarm at the shorter male while Kise’s back was turned, making frantic slicing motions at his throat. 

“I’ve always wanted to come and everything would be so much more perfect if I didn’t have to put up with Aominecchi’s grumbling. Hrmph. You’d think it’d kill him to have a little fun. Especially since it’s supposed to be our anniversary.”

“Hey, I’m sure he’ll come around, yeah?” Kagami piped up, slinging an arm around Kise’s shoulder as he popped a french fry in his mouth. “But seriously, I haven’t been to one of these things since I was a kid back in America. The burgers were pretty good, but the funnel cakes. You gotta try the funnel cakes.”

“K-Kagamicchi– can’t– b-breathe–”

“Kagami-kun, you’re squeezing too hard." 

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, a wave of nervousness hit Aomine as he looked at Kise. Those golden eyes he knew so well were filled with mirth and it seemed having the rest of their friends around did the situation some good; even if Aomine was so worried about the whole thing going off without a hitch that he’d been nearly unbearable to be around. And it was Kise who had to put up with the majority of it. 

For months, he’d been agonizing over how to do it, how to ask, but nothing ever came to mind that seemed just right. He’d asked just about everyone what to do, to find something that was so out of the ordinary that even Kise Ryouta would be blown away. 

It had to be big. It had to be theatrical. And it had to be perfect. After all, Aomine had one shot at getting it right. 

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