Bruno Mars - Marry you (Childish Gambino cover)

Donald Glover aka rapper Childish Gambino has recently made it clear that the Childish Gambino “project” may be drawingto a close sooner than later, and here he showcases a completely different side with this new cover of one of Bruno Mars’ most popular tracks “Marry You” which includes no rapping, but only singing. This cover is specifically for the movie Magic Mike XXL and is included in the soundtrack. Childish Gambino showcases his sweet vocals in the backdrop of a more experimental r&b production compared to the original, what do you prefer? Let us know! - Ali

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Bruno Mars performing Marry You in Frankfurt (June 1st, 2017)

Marry You

It’s a beautiful night/We’re looking for something dumb to do/Hey baby/I think I wanna marry you.

“Right now?” She asked, repeatedly blinking her beautiful eyes. After a little trouble finding them, I intertwined her hands with mine. She looked around the club full of drunk, dancing, high people. Then she looked back at me, blinking her eyes again. “Like now, now?” I nodded my head.

Is it the look in your eyes/Or is it this dancing juice?/Who cares baby/I think I wanna marry you.

A grin creeped its way onto her face. She lunged forward into my arms, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back, kissing the top of her head. Peering down, I could see the excitement in her face and deep in her toothy smile. Pulling back, she stared into my eyes, excitement in them too. I pressed my lips onto hers, a new level of energy forming inside of me.

Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go oh oh oh/No one will know oh oh oh/Oh, come on, girl/Who cares if we’re trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow oh oh oh/Shots of patron/And it’s on, girl.

“Two shots of patron,” I yelled confidently. The bartender chuckled and filled up two shot glasses. He gave it to the two of us. We clinked our glasses together and took the whole thing. It burned the back of the throat but let my new energy level get released. She asked for another two and took it again. We took a bunch of shots until I dropped a hundred dollar bill and grabbed my fiancé’s hand.

“I know where we can go, babe.” We ran out of the club and to the car before we realized we were too drunk to drive.

She fell into my arms, giggling. “Call Namjoonie.”

I giggled a little bit too drunk, but to the point were everything was a hundred times more sunshine and rainbows than normally. I held her close in my arms, her sweet scent suddenly filling my senses. Looking at her, a warmth filled my heart and my body, I didn’t want to let go. “It’s close to here. Come on.”

I carried her with me as we walked to the chapel, but before I could barely go three feet, she stopped me. “Hobi, I need a dress and you need a tux.” Grinning I took her hand and made her pat my pocket. She smiled when she saw my grin.

And that’s when we took off running.

We ran to a quaint shop and bought my bride a beautiful white dress and bought me a sexy black suit. It cost some money, but barely half of the money I had in my pocket was gone, so it wasn’t so much. We went to her apartment to sober up a bit and so she could put on her makeup. After we got ready, I sent a quick text to my friends telling them to meet us at the chapel and to dress nice.

Don’t say no, no, no, no-no/Just say yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah-yeah;/And we’ll go, go, go, go-go./If you’re ready, like I’m ready.

My friends and her friends were there when we got to the chapel. They looked at us slightly drunk and excited to get married like we were stupid. Some of them smiled a little when they saw me hold her tightly in my arms, kissing her temple. Namjoon, my roommate, walked up to me and handed me a little black box.

It has been my plan to propose to her for at least a few months now. I had Namjoon and one of her friend’s come with me when I looked for one so that I could buy her a ring she’d love. And Namjoon always knew where it was in case I forgot. So it’s really sweet that he brought it along with him.

Namjoon rested his hand on my shoulder and gave me a serious look. “Hoseok, I know you are drunk but you have to realize that you and your girl are getting married, right? This is something really big Hobi. Are you sure you to are ready? Or would you rather sober up first?”

I looked to the ground for a moment, thinking through this decision. It’s been a few hours actually, since we got drunk. While we’re still riding the high, neither of us are light weights. And I’m more sober now than I was before. And yes, I am certain that I want to marry her. She’s the love of my life and there is no denying that.

Looking back up to Namjoon, I nod my head firmly. I look to find her hands but find that her friends are fixing her hair and makeup. She looked beautiful before, she always looks beautiful. And I know she loves me. The fact that she was so happy when I proposed to her, the excitement that radiated off her was evidence of that.

Namjoon sighed softly. “Damn Hobs, I didn’t think that you’d get married today. I knew you guys have always wanted a cute simple wedding, but I never expected this.” Though he gave me a smile and patted my back. “We’ll have a proper one in the future, but if your ready then you should do it.”

She came skipping back over to me, still wearing a pair of flats that she wore to the bar. Her arms wrapped around me, and her lips touched my cheeks. I grinned at her and she grinned back. She was ready. So I dragged her inside with me, all of our friends following.


If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool./ No, I won’t blame you;/ It was fun, girl.

“Hobi-yah, wake up~ You can’t sleep all day.” I felt a hand gently pushing my arm. I groaned and turned away from it, trying to get back to sleep so I could ignore my killer headache. Though the shaking soon turned into a soft rubbing motion on arm. “Hobi please, we really need to talk.”

Sighing, I sit up and gently lean into her side. She hands me some pills and water and I take them. She hands me a bagel and I accept it, leaning in to peck her lips. “‘Mornin’ wifey. How’s your hangover?” I asked her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“It’s okay. Better than yours, I assume.” She smiled at me, and I smiled back, still feeling the warmth I get from just looking at her. Though she looked down before shyly looking back up to me. “Hobi…you don’t…regret it, do you?”

I pulled her closer so she was now leaning on me. “I don’t baby,” I whispered warmly into her ear. “I don’t think I could ever regret marrying you.” I slipped a hand under her shirt and rubbed circles into the smooth skin of her back. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too. And Hobi…I don’t regret it either.”

Who cares baby/I think I wanna marry you.